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“The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe Activity Supply [pic] [pic] Name ____________________________________________ L. A. Period ________ Your credit score ___________out of 30 factors possible ( Covers storyline elements, comprehension, figurative vocabulary, mood, figure traits, and setting ) Pre-Reading Guidebook for “Tell-Tale Heart” Identity _________________________________________ Period ___________ (5 pts.

) Describe five things that you usually locate in a scary/horror story: 1 ) ______________________________________________________________ installment payments on your ______________________________________________________________. _______________________________________________________________ 4. _______________________________________________________________ 5. ________________________________________________________________ Read the subsequent statements. If you agree with all of them, put a check in the YOU column. Then simply, AFTER we all read the account, go back make a check in the AUTHOR steering column if you feel the author agrees with that statement. YOUAUTHORSTATEMENT ____________1. People who are insane know that they are crazy. ____________2. Sane people at times imagine that they will hear things. ___________3. If you commit against the law, the most detrimental punishment is the guilt after that. ____________4. Typically it’s the little annoying reasons for people that is most likely the most aggravating and infuriating. ____________5. Everybody is basically afraid of the same issues. ____________6. When you’ve carried out something wrong, wondering if you’ll be caught can cause great anxiety and stress. “Tell-Tale Heart”comprehension QuestionsName__________________ (20 pts. ) After reading “Tell-Tale Heart” by Poe, answer the subsequent questions using short answers.

They do not should be complete paragraphs, but response each portion of the question thoroughly. 1 . Who may be telling this story (narrating)? Is it 1st, second, or third person? 2 . What is the first impression from the narrator? How much does he make an effort convincing you of? three or more. How does the narrator feel about the old man in general? What, then, specifically, is it about the old man that troubles/bothers the narrator? Why? How often does the narrator mention this “thing” in the story? some. What does the narrator tell us he does each night? Why? 5. How does the narrator truly feel immediately after he commits the murder?

Perform his emotions change? In the event so , how and for what reason? “Tell-Tale Heart” Comprehension Concerns continued…Name__________________ 6th. What sound drives the narrator to confess to the crime? What do you think triggers his monoman�a? 7. Provide two direct and specific examples in the story the fact that author uses to create a great atmosphere of horror or suspense. These are sentences that set or perhaps enhance the FEELING of the tale. Give the page number. almost eight. Give one model where the writer uses punctuation or repeated words or phrases within a sentence to show the disposition of horror or suspense.. Find one example of each of the next: a. Unnecessary repetition – Pg. ___ ___________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ m. Simile – Pg. ________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 10. c. Representation – Pg. _________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

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