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Analysis of TV Making Industry By: Manglesh R. Yadav Desk Of Articles: 1 . Good TV in India3 installment payments on your

Samsung Electronics3 3. LG Electronics8 some. SONY11 your five. Videocon13 6th. My View15 7. References17 Television Manufacturers and their development History Of TV in India: Television has been in India over 40 years now. During the first few years the expansion of television set was extremely sparing as well as the distribution took place of typically black and light sets. It was because inside the early period the people utilized to think of it as extra item without which the your life could carry on.

It is within the last 25 years the fact that television market has acquired pace which is growing quickly. A very significant year in the advent of television industry in India was 1982. This was the time when the Indian govt allowed import of 1000s of color TV SET sets intended for the transmit of Cookware Games held in New Delhi. After this the real boom of TV market started. Today India is a largest marketplace for TELEVISION SET sets and in addition viewership. Not only this, but overall TV industry is the most flourishing sector between consumer electronics in India. The key market catch is divided in between Samsung, LG, Fiat, Panasonic, and so forth

Samsung History: Samsung Gadgets is a Southern region Korean corporation which makes TV and is globally the best choice in LCD TV section. For over 70 years Samsung Gadgets has offered the world with new innovations. On Mar 1, 1938, founding chief Byung-Chull Lee started organization in Taegu, Korea. Samsung korea started the production of its first Black and white tv (model: P-3202) in 1970. Inside the phase by 1990-99 Samsung came up with lots of innovations and they were the first company to produce and supply a whole distinctive line of digital TVs.

In 2010 Korean Electronics commenced mass generating industry’s 1st 3D TV SET panel. Through the years Samsung features won large amount of awards due to the TV making capabilities. “At Samsung, all of us follow a basic business philosophy: to devote our ability and technology to creating outstanding products and services that contribute to a much better global society. Vision: The vision for Samsung is “”Inspire the World, Create the Future. ” “This new perspective reflects Korean Electronics’ commitment to uplifting its residential areas by leveraging Samsung’s 3 key strengths: “New Technology,  “Innovative Products,  and “Creative Solutions. , and to promoting new worth for Samsung’s core sites , Sector, Partners, and Employees. Through these attempts, Samsung desires to15325 contribute to an improved world and a richer experience for all those.  Products: Samsung features huge variety of TV types to select from: LED TV SET: The Future Intelligent TV It includes very good picture quality. The brand new series from this category has voice and motion control, Face identification. It also provides good 3D IMAGES experience. There are a total of 31 different TV units available in this category belonging coming from series 4 to series 8 and also from nineteen inches to ones above 50 inches.

The TV units also vary from 13000 rupees to 273000 rupees. LCD TELEVISION: See Wealthier Colours with Wide Colour Enhancers. Excellent slim style and it produces crispy picture quality. The colours inside the picture apparently come to life because of its stunning FLAT SCREEN screen. Generally there a total of 4 diverse variants within this section. All this are in series four and are present in 22 ins and thirty-two inches sizes. The TV pieces range from 13000 rupees to 28000 rupees. Plasma TELEVISION: Ultimate BIG Screen Entertainment. They have stunning style and picture quality.

You get smooth motion pictures, high contrasting picture quality with motion control and confront detection. The television set likewise provides internet connectivity. A large total of 8 distinct variants present in this section. The television sets series is 4+, 5+, and 8+. The TV is present in 43 inches, 51 ins and sixty four inches. The cost ranges via 38000 to 240000. Super Slim In shape TV: forty percent slimmer twenty percent lighter fully stylish The Ultra SlimFit TV contains a revolutionary compact. These TVs fit in any corner of your property and stylish life elegantly. There is a total of 22 different versions present in it.

The TV runs from 20-29 inches in dimensions. The cost of these TVs amounts from 8500 to 16000 rupees. Smooth TV: Technology that commemorates LIFE. The technology and style of these Tv sets are mixed for a better entertainment. It’s a TV that suits this but would not compromise on quality and technology. There are a total of 14 variants for this section. The TV runs from 20-29 inches in proportion. The cost of these types of TVs amounts from 7700 to 15000 rupees. Support: Samsung Electronics gives u a free down load of all the Manuals and necessary downloads for just about any type of Television set.

It also comes with an online Help , Support system which will helps the customers to have fast solution of several know issues. It has a very good network of it is support services which gets to the customers doorstep on require. It has a good feedback system. Promotions: In television industry Samsung is the leader because of its innovative TV SET sets and the latest kinds the LED ES8000 and ES7500 series and the Sang E8000 series in the Indian market has been the new age Clever TV which will remain in industry and enhance the share with the manufacturer until a new creativity is out.

The costing of this TV have been kept in minds and has been in the range where that individuals will get away and try buying it for the sheer have the TV offers. Also it is the sponsor pertaining to Chelsea Football Club which makes people aware about the rand name. They put out the products at some huge displays so that the public can himself come and see the televisions functions. They have a very strong advertising campaign wherein they use big celebrities and also sign big singing groupings. Place: The products are sold not merely at retail store, huge extremely markets nevertheless also online.

So the buyer can go and get it via a huge network of spots and produce him content with experience this individual gets from it. LG History: LG Gadgets was founded in 1958 in the past the name of the company was Goldstar. It has been 1st producer of lot of consumer electronics items in Korea. It was the initially producer of radio in 1959. It produced the first refrigerator of Korea in 1965, First developer of Dark-colored , White-colored TV in Korea in 1966, 1st air-conditioner in 1968, 1st washing machine produced in 1969, initial colour TELEVISION SET produced in 1977, etc . Goldstar changed to LG Electronics in 1995.

The first producer for “40-inch Plasma TV SET and the planet’s first IC set intended for DTVs created India development subsidiary (LGEIL) established in 1997 likewise produced Planet’s first 60 ” sang TV in 1998. LG has been also the first Firm to commercialize some of the biggest sizes of plasma TELEVISION SET of 71 in 2005 and 102 in june 2006. LG was also the first to commercialize the greatest LCD TV of 55 in 2004. Hence LG is the pioneer in producing of new technical innovations in TV manufacturing Market and features won large amount of awards for doing it. Brand Id:

The brand is well know for its several basic factors: Value, Innovation, People, Love The word LG in the logo design speaks to get itself, That symbolises the consumer of LG is within close romantic relationship with LG and you will as well find that the colour or the texture of LG ELECTRONICS logo has not changed as it symbolises that they can want to supply the best for their customers more than a long time frame. Brand Emblem: Face: The stylized deal with symbolizes pertaining to the companies friendliness and easy approachability. Circle: The circle signifies the globe plus the humanity, additionally, it represents the youth plus the future.

Shape: The upper end on the right is deliberately left write off to make it asymmetric which in turn represents impressive thinking. Colours: LG Red mainly is a symbol of friendliness and in addition its determination to deliver the best to it is customers. LG Gray represents technology and reliability. Eye-sight: LG thoughts itself to provide its consumers with innovative products and remarkable service when aiming to have the top 3 companies in the world. They also carry their philosophy ” Great Company, Superb People because they think that only great people together can create a great firm. Products: Plasma TV:

It offers razor sharp photographs which gives the customer an experience of your theatre/stadium at your home. This has twelve different variants and each one is a modern design make an impression the consumer obtaining it. These kinds of TVs will be in 42, 50 and 60 in proportions. LG Pentouch TV ” Touch The sweetness. This alternative allows the kids and even grown-ups to attract on enormous wide display. Flat Color TV: The TVs are a perfect mixture of good photos and great sound quality. This category has great blend of sleek TVs plus the ones which will provide great sound and picture quality. The alternatives in this category are thirty-three and are of 14, 21 and 29+ in size.

HI-DEF LCD TV: These are generally full HIGH-DEFINITION TVs with advanced IPS LCD Sections, Smart Economical. The Tv sets are eco-friendly in the sense they will consume much less electricity but still provide very good picture quality. These types of Smart Televisions can be connected to external HDs and movies can be viewed. This category features 19 versions and is accessible in 22, 32 and 42 sizes. 3D TV: These TVs will be stylish and good in THREE DIMENSIONAL quality. LG Cinema 3D Smart TELEVISION means electric battery free THREE DIMENSIONAL Glasses, 2D to 3 DIMENSIONAL Conversion , a a few mode magic motion handy remote control together taking more comfort in viewing 3D , controlling Smart functions.

It has built in Wi-Fi system and loads of intelligent functions to use. There are up to 29 variants in this category. The sizes change from 47 and 55. Pricing: The charges of the TVs in every single category reaches a level that is not heavy intended for the wallets of the customer. The Tv sets in Flat TV category are starting from 8000 to 25000 rupees. The TV happen to be priced as per the technology expands with every single variant. LG TV is attempting to capture 50 percent share in the marketing 3D IMAGES TV simply by launching new series inside the Indian Industry. Last year the marketplace share in 3D Television set for LG was forty percent. The new clever 3D TVs are priced via 55000 to 700000 rupees (http://articles. conomictimes. indiatimes. com/2012-05-05/news/31586465_1_market-share-lg-electronics-new-range). LG has been conferred after the most durable brand by simply “Brand Trust Report 2012. They have come up with new Televisions which give a good game playing experience along with good picture quality. Special offers: LG is a main bring in for the ICC Cricket World Cup, the pinnacle celebration for cricketing world. LG ELECTRONICS is recognized Global Spouse of Formula1 and also Technology partner of Formula1. It has a very very good advertising campaign where in they will always focus on consumers and their satisfaction as their prime objective. Place:

The merchandise are sold not simply at store, huge super markets although also on-line. So the buyer can go and purchase it from a huge network of areas and produce him content with experience he gets out of it. Sony History: Sony is a Japanese firm established in 1946. That launched the first magnet “G-type recorders in Asia in 1950, Japan’s initial radio “TR-55 in 1955. Sony launched World’s initially transistor TV SET “TV8-301 in 1960, Trinitron colour TELEVISION in 1968. In the many years Sony presented a lot of new innovations on the market. The most important product of Sony is Bravia the technology and the TELEVISION SET had live colour creation capabilities.

VOLVO India was established in 1994 and since then the Sony offers touched lives of people in a single way or maybe the other having its exemplary brands. make. believe that: It signifies the spirit of VOLVO. It means the power of creative imagination of VOLVO, ability to turn ideas in to reality and also makes think that we can think about anything. The dot between make and believe represents SONY. The dot backlinks imagination and reality, It is the point of ignition to get reality. Vision: Sony visions to be the leader of the gadgets industry. Sony also anticipate itself to be a socially dependable organization and focuses on conserving the environment.

It includes implemented a fantastic CSR coverage of E-waste management. Goods: There is a wide-ranging classification of goods under two main groups: 1). VOLVO BRAVIA TVs: There are a total of 15 series through this section. Sony is built around a unique and superior technology to enhance the viewer’s satisfaction. The use of intelligent peak LEDs have the capability to offer a very good distinction experience. The TV is FULL HI-DEF and has good image resolution so that possibly low quality videos appear good. It includes web connectivity on the high end models. The series features TVs with sizes coming from 22 to 65.

The pricing of TVs in this section is usually from as low as 15000 to 359900 rupees. There is a TELEVISION SET which will fir everyone’s bank and have a mixture of good features along with it. 2). Public Screen Panel: The TV is designed for the objective of public viewing. It has very good and sleek capabilities. It has great sound and looking at quality. The viewing on this TV will not ever disappoint any individual. There are 2 variants from this series of two sizes 32 and 40. The charges of these two TVs is 89990 and 119990 rupees. The Televisions are available in 2 colours Black and Grey. Marketing promotions:

Sony features very large and comprehensive advertising campaign. They have brand deal with for its goods. SONY has a exclusive agreement with TIMORE (source: http://www. sony. com. au/section/sponsorship). With the ability to reach to the masses through the sport. Sony is ready to be around all those agencies that have related mindset and similar scientific worth as it enjoys. Place: The products can be purchased not only by retail store, big super marketplaces but likewise online. Therefore the consumer might be and buy that from a huge network of places and make him satisfied with experience he gets out of it. Videocon

History: Videocon Group started in 1986 by Nandalaji Dhoot. It is based in Gurgaon (NCR Delhi) and it is a great Indian MNC. It is the third largest picture tube manufacturer. It has a technical tie up with Thomson Organization from The japanese. It started producing Coloring TV in 1985. It produced Toned tube to get B TELEVISION SET. Videocon went ahead of Philips Color TV grow in 2000. Vision: “To delight and deliver beyond expectation through ingenious technique, intrepid entrepreneurship, improved technology, innovative items, insightful marketing and inspired taking into consideration the future. 

Product: You will discover 5 categories in this brand LED TELEVISION SET: This TV SET gives a obvious picture quality and a good high quality. There are 5 different parts in this category. Elena-3D ” It has you variant which is 55 in proportions. Persistence- There are 6 distinct variants in this section. The various sizes found in this section are 24, 32 and 40. Orion- You will discover 4 diverse variants with this section. The various sizes obtainable in this section will be 24, 32 and 42. Razor- They have 1 variant and is 32 in size. LCD TV: This TELEVISION has the LDC panel watch and give a sharp picture quality.

You will find 6 several sections from this category. Magnum- There are four different alternatives in this section. The different sizes available in this section are 22, 26 and 32. Sapphire- There are several different variants in this section. The different sizes available in this section are 22, 24, 32 and 40. Pearl- You will find 5 distinct variants in this section. The various sizes found in this section are 19, 22, 24, and 32. Cyclone- There are a few different variations in this section. The different sizes available in this section are 22, 24, 26, 32 and 40.

Prestige- It has you variant and it is 32 in size. Envira , It has 1 variant and is 42 in dimensions. Ultra Sleek TV: Its kind has extra slim TV SET with superb picture quality and good appear. It also features good compare ratio. A large total of 22 variants in this section. These types of Tv sets are available in 14 and 21. FLAT TELEVISION SET: This category TV SET sets include flat FLATSCREEN panel which in turn enhances a good viewing encounter. It has good sound quality. You will find only two variants in this section and both being 21 in proportions. Conventional TV: This category TV sets happen to be as per the earlier time televisions with a home improvement.

It is good in picture looking at but appears a little bulky. There are 6th variants from this section. It is available in 14 and 21. Pricing: The costing of the TVs is incredibly good. The consumer can enjoy and you will be satisfied by amount he pays for this kind of TV. The minimum TV will come in 8000 to a maximum of 150000 rupees. Promotion: It has a incredibly advertising campaign. It is an official attract for IIFA weekend. It is additionally an official bring in for IPL. Videocon is a very active firm and gives sponsorships to a lot of occasions and hence is actually in touch with the people and in their very own mind.

Place: The focus of Videocon can be on its good circulation network. The items are sold not merely at retail store, huge super markets nevertheless also on-line. So the consumer can go and get it by a huge network of locations and make him pleased with experience this individual gets out of it. My Views: The television Sector is a great ever growing market and new innovations appear in this market almost every year. Each of the companies in the race to be the number 1 manufacturer is trying to achieve the consumer a brand new kind of an experience be it through good image quality, good sound, multitasking in the SMART TELEVISION, etc .

There exists still a potential market intended for television market waiting in the rural part of the region. As the urbanization is usually increasing the rural part of the region is the fresh market which will lead for a boom in the TV developing industry. The rand name which variations the neural of the consumer and will be effective in making new consumer foundation through the great innovative developments will be the person to look out for. As for now the race is very tight among Samsung and LG upon world scenario and Videocon in the Indian scenario. The marketplace share: We see that Samsung korea is the greatest selling TV with LG ELECTRONICS second, SONY third.

Hence the consumer helps keep on shopping for as he gets his money worth together with the experience. Referrals http://www. samsung korea. com/ http://www. lg. com/ http://www. volvo. co. in/ http://www. videoconworld. com/ http://www. samsung. com/in/aboutsamsung/corporateprofile/valuesphilosophy. html http://www. samsung. com/in/aboutsamsung/corporateprofile/vision. html http://www. samsung. com/in/aboutsamsung/corporateprofile/ourperformance/samsungprofile. html http://www. lg. com/in/about-lg/corporate-information/overview/facts-figures. jsp http://lgindiablog. com/

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