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Collaboration and Innovation at Procter , Gamble CASE STUDY 1 . Precisely what is Procter & Gamble’s business strategy? What is the relationship of collaboration and innovation to that particular business approach? i. Proctor and Gamble’s business technique focuses on 3 main areas.

This is to take care of the popular the popularity of it is existing brands through advertising and marketing, the extension of its brand to related products by developing new products and the creation of new brands from scratch.

To accomplish these, the corporation aims to facilitate collaboration between researchers, online marketers and managers. ii. By simply fostering conversation among staff P&G encourages informed making decisions and the sharing of suggestions and details which finally leads the business to produce quality products. 2 . How is definitely P&G employing collaboration systems to implement its business design and business strategy? List and describe the effort systems and technologies it truly is using and the benefits of every single i.

P&G researchers work with collaborative tools to share data on various brands they have collected that enables marketers to reach this info to create better targeted advertisement campaigns basically managers gain access to data distributed t have the ability to make knowledgeable decisions. ii. , P&G use a package of Microsoft products such as MS View, MS SharePoint and others that contain unified connection and incorporate services through voice and data transmissions and allow to get instant messaging, email and electronic conferences, world wide web conferencing with live meeting, and content management. P&G use social networking innovations -P&G uses sites instead of e-mails that are accessible to anyone thinking about their content and entice comments via others. , The company uses Connect beam which is a search tool which allows employees to share bookmarks and tag quite happy with descriptive words that appear in future searches, and makes it possible for social networks of coworkers to help these groups find and promote information more effectively , In addition, it uses InnovationNet which consists of over your five million research-related documents in digital structure accessible through a browser-based site. P&G have adopted Barullo Telepresence conference rooms worldwide that allows research workers to connect and share info. Some great things about the Carbonilla Telepresence range from the reduction of travel cost, efficient circulation of ideas and speedy decision making. a few. Why had been some collaborative technologies sluggish to catch on by P&G? Several collaborative tools were slower for P&G because staff resisted towards the collaborative instrument because inside their opinion that might create more work and delays.

Personnel were even more accustomed to email messages 4. Review P&G’s outdated and fresh processes for writing up and releasing the effects of a exploration experiment. Experts under the outdated process had written up their particular experiments using MS Business office tools in that case print them out and glue the papers site by webpage into laptops or they will simply paste results of experiments in word papers and complete them away. Also info and conversation recordings will be entered into MS PowerPoint and emailed to employees.

Inside the new technique however , personnel use a collaborative tool including InnovationNet which in turn contains more than 5 , 000, 000 research- related documents in digital file format accessible to employees using a browser-based portal. Also P&G uses a Microsoft company SharePoint webpage where almost all presentations will be posted. These kinds of presentations happen to be stored in a single location and accessible to employees and colleagues in other parts of the company. 5. How come telepresence this sort of a useful collaborative tool for any company like P&G?

Telepresence is a useful collaborative tool for P&G because it really helps to foster effort between staff across continents and brings about reduction in travel around cost, efficient flow of ideas and quick decision making. 6. Are you able to think of other ways P&G can use collaboration to foster creativity? Proctor and Gamble would use virtual globe technology which creates on the web 3-D surroundings populated by simply employees who may have in-built graphic representations of themselves generally known as avatars.

P&G can use this kind of virtual world to house online meetings, training sessions, and “lounges.  Actual people represented by avatars meet, socialize, and exchange ideas at these digital locations. Interaction takes place in the form of text messages just like instant emails. P&G could also use Yahoo Apps or perhaps Google Sites which is a collaborative that allows users to quickly create on the web, group-editable internet sites in minutes and post a number of files including calendars, textual content, spreadsheets, and videos for private, group, or open public viewing and editing.

As well Google an application such as known as Google Influx which is portion conversation and part document can be used being a collaborative tool. Researchers or any type of participant of the wave can easily reply anywhere in the concept, edit the information, and add or remove members at any point in the act. Users are able to see responses from other individuals on their “wave while inputting occur, speeding up the pace of discussion.

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