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‘The Secret Existence of Frogs’ is a composition that delves into the child years perception of war, particularly World Conflict I, plus the experiences with their fathers. ‘The Secret Existence of Frogs’ deals with the idea of misunderstandings sustained when children attempt to understand adult ideas. This is noticeable through the use of punning.

The term ‘Frog’, which is frequently used throughout the composition adds entertainment to the textual content because towards the readers, it not only translates literally into a frog, nevertheless also signifies the opponent French people in the war through a unfavorable light.

Yet , the narrator, who is also one of the children in the poem, does not understand this other that means attached to the term ‘frog’. This could clearly be viewed in the final sentence when the narrator features protecting the amphibians, but does not separate the term ‘Frogs’ to as well represent french people. The application of allusion, mention of the World Warfare I inside the poem, emphasizes the idea that kids in their chasteness, particularly children during the warfare, can misinterpret what adults talk about.

Apparent in your line ‘some syllables we used since charms¦Gallipoli’, the place that the children have heard of these phrases and the adverse connotations fastened, however they have no idea of the value of the incidents that are linked to the words. Through ‘The Magic formula Life of Frogs’ topics that are expressed include child years innocence as well as the negative affect of battle with children. The theme of the innocence of children is obviously conveyed by making use of the parenthesis, ‘(we thought a brothel was a French hotel that served popular broth to diggers)’.

This system is used to surround a thought that all the children had in their childhood, and helps to help emphasize the concept they confusing the adult concept of brothels. The parenthesis also helps to improve the strengthen of the poem as it slashes the significance of the stanza through their very own misinterpretation of the word brothel. This features the idea that your children did not be familiar with insinuations from the word. The idea that the war had a adverse impact on kids is reviewed throughout stanza 3.

The use of the metaphor ‘Dad the Impaler’, accentuates the concept children found this term in a very positive manner once in actual fact it includes negative associations. This highlights the violence of warfare, and the bad influence of war on kids because the kids in the poem used ‘Dad the Impaler’ in a brave manner. The application of simile within the last stanza ‘matchstick hands as pale because the purple stems that they lived among’ is used to compare a frog to violet blossoms, which are incredibly delicate and simply broken.

The innocence of childhood is usually painted through this visual technique as the narrator only perceives the frogs being incredibly delicate, but to the readers the simile also creates a brilliant image of the health of the ‘Frogs’/ the French. The utilization of first person really helps to create a similar tone about the narrator’s experiences, and additional helps to anxiety the tips of child years innocence and the influence of war on kids because the poem is created from a child’s perspective.

The use of enjambment generates a conversational and personal tone, focusing to the readers the reality in the themes discussed throughout the composition. The use of meaning of frogs as domestic pets and also addressing the French highlights the idea that adults saw ‘Frogs’ as insignificant or unworthy to speak regarding, whereas your children could not appreciate this adult believed, and they positioned exemplary consider to the well being of the frogs.

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