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The process on individuation is usually central to Jungian deductive psychology, while Jung thought that individuation is the driving force behind humans’ “yearning intended for completeness inside the human knowledge, and the seek out wholeness” (Russell, , Ryback, 1996, g. 2) within their life-long conquest to achieve an exclusive but logical and well balanced personality.

Besides the genetics as well as the psychosocial environment, Jung presumed that a third force influences the powerful formation of human style and that is the ‘collective memory’ of past civilizations, storage stored and available to humans, in the ‘collective unconscious’ (Munteanu, 2012, Douglas, 2011).

When hard to prove medically, quantum physics does not refute this concept (Science Channel, 2011, Munro, 2011).

As a specialist, I believe which i should be the open-minded guide and facilitator of client’s individualized explorations and life encounters, supporting patient’s pursuit of alternative self-realization, leading client’s exploration of his/her archetypes, the attitudinal type plus the preferential decision making mode, will facilitate client’s understanding of personal psychic energy flow, and might empower your customer to address and develop his/her unconscious/conscious equilibrium, advancing the individuation method (Munteanu, 2012, AtheneWins, 2011, Russell, , Ryback, 1996).

The guidance methods I would use to sustain this process, while client centred, would must also be incredibly creative and interactive in the part, since the counsellor, I would make use of many different strategies inside an environment of customised although constantly difficult and supporting at the same time.

I would personally need to preserve myself with an perpetual self-development and self-reflection ‘carousel’, in order to ensure that I continuously update my abilities to the amounts required to offer that balance of challenge and support, to all of my clients, within my personal practice, I might use a various methods, including instructional concours, questioning, making clear, hypothesising, calme if/as necessary (to allow the process of assimilation and internalisation), dream interpretation or continuous drawings, journaling, art and sand therapies (especially to get clients who have difficulties verbalising feelings), mandalas, mask making, etc .

I could see how my personal teaching knowledge will serve me well in Jungian guidance, since We already work with many of these strategies, to provide customized learning, to my pupils. I have always thought of myself as ‘work in progress’, and therefore I actually learn something totally new every day from my pupils, hence, listening to advice from and along with my customers I see that as a continuation of my holistic division (Dehing, 1992, Russell, , Ryback, 1996).

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