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Every year in America, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico and Quotes billions of people celebrate Heureux Valentine’s Day. 85% of Valentine’s day purchases are created by ladies, 1 billion dollars valentine’s day greeting cards are sent each year and Valentine’s day is the second most significant card mailing holiday with the year, the first getting Christmas. Today I will reveal to you the history of Valentine’s Day and the legend of Saint Valentines.

There are three different testimonies as to how Valentine’s Day started to be a holiday, but they all have the same part of common, which is Saint Valentines.

February is definitely a month of romance and history. The roots of this holiday derive from the Christian and old Roman traditions. The roman-catholic church acknowledges at least three different saints, st valentine and saint valentine are the two most familiar. The initially legend says that Saint Valentine was priest who also served inside the third hundred years in Ancient rome. The emperor at that time was Emperor Claudius, and this individual believed the fact that single men made better soldiers in the army, thus he prohibited all relationships for teenage boys at that time.

St Valentine seeing this since an injustice was still happy to perform marriages in top secret for fresh lovers. Once Valentines secret was found out, the story says he was sentenced to death. The other legend suggests that Valentine might have been killed pertaining to helping Christian believers escape Both roman prisons. A large number of Christians that have been kept in these prisons had been kept with a higher being and had been tortured to death. The next story lets us know that Valentine sent the first valentine by prison.

The legend says that he fell madly in love with the jailer’s daughter where he was at prison and right before having been put to fatality he had written her a letter and signed that love the valentine. Now I am going to let you know how and why Valentine’s became a practice and any occasion. By the Ancient saint valentines was considered as a sympathetic, romantic and heroic number. As a result of this kind of he was regarded one of the most well-liked of all characters in England and France in those days.

Valentines fatality was considered to be around two seventy ten A. D. In effort to Christianise the Questionnable holiday party of Pieria at the Lempira festival, it is said that the party of st . valentine’s burial was relocated to the month of Feb. In historical Rome March was the established beginning of spring and was deemed at that time an occasion of filter. In France in England throughout the middle ages Feb . fourteenth was the day the birds began choosing their very own mates, also around five-hundred A. G Pope Gelasius declared March fourteenth, Valentine’s Day.

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