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Girl, Very little

THE LITTLE MEET GIRL -Hans Christian Andersen- Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) is a Danish author, apologue writer, and poet known for his children’s reports. Although during his lifetime he was celebrated for having thrilled children globally, his reports were often meant for adults as well. His poetry and stories had been translated in more than one hundred and fifty languages.

They have inspired motion pictures, plays, ballets and animated films. Yet , fairy stories take the most crucial role in the writing career. Andersen applied the colloquial style that disguises the sophisticated moral theories in his fairy tales.

Therefore , his stories became ended up being ones of both adults and children. Some of the most famous tales of Andersen are “The Small Mermaid, “The Ugly Duckling and “The Little Match Girl, and so forth Especially, “The Little Match Girl which is famous for their humane top quality has shaken the minds of a lot of readers in the world. The story can be firstly published in 1845. This one starts with a little lady who definitely seems to be alone and extremely cold in New Year’s Eve. She’s a poor girl who attempts to sell suits at the chilly night. She doesn’t revisit home because she is extremely afraid of her father who have let her out to promote matches.

After finding a place between two houses’ wall, the poor lady starts to mild matches to warm herself. When suits are losing, she can easily see many things which will make her happy. Such as: a Christmas woods, a holiday banquet, a capturing star, etc . Then, the tiny girl views a perspective of her grandmother, the only person to obtain treated her with take pleasure in and amazing advantages. Therefore , the lady lights additional matches to hold her grandma stay local as long as the lady can. Finally, she go together with her grandmother for the heaven. The next morning, persons find her dead within the snow yet there is continue to the smile on her reddish colored cheek.

In the story, you will find two significant literature elements are character and the image. They are the most significant factors which will make the story become so successful. Firstly, the storyplot has only one main figure: the poor very little match lady. Andersen don’t give her a specific term in order to focus on her hard life. Throughout the way writer introduce the key character, readers can see which the little girl is also one among various poor children like her. In fact , in addition there are three various other characters. They may be her family members: grandmother, father and mother.

However , each of them is indirectly referred to through the ladies appearance, thought and creativity. At the beginning of the storyplot, she definitely seems to be bareheaded and barefoot in a terribly cool night. She is sent out to trade matches inside the snow which has a pair of ill-fitting slippers which usually used to participate in her mother. However in that case she seems to lose one the moment she is working across the street and when boys take the rest. The daddy appears in her believed as a incredibly irresponsible daddy. Although she is very hungry and chilly, she will not dare to look home.

With just a line of thought, a father who also doesn’t take pleasure in his little girl is launched clearly. Finally, her last family member, her grandmother, is mentioned passionately through her short time life of each burning match. Inside the story, there are nothing associated with the mother except for her ill-fitting household slippers. However , the limited match girl have no thoughts about her mother. While she fears the most is definitely her father, grandmother may be the one the girl does take pleasure in who died for so very long ago. The way Andersen indirectly introduces about these three heroes highlights the loneliness as well as the unhappiness in the poor little young lady.

There is no one out of the world that cares for her, they only try to step as quickly because they can to stop the cool, late night without noticing of a lonely poor girl. Secondly, the story includes a significant sign which is always in readers’ brain. It is the mild of match. After everytime the poor young lady strikes match against the wall membrane, the match burns gaily and she actually is immersed inthe illusionof happiness. Firstly the girl imagines that she was sitting just before a great straightener stove. The next time, the girl sees a stand with distributed snow-white material and a lot of delicious food well prepared for the dinner.

In that case, the most beautiful Holiday tree seems to be right close to her. From then on, she fulfills her beloved grandmother and then, she consistently strikes the full bundle of matches so that the grandmother stay with her. After each time the flame go out, anything is disappeared rapidly. Therefore , she has to come back to the hard reality. It can be said that the sunshine in this account is the sign of desires for happiness. Every thing she demands at the present becomes clearer than ever before in the lumination of the meet flame. The girl just dreams of many things which can be normal to almost everyone but very extravagance to her.

The light is the connection of her hard reality and the cheerful dreams. Therefore , the appearance of the sunshine throughout the account highlights the emotions, desires and desires for the poor young daughter. She usually dreams of the great things although the life has treated her so hard. Is definitely the light likewise the desire of the publisher to the girl and all of various other poor people? Through the little girl’s dream, he expresses his mercy to these unfortunate. Using metaphor system through the light image, Andersen successfully explains the desires for happiness, the small girl’s brief life as well as the humane value concept he want to send to readers.

This symbol significantly contributes to the vitality and humane quality of the account. To sum up, the story “The Little Match Girl has the superb reality and humane value. It indirectly reflects tragic fate from the poor in the modern Danish culture. Moreover, through the story you observe clearly the compassionate heart of the creator and his talent as well. REFERRALS: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Hans_Christian_Andersen http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/The_Little_Match_Girl http://www. online-literature. com/hans_christian_andersen/981/

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