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Windows Comparison: Windows 2k Pro and XP Computer’s desktop Comparison


According to Douglas Ludens of around. com, while using release of Windows XP Professional and its home-based XP Desktop Comparison, Ms finally shipped on their long-given guarantee of creating a practical system for both home and specialist use. However , there even now are substantive differences between the two devices that residence and specialist users ought to maintain in mind. Windows 2000 Professional is still more desirable than the XP OR 7 Desktop Evaluation for specialist use, as a result of Pro’s utilization of a Remote Assembly Service what “automatically” installs “OS, applications across the network. ” (Ludens, 2004)

A restore point Features

Regarding its Data file Allocation Desk, commonly known as EXCESS FAT or FAT16, regarding system restoration features, however , this feature is definitely supported not simply by the Professional, model nevertheless also simply by all Windows operating systems. There are “advantages” to get using the FAT file system on a Windows XP Specialist installation, as though the user has “a start-up failure, you can start the computer by using a bootable floppy disk to troubleshoot the challenge. ” Yet overall FAT16 is effective, in acceleration and storage area, on quantities smaller than 256 MB. (Zandri, 2001) The startup sorcerer is present in both versions, allowing for convenient start up access, and have additional laptop computer support. (Ludens, 2004)

Unit Driver Handling

Only the professional version permits users to reach their computer systems remotely from all other PCs, as well as access offline files and folders.

Recollection and Processor Support

The desktop variation requires even more memory to download, given its further supportive features regarding protection and remote control access.


Although both devices contain support to enhance consumer reliability, the professional edition ‘keeps in mind’ the users can be part of a more substantial network, employ more recollection and engage in more file system writing and remote access, and so requires extra security and support protocols.

File System Safety

The professional version provides additional regulates protecting the user’s privileges to limit access to certain files, given the greater capability of the user to engage in an extended a part of a network, thus going out of one’s data more subjected to additional, potential influences. (Ludens, 2004)

Home windows Installer Innovations

Both computer systems, through the Net can access the Microsoft website and receive periodic system updates. Active Index Application Setting (ADAM) is actually a part of both directory solutions, and is developed specifically to address directory-enabled software scenarios. (ADAM, 2004)

OPERATING-SYSTEM Security Features

The professional version includes additional security features, because delineated under.

Kerberos Support

Kerberos was originally designed as a network authentication protocol. It is now finding extensive utilization in operating system security plans, inch including Microsoft’s Windows XP os for

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