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I’ve an great aunt who has lived in the United States as she was eighteen years of age and she used to invite me to settle with her many times. One day I decided to go. Staying with her and her family was one of the greatest activities in my life. Besides learning a new language, My spouse and i made new friends and i also really got into the traditions of a wonderful and gorgeous country.

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Once i arrived generally there, I got extremely excited.

Initially, I was fired up because it was my first time in a foreign country, and second mainly because I was gonna live some thing really fresh in my life. On the other hand, learning English was not an easy process because my own aunt used to speak merely Portuguese beside me; I used to have English classes just twice a week and all the students had been foreign as well. My experience of learning English in a regular program was restricted to this tiny experience and a short period currently taking English as a Second Language in the local College.

Hence, from that period until sobre end of the time there, We learned chinese with the persons from the town and the new friends I had developed met.

Apart from the experience of learning a new terminology, making fresh friends was your best facet of living abroad. I had a girlfriend who have lived in an attractive city by Pacific Ocean and I used to spend every weekend with her. We used to go out often and in one of these times My spouse and i met my personal first American boyfriend. He was handsome and incredibly kind and we had a great time together. He took me to several interesting locations and showed me the authentic American way of life by simply introducing me personally to his family, his friends and his culture. Additionally, going out continuously and discussing with him helped me to improve the skill sets with the vocabulary and mainly to be familiar with the American people and their habits and traditions.

Another great encounter I had was working as being a babysitter. Once I read in the newspapers an ad looking for a international girl to take care of two children. Initially I got seriously scared with all the big responsibility of taking good care of two children, although I decided to live this new excitement. The family’s house is at a very good place by the ocean plus the children were very pretty and interested in learning my “weird accent. Despite the fact that the new encounter wasn’t easy due to my lack of practice at that time, everything went very well and the whole situation was very significant to living.

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