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In this assignment, I need to reflect on the situation that took place within my working group. In this reflection, I am going to make use of Gibbs (1988) Reflective Routine. This model can be described as recognised framework for my reflection.

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Gibbs (1988) modal of representation consists of six stages to complete 1 cycle which can be description, feelings, evaluation, examination, conclusion and an action plan. Description I used to be put in groupings for a week to work through a collection of tasks. There was a mixture of males and females with a a comprehensive portfolio of ages.

There have been some people that played an important part in the group activities and there were a few that did not, this was what contributed to the breakdown in communication inside my group. The first day we got in groups, there were to do a learning styles set of questions. In this questionnaire there were several types of learning models, which exactly where activists, reflectors, theorists and pragmatists (Honey, 1973). Inside my group of eight we were consisting of reflectors, advocates and pragmatists.

On the second day we did an organization activity about the skills knowledge and perceptions that a medical professional should have. During this process we were divided has a group even more mainly because we all got different views on what we believed was the great health care professional. Day three we would a Kohlberg’s moral dilemma (1981) exactly where we had to select whether Heinz should rob the medication or certainly not. My group was divided on if he should certainly steal the drug or not. Upon day four we do a personal and peer-evaluation questionnaire. Thoughts

I believed very scared in the group setting since I preserved that I was your youngest in the group and i also did not know anyone, that we was incredibly shocked myself because I am normally a very assured person. I also sensed very out of place I really would not like staying in a group that did not click together. I then begun to get concerned that we may not get some of our group tasks done. My second concern was that in a tough situation that individuals might almost all argue since we all acquired such diverse views. Although I was likewise excited to observe what may have come out of the group tasks.

I also think there really should have been a great icebreaker task, this would include eased us in. Analysis The good activities of the group duties were i learnt regarding myself and how other people work in small teams. It was also good to become other people’s thoughts. It was as well good to work alongside people We would not necessarily assist outside of these groups that have been chosen for me. The bad factors were that we has a group did not skin gels, there was too little of communication throughout the whole week. I also think there should have been an icebreaker job. Analysis

There have been no activists in my group and I think this is exactly why there was an explanation in my group because activists like to be involved in fresh experiences. They are really open minded and enthusiastic about new ideas although get bored with implementation. They enjoy doing things and tend to action first. Exactly where reflectors, advocates and pragmatist are more arranged and love to think 1st and take a back sit (Honey, 1973). Some points of the task went well which were that as a group, be it natural or processed we found out what learning styles happen to be and what the positives and negatives of every learning style and how we are able to use it to higher are learning enhancement.

The other associates of the group likewise contributed upon what they thought each learning style meant and if they thought it was a genuine representation of them. But some only did not contribute I am not sure if this was mainly because they were shy or did not want to say the wrong point or afraid of the large group. Conclusion I possess learnt a lot for by working in my own group, I learnt that will put myself inside the others shoes and discover why people served in a certain way. We came away being incredibly emphatic and willingness to know that not everyone is not the same.

Nevertheless it has become an ordinary way of thinking and responding to a specific situation. Therefore i have switched my representation into learning. I have browse that the more we read and look at a situation the greater we can discover they need for reflection (Boud et ing, 1994). I possess also learned that “the basic product of conversation is made up of a sender, a receiver and a message arranged within a particular context” (Ellis et ‘s, 1994, g. 4). Plan of action If the situation came up again there would be a lot I would change one of hich would be more thoughtful to the group member’s emotions. Secondly I will continue to echo and study the causes of how come things get it wrong. Reflection will be based upon allowing all of us to floor our thoughts and keep us focused. It will help to prevent expression going from the subject. (Dallas et ‘s, 2005). We would also like feedback because responses is vital to get development and alter. Feedback is very important to the on-going development of all of us has humans. ‘Feedback is usually central to developing learners’ competence and confidence’ (londondeanery, 2010)

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