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Pregnancy, Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography on Teenager Pregnancy N. T HCS/465 October twenty three, 2011 Annotated Bibliography on Teen Pregnancy Clinical Absorb. (2009).

Out and out aggression is a predictor of quick repeat teenager pregnancy: pubertal onset age group and discord management essential considerations in prevention strategies. Nursing Regular, 23(24), [16]. Recovered from http://www. cinahl. com/cgi-bin/refsvc? jid= 530, accno=2010217733 This information provides data from actual interviews with teens which have has rapid repeat pregnancy within two years of the last pregnancy experienced and those individuals who did not.

The research shows significant differences in out and out aggression behaviors and exactly how recognizing these kinds of behaviors early on could help stop teen fast repeat pregnancies in the future. This can be a peer-reviewed article and was searched by pressing the peer-review box through the search procedure. Kelly, L., Sheeder, T., , Stevens-Simon, C. (2004). Teen House Pregnancy Test Takers: more Bothered or more wishful? Pediatrics, 113(3 Part 1), 581-584. Gathered from http:// www. cinahl. com/cgi-bin/refsvc? jid=783, accno=2005077833 This article provides perception from research of teens that utilized home pregnancy

Tests. Had been these individuals more concerned with contraceptive mishaps? or perhaps the affects that child rearing would have issues futures? The research included 340 individuals who were racially and ethnically various who were searched for because of visiting three different teen clinics for different reasons. The reason why included pregnancy testing, std testing, obtaining contraceptives and general health trips. This is a peer-reviewed document and was researched by clicking the peer-review container during the search process. McKay, A., , Barrett, M. 2010). Trends in teenage pregnancy prices from 1996-2006: a comparison of Canada, Laxa, sweden, U. S i9000. A., and England/Wales. Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 19(1-2), 43-52. Retrieved coming from http://www. cinahl. com/cgi-bin/refsvc? jid=1558, accno= 2010691048 This article gives statistical info concerning young pregnancy and abortion rates covering a ten yr time period. Research concerning teenage pregnancy and abortion is very important to understanding socioeconomic elements and trends in young sexual and reproductive health. Trends include decreased in teen motherhood meaning ither a more robust support program for teens to inspire control over sexual activity is available or there is an increase in contraceptive consumption. This is a peer- evaluated article and was located by clicking the peer-review box throughout the search method. Medoff, M. (2010). The Impact of State Abortion Policies on Young Pregnancy Prices. Social Indications Research, 97(2), 177-189. Retrieved from http://dx. doi. org. ezproxy. apollolibrary. com/10. 1007/s11205-009-9495-9 This article provides research via state-level info for the years of 1982, 1992, nd 2000 relating to teen being pregnant rates, child killingilligal baby killing rates, and new laws and regulations and procedures affecting the pricing of abortions and just how these fresh laws and policies will be deterring unnecessary pregnancies. This really is a peer-reviewed article and was identified by hitting the peer-review box through the search method. Monahan, D. J. (2002). Teen pregnant state prevention effects: Implications pertaining to social job practice. Family members in World, 83(4), 431-431-439. Retrieved from http://search. proquest. com/docview/230165951? accountid=35812 This article gives detailed info concerning study group demographics, nowledge and dating behaviours, and teenagers attitudes and exactly how these details influence teen being pregnant and intervention programs. Are prevention applications helping cure the amount of teen pregnant state seen annually? What are these kinds of programs providing teens to help them make even more beneficial your life choices? This is a peer-reviewed article and was found by clicking on the peer-review box during the search process. Sen, M. (2003). May Beer Income taxes Affect Teen Pregnancy? Proof Based on Teen Abortion Rates and Beginning Rates. The southern area of Economic Diary, 70(2), 328-343. Retrieved by http://www. utc. du/Outreach/SouthernEconomicAssociation/southern-economic- journal. html Info from the many years of 1985, 1988, 1992, and 1996 were used in this interesting article in beer taxation and teenage pregnancy and just how they are related. The article presented statistical data showing that higher duty rates on beer have demostrated to adversely affect teenager pregnancy and abortion prices. This is a peer-reviewed document and was found by simply clicking the peer-review package during the search process. Witte, K. (1997). Preventing young pregnancy through persuasive marketing and sales communications: Realities, Common myths and the hard-fact truths.

Journal of Community Health, 22(2), 137-137-54. Recovered from http://search. proquest. com/docview/224047307? accountid=35812 This article provides interesting data regarding the use of being pregnant prevention promotions and what they communicate to teens and adolescents. Advertisments according to the examine should present more adverse and hard-fact truths to communicate teen pregnancy, sexual activity, and abortion in order to help combat future teen pregnancy and abortion rates. This is certainly a peer-reviewed article and was identified by clicking on the peer-review box throughout the search method.

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