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Emotion, Record

Identifying and measuring our emotions is definitely difficult because it is not easy to objectively examine what we happen to be feeling at that specific circumstance for thoughts are subjective experiences. To accurately recognize the range of our emotions and classify that correctly usually takes greater control and self-awareness that I wasn’t able to possibly gather. I have tried to identify the emotions based on the scenarios that brought on it.

The James-Lange theory of emotion said that we first have got physiological replies to a circumstance and only in that case will all of us interpret individuals experiences to look for the present emotion (Zajonc & McIntosh, 1992).

Which is truly how many people respond to a great situation, just like when I realized I felt anxious since I was feeling uneasy by simply getting overdue for category. On the other hand, I actually also believed confused on whether I acquired it confused, whether My spouse and i experienced the case and then the physiological excitement levels together with the emotion occurred simultaneously, the Cannon-Bard theory helps this description although they would not give very much importance towards the thoughts that occur in that experience (Stein, Trabasso & Liwag, 1993).

Although, we have to experience a numerous emotions and in varying degrees, some feelings are easier to recognize like happiness and anger, while differentiating being annoyed from becoming sad can be difficult. I really could categorize this according as to if it is great or adverse and when I smiled That i knew of that I was happy in those days. Facial reviews theory says that the face changes that occur in respond to an event tips our brain and then specify what kind of emotion all of us feel at that time (Strongman, 1996).

I also observed that people tend to react to facial expressions, like every time a person burst into holes we know that she is sad or perhaps afraid. With this activity, I found that emotions, physical arousal, cognitive thoughts, and our head interact jointly to produce different emotions. About how these element have interaction remains to get discovered, that we think will almost always be an aspect that may remain a mystery.


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