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Ancient Civilizations Essay: Understanding Geography and History Amanda Recognizes World Background Period a couple of Mrs. Ocasio October 15th, 2012 Persons. Mountains.

Persons. Culture. People. Water. Ever ask yourself why history and geography very often examined together? Very well it is because location has a wide range of influence within the worlds’ overall history and how it all connects together. Learning geography is usually important understand history because people need to know wherever and how were the places are and why the civilizations created there.

To carry on, all civilizations are linked in some way, from trading to religious morals or battles to customs, some of the civilizations that are going to in comparison are very comparable. That is why the understanding of geography is crucial to the understanding of record because it influenced the development of city-states, caused solitude, and allowed cultural durchmischung between the cultures. To begin, geography impacted the introduction of many city-states. India and the Nile Riv Valley had been majorly influenced by the Earths geography in early civilizations.

Various rivers ran through India, which included the Indus as well as the Ganges Streams. Most American indian city- states were near to these estuaries and rivers because the persons wanted to become near drinking water making it easier to get surplus to this. It was also important for Indians to be close to the Ganges Water because that river was sacred to them and “¦one Indian name intended for “river: lok-mata, or “mother of the people.  (World History Book, page 52). Now the Nile Water Valley was very suitable for farming, which manufactured “¦farmers benefit from the fertile property of the Earth Valley to grow wheat or grain and flax, a herb whose fivers were employed for clothing. and also have excess to water in the dry Egyptian heat. The “Black Land was the abundant and irrigated area of the Earth Valley and “no a lot more than 10 mls wide, put the ‘Red Land, ‘ a sun-baked desert that stretches around North Africa.  (24). All these physical features influenced where the American indian and Egyptian city-states had been set up and governed. Pursuing that, many geographical features caused seclusion. China and Egypt a new lot of remoteness because of the huge batch ranges and deserts that surrounded and bordered all of them. China got the “¦high mountain ranges- the Ton

Shan plus the Himalayas-and raw deserts obstructed the easy motion of people¦southeast, thick jungles divided Cina from Southeast Asia¦the north lay the forbidding desert, the Gobi¦to the east, the fast Pacific Ocean.  (59). Mainly because China was so isolated by many physical features due to the geographical movement consider that they were the center of the Earth as well as the sole supply of civilization. Nevertheless Egypt was isolated from all other civilizations by a vast stretch of wasteland and large lakes, making it a peninsula. This desert is the Sahara Wilderness, the largest wilderness in the world.

The Sahara can be difficult to complete making it harder to reach Egypt, thus which makes it isolated coming from migrating people and transact. Although the lakes created several isolation, it however contributed to Egypt’s operate and extra to many jacks. This demonstrates that geographical understanding is also important to understand background because in the event one did not know what form of physical features were readily available thou might now really know what to expect. Finally, geography allowed cultural diffusion between civilizations. Greece and China a new lot of ethnic diffusion mainly because both cultures depended on control to expand and be successful.

The Greeks had “¦hundreds of bays, the Ancient greek language coastline supplied safe harbors for ships.  (105). This demonstrates the Ancient greek economic system very depended on trading overseas, Greeks became competent sailors, whom carried rebattu of essential olive oil, wine, and marble throughout the Mediterranean place. Because the Greeks were vacationing so much to other areas to trade that they went back home with fresh ideas and various traditions, a few making their very own lives much easier. For example , “Greeks expanded the Phoenician abc. The resulting Greek buchstabenfolge became the foundation for all american alphabets. (105). All of the trading and journeying overseas manufactured Greece become more populated and prosperous pushing man Greeks to leave their own overloaded valleys and vineyards and when they kept they brought the Traditional culture and ideas with them. Today moving eastward toward Cina to the Silk Road for the West, that has been very important hyperlink to China as well as the rest of the globe. “During the Han period, new food such as grapes, figs, cucumbers, and walnuts flowed to China via western Asia.  (95) Making this region grow much more culturally as part of your.

Although Customer very remote, it continue to traded as much as Greece may have, the Cotton Road ultimately stretched intended for 4, 000 miles backlinks China to the Fertile Crescent. “China also traded a lot of silk westward to load a growing demand for the prized fabric (95) and in return China would return with furs by Central Asia, muslin coming from India, or glass coming from Rome. The Silk Road was not just an important trade route it had been also acquired many remotes making it even more likable, “at the traditional western end, control was managed by several people, like the Persians.  (95).

This will make geography even more important to understand record. In conclusion, study regarding geography is very important to the comprehension of history. People. Mountains. People. Culture. Persons. Water. Anything is linked. The development of city-states, suspended remoteness, and cultural diffusion almost all has to do with historic civilizations history and geography. In addition, it has impact on today’s environment. In the end it is important to know equally subjects even though that expertise may not be used on lives in any way, shape, or form it truly is still something useful to know.

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