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There was a time when guy used to always be self-dependent for all activities of his daily living. A pair of arms and legs used to end up being his assistants to perform his errands. But as the time exceeded by, brain-the biggest system, the big power human being has made likely the invention different easygoing gizmos to perform his work with no putting virtually any pressure in the shoulders.

Advent of machines and gizmos has made his life very easy that in a very slower pace using the becoming reliant of machines for almost everything. In the past, guy used to conduct lots of activities by himself, but gradually dining tables turned and machines reigned over his heart, brain, as well as body, after which his entire world. The slavery may be defined through the following points: 1 .

The day begins with the alert of clock (a machine), instead of the 1st rays of sun or perhaps call of any cock. 2 . Now while sitting while using family or friends or while traveling in a train or perhaps bus, people can be seen speaking on mobile phones instead of talking to the people sitting besides them. If they are not speaking on the telephones, they can be viewed pressing the buttons of cellphones intended for gaming, SMS, or tunes, etc . Several prefer to pay attention to songs above the cellphone. a few. If person needs details regarding something, he would trust machine more than the human.

He would not ask or perhaps trust on any human regarding that, nevertheless he would trust Internet pertaining to the information. some. Even while functioning television, stereo system, or VCD, etc ., no-one could live without remote control. 5. Individuals owning two-wheelers or four-wheelers cannot go without it and if they may have one company, they would like to think, wish, and policy for the next version..

1 cannot take a seat without much cooler or air-conditioner in house, office, or perhaps car, as they have become habitual of it. While in the past, each of our forefather even spent their lives even without fans, with no DOUBT THAT THEY HAD A BETTER LIVES THAN US. 7. For washing clothes, washer is a must, in any other case, it would be an extremely difficult task to get performed manually. 8. PREGNANT FEMALES can also be assessed simply by machines, we. e.

, ultrasound devices, etc . being unfaithful. Now-a-days, ELECTRIC POWERED CREMATION is likewise being performed by the devices. 10. Actually for money ventures, people choose Internet Financial or ATMs. Very few persons could let you know when they had last gone to their financial institutions. ALL THESE ITEMS CAN CLARIFY CLEARLY HOW MACHINES MAKE MAN A SLAVE? Since the beginning of civilization gentleman has been making things pertaining to his use, like tools etc .

As the civilization progressed, man’s work also improved to make various gadgets. Just how ever, the velocity of making numerous gadgets got increased. The fastest in 20 hundred years in European countries. The present time are basically the times of machines. Everything from a small needle to highly advance space technology is done through numberless and complex equipment. It would not be misplaced to mention that life today is zero if machines i. e.

devices are removed from it for a moment. [pic][pic][pic][pic]Ironically, modern day gadgets have made us slaves to devices. From undertaking kitchen to raised ones in industrial units all depends about machines. This kind of all has turned the modern person a slave to these types of gadgets. As a result, human health has damaged to a larger extent. Are very mindful that physical labor is extremely necessary for good health. Perspiration as a result of physical well being helps a lot to maintain the human body perfectly fine-tined.

But the reliance on various gizmos have improved various conditions. The new technology is growing literally weak and suffers solid diseases unusual in the past. In addition the more we all become dependent upon machine, the weaker all of us become. Each of our forefathers used to walk mls and miles but today we need a vehicle to protect a few 75 meters. Man’s so much reliance on machines has made them listless and obese. As most of the work is carried out by machines, there is much less physical activity, that results in overweight, sickness, and loss of immune power. Today’s man may not be considered as more powerful as the man of the previous.

Your kids can be seen flabby and having significantly less stamina because of the devices they use for the work that might be done physically. Man has become captive in back of the pubs of equipment all around him. One can think about the situation If There Is A Electricity Failure, it seems like the life will come to a standstill, as machines need electricity and without electric power there will be no work at almost all. Modern gizmos have made all of us complete slaves to equipment. There is no job which cannot be done without the help of machines and there is not a one area of liveliness where machines don’t have to be applied. No one can refuse the fact that gadgets haven’t only simple our lives nevertheless also produced them more comfortable and luxurious. But on the contrary male’s dependence on these people has increased so much that we just cannot perform without them whatsoever.

If perhaps cabs stop the road all of us cannot reach our destinations. No cooking without LPG cylinder or cooking flame. No, we can’t perform even straightforward calculations, what to talk of cleaning without washing machine or electricity. If electrical power fails, existence for each one of us concerns a standstill because all gadgets are controlled with it be it AIR CONDITIONER, TV, laptop, a phone, or any various other modern appliance. Perhaps there was times when every single work was done with hands be it grinding or travelling far off spots. People were hard who can walk intended for miles and work ceaselessly. In modern times we all can’t go up the stairs with out feeling an encumbrance over the stamina.

Modern devices have entirely transformed your life and health to a great extent. It an undeniable fact that devices have become like servants without which your life comes to a wall. Thus we could say that the dependence on modern gadgets has made us complete slaves to machines and that we have dropped our soul to operate and energy, vigor and stamina and thus no more good health and sunniness and endurance prevails. This kind of dependence on machines has converted the very individual psychology. We no longer have the capacity to effort or bear pains or suffer inconveniences. This every has ended in increased irritation, tensions, concerns and anger. Consequently, being human is now short-sighted in man values and aspects.

Thus ‘slavery’ made us pleasure-seeking ‘animals’ who have care only for animal luxuries. In other words we are able to say that over dependence on machines has made us physically mentally lethargic and emotionally useless. If we want to relive yourself and emerge from this slavery we must use hard manual work and instill the spirit of strength and vitality in ourselves therefore we can always be disease cost-free and live a healthy way of living.

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