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string(101) ‘ dismisses the falling sales and lower revenue as simply consequences of the tough economic climate\. ‘

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This kind of paper is definitely not to become removed from the Examination Halls UNIVERSITY OF LONDON AC3093 ZB (279 0093) BSc Degrees and Diplomas to get Graduates in Economics, Administration, Finance plus the Social Sciences, the Degrees in Economics and Social Sciences and Access Path Auditing and Assurance Comes to an end, 18 May well 2012: 15. 00am to at least one. 00pm Applicants should solution FOUR in the following 8 questions: TWO from Section A, 1 from Section B and ONE further more question from either section.

All questions take equal signifies. College or university of Greater london 2012 UL12/0010 D01 MAKE SURE YOU TURN OVER Webpage 1 of 6

SECTION A Answer TWO inquiries from this section and not several further problem. (You will be reminded that four inquiries in total should be attempted with at least one from Section M. ) 1 ) You have only been got into contact with by the newly-appointed Senior Limiter for the financial services (including accounting and auditing) market in a nation which has previously had little or no regulation on the provision of financial information. The Regulator has said that his first goal is to enhance the quality of annual economic statements that the major firms in the country distribute.

The Limiter has established operating parties to examine improvements inside the quality of accounting and financial credit reporting practices. An additional working get together has been founded to examine the quality of audit discipline work. The Regulator informs you that he wants the working part of put forward plans which will enhance the quality of audit revealing. He is worried that present practices enable individual auditors to statement in their own way. It has led to distress, since there are so many different styles of review report. The Regulator feels that a standardised approach is going to reduce this kind of confusion.

He could be aware that you will discover international auditing standards about auditing and asks one to examine associated with adopting a way consistent with the intercontinental standards. This individual asks you to look at the following specific areas of audit confirming: ¢ To whom the review report is addressed ¢ A mention of the the platform of accounting ¢ A reference to the framework of auditing ¢ Some exploration of what can be and what cannot be predicted from an audit ¢ The style of thoughts and opinions on the monetary statements, and ¢ Some other issues you believe might be relevant.

Required (a) (b) Draft a report through your working get together on the particular issues stated previously. (15 marks) Draft a great appendix to this report setting out the advantages and drawbacks of a standardised approach to examine reporting. (10 marks) UL12/0010 D01 Web page 2 of 6 installment payments on your You are the audit spouse of Lottolife, a leisure establishment with a bar and a cafe open to the public. The supervision consists of a elderly manager and three helper managers, all are paid a salary which has a profit-related bonus.

Both the pub and the restaurant are dependent upon casual personnel who are paid an hourly level in money at the end in the week. To record the hours worked well, each employee has to ‘clock in and clock out’ using a clock card placed into a equipment which documents the time out-and-in. There is no additional check on the accuracy from the recorded hours. Workers are hired after a short interview by one of the assistant managers who wraps up a form to record the facts of the good applicant. The business has a poor reputation while an employer and wants its personnel to function long hours.

Subsequently employees usually do not stay lengthy. On resigning, an employee needs to sign a form which is backed by the manager and is then handed to the Payroll Section so that the employee’s last pay out packet may be made up plus the employee taken off the salaries. There are under no circumstances enough people to fill up the opportunities and almost zero applicant is rejected. Both equally pay and staff well-being are low. In an attempt to boost the pay and attract more and better personnel, one of the helper managers provides suggested spending a every week bonus through the cash tips left simply by customers.

The following tips would be divided among the workers rather than becoming banked within the takings. There would be no record kept in the tips which usually would mean which the workers probably would not be taxed on their ‘bonus’. It also contains a members-only team which is a certified casino where various forms of gambling take place. Under the guard licensing and training rules only trained personnel can be employed and these are moderately well paid jobs. Occasionally if there is a staff shortage on the catering area in the casino, members from the bar and restaurant staff are introduced, given fresh uniforms and are also instructed to assist out.

Formally this is against the gaming rules, but the on line casino management consider that in case the breach is ever learned by the specialists, the most detrimental thing that might happen could be the casino having to pay a fine. They are really aware however that it is possible that the licence could be withdrawn and the on line casino could be forced to close. Needed (a) (b) Identify conceivable weaknesses in the control environment in Lottolife. (15 marks) Suggest various audit techniques which might be suitable in the particular circumstances of Lottolife. (10 marks) UL12/0010 D01 Page 3 of 6 three or more.

You have only been appointed auditor of Bruton’s Limited, a small family-owned gentlemen’s tailors and outfits shop. It can be based in the South-West of England in which it has six shops in various towns. The clothes that stocks and sells are at the upper end of the budget range, appealing to the wealthier consumer. The company, just like its customers is classical. In fact , the decor from the shops has not changed since the 1960s. The head in the family and key shareholder, John Bruton, is aged 86 and perceives no reason to change what has for fifty years been complete formula ” a top quality assistance and reduced price.

This individual dismisses the falling product sales and reduce profits since simply outcomes of the difficult economic climate.

You read ‘Uol Past 12 months Paper’ in category ‘Essay examples’ The three other investors are Bruton’s sons, the youngest of whom is usually 53. The sons have got tried to obtain their father to improve strategy given that they have seen related companies consist of regions enhance their market share through the internet and through a significant make-over with their retail outlets. They accept that their programs will cost about? 10m and they’ll need a loan from the bank to financing what is successfully a re-branding exercise.

They believe, though they may have not done a detailed analysis, that net sales within the next three years would bring in enough cash to repay the money and enough profit to hide loan fascination. After that, there is clear revenue for about 10 years until the subsequent rebranding was needed. In addition , the rents on the retailers are all going to expire within the next five years. These can be renewed but it really will be high priced as the premises are in city centre locations which are highly sought after simply by companies in the food and drinks sector.

With insufficient cash reserves, Bruton’s would need additional bank funding to cover the administrative centre cost of reviving these long-term leases. The sons can also be urging their very own father to consider buying in more affordable clothes brought in from Asia as means of boosting profits. The father who is very devoted has rejected this recommendation, choosing instead to stay with British-based suppliers who have dished up him very well since he began in business. Bruton’s accounting system dates through the 1960s. It is mainly manual with product sales staff making out a handwritten invoice for each sale.

Cash is definitely put through a till but there is no reconciliation of invoices and takings through the till. The outlets do possess credit card services but again you cannot find any reconciliation of sales and card invoices. The main element of control may be the presence of just one of Bruton’s sons. Each is responsible for two shops which they attend upon alternate times. This close supervision offers seemed to work nicely until, Roger, the oldest son, a new heart attack and was unable to work for half a year. During this time, his two siblings supervised the six outlets visiting one every three days.

Roger is now back at work although he will only work reduced hours at a single location. Needed (a) (b) Identify the major elements of review risk in Bruton’s Limited. (15 marks) Explain the steps you would took before formally accepting visit as auditor of Bruton’s Ltd. (10 marks) UL12/0010 D01 Web page 4 of 6 5. You have simply been hired the Quality Peace of mind Partner in Raiffes , Co., Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors. You are currently looking at a sample with the audit data files of five audit clients.

The aim is always to ensure that the standard of audit act on least fits and, if possible, exceeds the minimum normal required beneath the international auditing standards and UK guidelines. You have made this list of goods that cause you concern: ¢ In Albany Ltd, the audit staff noted that although appropriate inventory information had not been held during the year, the year-end share count was tightly managed and a detailed review of gross profit margins suggested little possibility of material error. On this basis the examine manager experienced recommended affixing your signature to an unmodified opinion.

In Boverton plc, a some weakness in interior control have been detected early on in the examine. The weakness concerned salaries and may include allowed overpayments to real staff and/or payments to fictitious staff. Because payroll is such a hypersensitive area, the audit crew had performed nothing more than notice the some weakness in the taxation file, highlighting the issue intended for partner assessment. In Chirley plc, the company had failed to comply with the relevant financial confirming standard intended for pension costs. The matter is usually one of disclosure rather than dimension.

The Finance Director basically will not recognize that the common is correct and insists that he is right. The recommendation from the review team is usually to agree with the Finance Overseer since the accounting numbers will be right as well as the firm should never risk upsetting a major customer. In Dalton, a scam involving the cashier had been learned. The amount engaged was negligible to the economical statements. If the Finance Representative was informed about the fraud, he was unmoved, proclaiming that he knew regarding the fraud which had been going on since the man was first employed five years ago.

The Finance Director said that this individual allowed the cashier to supplement his salary this way since it was cheaper than giving him a shell out rise. In Exeter Ltd, this was the first yr of the taxation appointment. The fixed advantage register was not maintained for the last five years meaning that it was impossible to evaluate from the documents how long the assets was in use. Total tangible set assets are material towards the financial assertions. The team experienced immediately ceased work on set assets finishing that the taxation report will have to be revised on the grounds of disagreement. ¢ ¢ ¢ Necessary (a) Measure the situation in each of the five cases and suggest a proper course of action in each which includes if necessary changing the auditors’ report. (15 marks) Advise steps that this firm should take to ensure that most its audits come up tot the appropriate normal. (10 marks) (b) UL12/0010 D01 Webpage 5 of 6 SECTION B Response ONE query from this section and not more than one further issue. (You are reminded that four questions in total should be attempted with at least two via Section A. ) a few.

Because taxation time can be not unrestricted, sampling is known as a key component of any review strategy. Explain the various factors which auditors consider once setting up their very own sampling strategy. 6. Critically evaluate the purpose of an taxation from the point of view with the readers of the auditors’ record. 7. You have to write a general theory of auditing of economic statements. What concepts and assumptions would you include and what purpose would each serve? almost 8. Critically assess the measures consumed the IFAC Code of Ethics to safeguard auditor self-reliance. END OF PAPER UL12/0010 D01 Site 6 of 6

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