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The purpose of this kind of paper is usually to analyze the Integrative Circumstance 5. 0, “First Union: An Office Without Walls, ” found on page 589 of the text book Organization Theory & Design, by Richard L. Daft, and to reply to the questions relating to the case study.

Trouble Statement

First Union Federal is actually a large savings and mortgage banking business at which Meg Rabb have been employed with since she was 18. Meg continues to be recently promoted to Vp of her division after serving the last five years as helper V.

P. During the time Meg was hired as an assistant V. G. there had not been a single woman in the location of Sixth is v. P. After a week in her new position, Meg was advised by her boss Dan Cummings that she would end up being moving into a brand new office. Following three weeks of development, Meg’s workplace was finish; however , just a day following settling in, Meg was summoned to her boss’ workplace yet again.

She was informed the fact that First Union president got performed a walkthrough of the building and ruled that Meg’s business office was too big and would have to be split down and rebuild through the current doze feet by 12 feet specifications to the new twelve feet by simply 10 ft specifications defined in the fresh regulations.

Meg was upset and asked herself just how this would impact and damage her department’s morale, and how she can lose the respect via her colleagues she worked well so hard to earn. Meg also wondered if this kind of had to do with her being a female in a position of power – especially when her promotion came after a great intervention from your Equal Employment Opportunity Commission payment (EEOC). The EEOC discovered that First Union did not possess any female executives for or above the level of V. P. just before Meg’s promotion and urged First Union to seek out qualified female prospects for promotion to business status.

This kind of paper will certainly identify the key issue at First Union, discuss the makes for social change, clarify the use of electrical power, and finally know what political methods Meg will need to use to resolver her business office situation to start with Union.


Precisely what is the main issue in this case?

The main a significant this case is First Union’s company culture, the accompanying ethical values and just how these are encouraged by business managers. Relating to Silly (2013), organizational culture is present at two levels – on the surface are the visible characteristics and observable actions and below the surface are the underlying principles, assumptions, and beliefs that comprise the second level (p. 393).

At First Union, the issue with corporate lifestyle touches in both levels of organizational tradition. The observable behaviors contain office styles, the type of control systems and power set ups used by the company and the ceremonies organizations share (Daft, 2013, p. 393). The office layout in Meg’s department was split up into sections and partitioned off for each of her doze staff. Based on their level in the company hierarchy, workers had variable office furniture for their individual section. The lowest-level employees received minimal second-rate quality pieces of furniture and often had to share the room with other staff. Robertson states with the right approach, a company can become forward-thinking by creating a workspace with stream and function that motivates and inspires persons and their business (2006, l. 35). Today, forward-thinking companies are turning to egalitarianism to get the job done.

Instead of acting just like the office space is symbol of status, all office areas should be the same, cutting down on costs of space, equipment and furniture (Robertson, 2006, p. 34). Secondly, Meg’s boss, Dan Cummings, is senior V. G. of recruiting. With his placement, he arranged the initially annual “Dan Cummings Golf Invitational” now in its fourth year create. Invitations to the prestigious event indicated position in the corporation – only those Versus. P. t and helper V. S. s near senior administration received invitations; yet simply no female staff had have you ever been invited to the golf competition. Disregard to ethics dangers substantial problems for reputation and other significant intangible corporate assets – including employee morale and productivity. The outcomes of unethical behavior may affect an company ability to make it through (Doorley & Garcia, 3 years ago, p. 30). In addition to these contributing factors, Meg was the first person to fall sufferer to strict adherence for the miscalculation of her office size.

Not only that, but shortly prior to her promo, the EEOC put pressure on First Union to employ female management since non-e had been set up. Meg was your first of her kind. The EEOC was trying to inspire diversity management. Diversity administration is defined by the Authorities Accountability Business office (GAO) as a practice designed to produce as well as a positive work environment that identifies the value of individuals’ similarities and differences, to ensure that everyone can reach their potential and make the most of their input to an organization’s strategic goals and objectives (GAO, 2013, p. 5). What are the forces pertaining to cultural transform at First Union?

Cultural adjustments will need to start from the top straight down. According to Daft (2013), culture adjustments refer to modifications in our values, thinking, expectations, philosophy, abilities, and behavior of employees such as the mindset from the organization (p. 435). Callier and Tucker (2013) suggest the senior leadership need to set the tone at the pinnacle for honesty and integrity including selection (p. 56). Consulting with Initial Union’s exterior auditors, inside and outside a lawyer may be attractive laying the groundwork intended for an updated diversity prepare and Code of Values (Miller & Tucker, 2013, p. 56).

Miller and Tucker carry on to state best management ought to work with a lawyer to identify possible events that can impact you can actually diversity system, such as the twelve-monthly golf competition (2013, g. 56). Discuss the use of electricity at First Union.

The use of electrical power at First Union is interesting as it has its own facets. For just one, the home loan division was considered the most effective as it was the department that made that brought in a lot of revenues. Because of the mortgage division’s contribution for the bottom line, the mortgages office buildings had been redesigned so beautifully, that they stood out from the rest of the bank. This is certainly an example of incentive power (Jing, 2010, s. 220). The president was not happy with the expense of the restorations but held his discomfort to himself due to the significant profits generated by the mortgage division.

Just like stated previously mentioned, First Union had not applied any feminine executives before the EEOC intervened encouraging them to do so. And simply as presently there had not been virtually any women professionals in a VP status, probably none had been invited to play inside the annual the game of golf invitational possibly. This is a first-rate example of referent power, which in turn refers to the cabability to provide others with thoughts of personal approval, approval, effectiveness, or really worth (Jing, 2010, p. 220).

The artwork around Initially Union was also suggestive of the principles perceived simply by top management as one particular art part displayed a part of the female body and was strung in the president’s conference place. This is an additional example of referent power.

A good example of legitimate and possible coercive power is definitely the president’s influence on the building manager in deciding to downsize Meg’s office. Mentioned previously in the textual content, Meg was your first person to come being doubted with the current regulations. This is well known as legitimate as a result of president’s location to impose a sense of responsibility on the building manager to follow the guidelines although they were casually held in conformity with other executives. It is also coercive as the president has the power to give and eliminate rewards and privileges (Jing, 2010, p. 220). What political strategies should Meg use?

Personal behavior is a key factor of electricity progressions in organizations and has been discovered to enhance leader-member relations, career mentoring, and customer satisfaction (Gupta, Singh, & Singh, 2008, p. 16). Meg should only utilize sanctioned politics tactics which might be perceived as satisfactory in the workplace in an effort to progress positive relationships. Your woman should try to cultivate positive relationships through the First Union by learning about their views and expanding mutually useful coalitions and alliances (Daft, 2013, g. 548). Meg should also make use of the political approach of reciprocity which performs hand in hand in building coalitions and alliances.

Being within a V. S. position, Meg has the excellent opportunity to be a mentor to other females since she is the first girl V. L. at First Union; not only could she be educating females, but teaching males about acceptable patterns changing the culture of First Union and its understanding of women at work (Gupta et. al, 2008, p. 23).

Other political tactics consist of: promoting self-interests (such because her the game of golf lessons) through creating and maintaining a favorable image with the “power holders” to help engender a change in culture. Meg can bring the attention to the success her department features in developing positive staff morale and by developing a status as solid as the mortgage division. Doing so will make her being a V. L. and the office more desirable to the influential members of First Union (Gupta et. al, 2008, p. 24). And lastly, Meg can become a “mentoree” by looking up to the more senior associates of the business for guidance and support.


To conclude, First Union’s main concern is the corporate and business culture and the need for difference in the organization. To be able to foster this need, top rated management will have to change their very own way of thinking and educate employees from their level on straight down. With Meg being the first female hired being a female V. P., she is in a primary position to aid pave the way towards the brand new cultural modify.


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