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Dark-colored Pillow 2002 by Outspoken Moore is set on a cornfield during sunlight. In the background in the canvas we have a large factory with some crops and butterflies. The edge of the artwork has a yellow boundary and regions of this painting are also casually filled with area yellow as well.

On the left side with the canvas, we have a farmer in overalls it does not seem like he cares about what he is performing, pumping gas into the root base of the cornfield as he glowers into space.

One the base of the painting you can find the gasoline dripping all over the pillow of the cornfield, the light roots through the corn stand above the dark color of the gasoline. The art components shown in “Black Pillow are that it has a very warm truly feel to this since nice colors are used, it almost allows you to feel like present outside in the hot discipline and fuel. It is freely spaced out since there is no color in the background that fills up a lot apart from some discolored lines and spots. It will be has strong colors to it and has no greyscale in that.

The discolored has a significant contrast from the background and the black too. The line in the corn leaves looks very alive and natural while the roots inside the gasoline happen to be stiff, difficult and useless looking. This kind of canvas reveals how human beings and industrialization are damaging the hammer toe crops by the gasoline, as gasoline consists of ten percent ethanol which originates from cornfields. The colour yellow inside the border of the artwork signifies rotting, warmth, decay and death. Which fits in well with this theme because the careless farmer is growing gas throughout the roots from the cornfield.

The gasoline which will represents the colour black means the frigidness, negativity and evil that is pouring and taking over the corn that this color yellow can also symbolize joy, happiness, and confidence. The white colored root of the corn represents how the purity is being trapped by the gasoline’s coldness and evil. The gasoline in the pillow of the soil is where this gets thier name “Black Pillow. Personally, In my opinion Frank Moore got his message across in this a muslim. He is representing the corrosion of cornfields because of the embrace oil market.

The color meaning is widespread because the petrol is the evil that is invading the cornfields for the benefit of more resources. It displays the development of where the oil originates from and how not necessarily used effectively and is lost on an day-to-day basis which in turn causes pollution. Frank Moore’s level for this artwork is to show how grossier humans today are and how méchant we are to our world enervating its natural splendor for our selfish purposes. This subject is very imperative to our culture today as gasoline is in high needs and each of our world’s air pollution is getting more serious by every day.

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