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Through the play we come across that Romeo’s impulsive decisions land him in onerous situations. His capricious actions are demonstrated through his allergy love if he immediately progresses, without remorse or second thoughts, coming from Rosaline to Juliet to whom he falls in love with instantly following laying eyes on her. Prior to seeing Juliet, Romeo talks about his passion with Rosaline, and the torment he suffers when he locates she does not love him back.

Upon searching for her at the Capulet’s party, recognizes Juliet, when he says, “Did my cardiovascular love right up until now?

Forswear it, look! For We ne’er noticed true beauty till this night,  (i. Versus. 51). His immediate transition between fans proves that his take pleasure in for Juliet was energetic and reasonless. When Romeo hears of Juliet’s death, he says to himself, “Well Juliet, I will lie with thee tonight. Let’s see for means.  (V. i. 34). His initial thought is the fact if Juliet is deceased, he must drops dead too. Without considering any other options or likely to Friar Laurence for further information, he serves on a whim and gets rid of himself, when in reality Juliet isn’t basically dead.

These types of actions confirm Romeo as being a static personality because through the entire course of the play, when his appreciate for Juliet ignites, concludes, and in different situations, Romeo does not believe his decisions through and acts on impulse. Romeo is in appreciate with the idea of staying in love. Instead of using his brain, Romeo simply defines like with his eyes and cardiovascular. When it comes to feelings, Romeo is usually ardent about being in love. Because he unconditionally enjoys many character types throughout the perform, it triggers major conflicts.

This makes him static since during the enjoy he often lets like, and other emotions, get in how and never learns from his mistakes. The moment Tybalt would like a duel Romeo says, “To such a greeting. Villain am i not probably none,  (III. i actually. 63) and backs down. After Tybalt starts to slander Romeo, Mercutio gets in the middle them and it is then murdered by Tybalt. “Now, Tybalt, take the ‘villain’ back again that late thou gav’st myself, for Mercutio’s soul,  (III. i. 125) Romeo bellows just before he stabs Tybalt.

Since Romeo really loves his friend, he lets his feelings take over and without thinking through his activities, carries these people out no matter the consequences. To further prove that this really is a static behavior, once Romeo would go to see the Friar and tells him regarding his like for Juliet the Friar says, “Women may fall season, when there is strength in men.  (II. iii. 76) At this time the Friar means that *women can be forgiven for being fragile, since indicate are not more robust. * This has happened to Romeo many times, and this makes him fragile and irresponsible when it comes to take pleasure in.

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