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string(187) ‘ stronger in body or of quicker mind than another is not extensive as that one man can easily claim to him self any profit to which another may not own as well as he” \(Hobbes, 1946\)\. ‘


Countries exist to interact with other nations and states in the international industry. Thus, no country or perhaps nation can be an island unto by itself. As a result of this kind of, isolation by international actions becomes extremely impossible.

During interaction countries tries to gain advantage above other countries, and this is the basis of issue and disagreement. Sometimes, if this is not correctly handled it will eventually lead to war.

Scholars coming from different academics disciplines include posited many causes of warfare. Thus, the great debate over why battle occurs continues to be approached from different dimensions. For the historians, students like A. T. P. The singer famously referred to wars as being like targeted traffic accidents. Although this approach continues to be criticized in the view that some frontrunners of states make conscious decision in embarking in war and this is not really accidental. � For the Psychologist, individuals, especially males are innately violent.

This kind of violence shift where a person transfers their particular grievances into bias and hatred against other cultural groups, nations around the world, or ideologies “(Wikibooks: 2005). � Other psychologists believe the mental unbalanced state of males who guideline and control a nation, combine with their particular human nature has been the foundation the occurrence of war. “This university argues market leaders that look for war including Napoleon, Hitler, and Stalin were psychologically abnormal, testing process, just like election, can prevent these types from arriving at power, conflict would end”. � (ibid. ).

The Anthropologists view the occurrence of war as a fundamentally ethnical, learnt by nurture instead of nature. The Sociologists have Plethora of perspective in seeing the occurrence of war. Several see warfare as the item of household conditions, with only the goal of hostility being dependant on international facts. Others that differ from the traditional approach believe it is the decision of statesmen and the geopolitical situation that leads to war. � The Economist states war is visible as an outgrowth of economic competition in a topsy-turvy and competitive international program.

Having looked over the diverse and divergent viewpoint from where these students from several discipline has posited as the cause of battle, this jot down tend to go through the political part of why warfare occurs. Because of this, several theories in the political research field can be applied to enumerate the reason behind the occurrence of war.


Politics science have been described as a hospitable umbrella for many exercises all linked somehow together with the operations of government or people acting in relation to government.

In respect to Alfred Cobban, as quoted in Oyediran (1998: 3), Politics Science is a devise developed by college or university teachers pertaining to avoiding that dangerous subject matter politics with no achieving Sciences”.

Thus, politics science is the fact social scientific research discipline that seek to examine government and just how politics that has to do with the use of power, regulation and power in any human being relationship has been conducted.

Study regarding political research, the normative and the positive approach is usually adopted when scholars, such as Plato and Aristotle wanted to identify the characteristics of governmental policies, their causes and effects, leaving apart moral judgements about their many advantages or badness. Therefore , it can be seen that modern political scientists choose a positive theory to problems that pertain towards the field of study, hence, “what ought to be”. (Robert Dahl reported by Gerring, 2005: 2).

THEORY: Theory is defined as hysteria from the actual in order to offer explanation to phenomenon. Therefore, theories provide explanation to the relationship that exists between variables. Theories are examined hypotheses that are generally recognized it is utilized through well-known facts to provide an explanation to the unknown.

WARFARE: War can be defined as conflict that arises from disagreement, which end result into armed service combat plus the end results which is destruction of lives and properties.

Battle can be labeled into municipal wars and foreign wars. Civil wars, are those wars that occur in a nation or maybe a state as a result of the beginning of parti that are faithful to an recognized group. A typical example of city war in contemporary period is the municipal war in Liberia in the 1990s, among late Samuel Deo faction and Charles Taylor faction. Another standard example of detrimental war is definitely the 1967 to 1970 detrimental war in Nigeria, involving the Federal troop and the Biafra faction that seek to secede from the Nigeria Federation.

Foreign war can be war that requires combat among or among sovereign country or states. Example of this is World Battle 1 and World War II.

Recently the battle between Iraq and Kuwait, and the US Allied Makes in the 1990s.

Another edition of warfare in modern political community is the frosty war that had been with us after the world war linked to the bipolar bloc i. electronic. the asian bloc plus the western amas. This cool war is usually unlike the real combat warfare where physical and military combat can be carried out, but it really has to do with warfare in intercontinental arena, that pertains to foreign policies and international pacts and agreement, that are likely to be asserted for:

This cold warfare has made a large number of countries to back up either from the two factions. But , some countries, similar to Africa take up a different stand, the Low Aligned Motion is pursued as the other policies during these black country. The frosty war all of a sudden collapse in 1989, this kind of brought an end to the zweipolig structure of the international system.


Political hypotheses on the beginning of state can be utilized to clarify the incident of battle. Here, the Hobbessian theory of express and the pressure theory will be readily appropriate to how come nation engage in war.

The Hobbissian theory postulated by Thomas Hobbes, explain the human state of existence in what he referred to as the “state of nature”. According to him, “nature has made gentleman so similar in performance of the body and mind and though generally there be found one man sometimes manifestly more robust in body or of quicker head than another is not really considerable since that one man can claims to himself any kind of benefit that another might not possess and also he” (Hobbes, 1946).

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The equality of man below means they have a tendency to doctor the same dreams and wishes, ends plus the same expect. But the uniformity of hope tend to become evoke difficulty since the assets e. g. power, political influence, is known as a scarce useful resource that can not really go round many people. Thus, it is come to be problematic the moment two people desire a similar thing, which they are not able to both obtain, they are more likely to become foes and always will certainly seek to damage one another.

In applying this to full sovereign coin states, the scarce resources that each express seeks to have for alone, this may result in competition and invariably result in the emergence of battle, if this kind of competition gets to the extreme plus the level of tolerance becomes not bearable. According to Ighadola (2000: 12), “human competitiveness pertaining to status signs are always characterized by fighting wherever this takes place outside the critique of virtually any settled and civilized point out, the picture in the “state of nature” concerns the conscience boldly”.

The state of nature as stipulated by Thomas Hobbes, is the period when guys lived with no common capacity to keep them in check, i. at the. every man is a federal government and regulation unto him self, there is no formal contract to the establishment of state and government. In state of nature, war of every man against just about every man was the perceptual current condition of human relationships. Thus, person is intense and displayed a aggressive tendency toward those around him. It is also argued that, “War, since Hobbes used the concept, did not necessarily represent actual struggling, rather this meant the disposition to fight” (ibid)

Man inside the state of nature would not engage in everlasting warfare, he was only perpetually inclined to fight to obtain what he desired also to protect what he already possessed. The inclination in man to get aggressive in competition and fight is moderated by fear of death. Thus, the disposition to fight to is even more heightened by the absence of centralized authority. In the international personal arena before the emergence of international corporation like the United Nation, the broke out of Community War I actually and the breakthrough of World War II, is as a direct result absence of a strong centralized International authority. The League of countries collapsed because of the Second World War. This kind of led to the emergence in the United Nations, that is acting as a centralized expert in the international arena, in preventing the outbreak of conflicts between nations or states.

Another angle with the Hobbessains theory sees Mans selfishness and self- searching for nature assures, without a outstanding restraining power, the condition of your nature that might remain permanent. This brings about a threat to the condusive actualization of human potentials and insecurity. In making use of this to the emergence of wars among nations, it can be seen that the selfishness and self-seeking character of a lot of nation features prompted them into encroaching into the rightful possession of various other nation. In order to defend their very own possession, these other nation could recourse to guard itself by engaging in warfare. Most times, it turned out the base of war amongst nations.

Therefore, Hobbes features proffered a centralized power that is enforced in one person as a strategy to avert this kind of state of nature, to be able to prevent the brutish and intense nature in man, and therefore, reducing the outbreak of war.

Experts have remarked that Hobbes advocacy of overall power sets a gap in his argument. The central authority or perhaps sovereign will need to operate what the law states made, quite and equitably among the people not complete authority in a single man. Thus, central electrical power is advocated that is democratic, in place of the sovereign leader of Hobbes. This is because the sovereign ruler is extracted from society and has its own self-centered desire, which may lead to autocratic rule, i. e., he cannot be exterior society and therefore cannot be over a law. (ibid: 15).

One other political theory that can be value to advocate for the breakthrough of warfare is the Marxist theory. Karl Marx theory concentrates when playing political and economic perspective of the point out. � In the view, the society can be divided into two main classes, i. electronic. the bourgeoisie and the proletariats, and this has always been the driving force behind issue in society and its worker social transform.

Marxist theory of battle argues that every war increases out of the class war. This sees battles as soberano ventures to boost the power of the ruling course and separate the proletariat of the world by simply pitting these people against the other person for contrived ideals such as nationalism or religion. ( Wikibooks, 2005).

Marx and Engels posited in The The german language ideology that with all the mischief’s contradictions and crisis natural in the capitalist mode of production, the proletariat contains the entire burden without experiencing its advantages, they become separated from culture. Having been influenced to the wall, they are required into the many decided antagonism to the different class because an antiestablishment man is a revolutionary gentleman. (Marx, ain al, 1977).

Hence, Karl Marx see wars as being a natural outgro9wth of the free market and class program, and will certainly not disappear until a world wave occurs. In accordance to Ighodalo (2000: 20), “the requirement of Marx is that the destruction of the capitalist system could lead to the finish of class antagonism, since the basis of it house ownership could have been taken away thereby building a classless world where every give in accordance to a persons ability and receive according to thier needs. “

Another theory of the evolution of claim that can be used on the reason why warfare occurs is definitely the Force theory. This way of thinking holds the fact that state is a creation of conquest and coercion with the weak by strong. The state was known as evil because it was a technique of oppressing the poor. However , The german language writers with the 19th 100 years, contended that force was an essential credit of a condition. (Oyediran, 1998: 19). The� Force theory can really end up being adduce being a basis how come war come out between region.

Countries that are strong and possess mighty army force had in the past annexed weak countries to themselves. They been successful in doing this by simply embarking on conflict with them. In 1939, Finland’s decision to resist the invasions and annexation aggression of Soviet led to the Winter Warfare. ” Nevertheless cases of invasion and annexations that did not bring about a conflict abound, such as the U. S i9000. led invasion of Haiti in year 1994, the Nazi invasions of Austria and Czechoslovakia preceding the Second Globe War, and the annexation in the Baltic States by the Soviet Union in 1940.


The different Political Theorist has directed all their argument for the reason why battle occurs, even though not inside the same tone and course, the fact that the selfish fascination and self- seeking mother nature of person and authorities, has been referred to as a major good reason that war has become a recurrent element in the worldwide arena. Even internally, exactly where civil conflict occurs in the boundary of any country this has retained the same causal factor. The reality is traceable network immemorial of historical warfare among nations around the world.

Furthermore, the scarce reference, such as electric power has been a basis for the eruption of conflicts between nations, seeing that these resource cannot go round, it are likely to be conflictual.


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