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In my opinion, minimum wage must be raised. It is time to get the United States to stand up for the original aim of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The low wage is harming the economy as a whole because it is blending the lower profits level and so tightly that they have to make choices between having to pay rent or perhaps buying foodstuff.

The three major reasons for this boost are the following. Initial, an increase in minimum wage might directly influence those at the bottom of the economic ladder. Second, simply by increasing bare minimum wage, in addition, you increase the benefit of work. Third, because the cost of living has increased so much, the cost of work are required to follow its lead. As a result of these reasons, minimum salary must be brought up.


In 1938, the Fair Labor Standards Take action was passed. This is a reaction hard work of girls like Anne Adams and Eleanor Roosevelt who were looking to end kid labor and increase the standard of living in the weakest communities. The labor unions were promoting for it around the late 1800’s when women inside the Lowell industries claimed they deserved the same pay and treatment. Its passing was also influenced by simply industrial disasters like the Triangle Shirtwaist Stock fire in 1911, which usually killed most of the young personnel in New York. The Jungle written by Upton Sinclair about the struggles in the working school in Chicago, influenced political figures and communities and caused them to search at its employees in a several light and with increased understanding.

That set the utmost work week, standards of child labor and overtime spend. In addition, it created lowest wage. This is the proven fact that there is a lowest standard of pay that everyone ought to be given. It was collection at twenty five cents 1 hour. The act been successful in many ways but it really failed in keeping tempo with pumpiing. Formerly, this was crafted into the act. Today, raising bare minimum wage to keep pace with inflation has turned into a political concern. Usually democrats are in favor of raising the wage and republicans happen to be against that. Because the federal government has failed to protect its people by simply raising the wage, a large number of states and cities took it after themselves to boost their own wages.

Argument against

The conventional argument against raising the wage is definitely primarily economical. They will saythis action hurts the whole economy and doesn’t help the lower classes at all. (Chapman)Their discussion is that if perhaps employers need to pay more, they will limit the employees they have or maybe take all their work offshore, which is a valid threat. They claim that in reality, the folks who gain are in higher economic classes mainly because they figure out how to manage their particular businesses more efficiently and the boom lines all their pocketbooks.

My personal Argument

While my thesis demonstrates My spouse and i disagree with the conservative stance. That stuff seriously anincrease inside the minimum wage would help the people meant. It could add worth to what they are doing and keep up with the cost of living, as it was formerly designed to perform.

The lower income families in the U. S i9000. are harming. “Today more than 28 million people, with regards to a quarter with the workforce between ages of 18 and 64, make less than $9. 04 one hour, which means a full-time salary of $18, 800 a year”the income that marks the federal poverty line for any family of several.  (Working and Poor)It is extremely hard, if not impossible to improve a family upon that amount of money. The argument continues to be made that you can make more money upon welfare than working for minimal wage. What kind of lesson does that teach?

So , is the answer raising minimum income. Relating to Rob Chapman in his brief for the Economical Policy Institute, it is. “If the federal income were elevated to $7. 00, underneath 40% or households would receive almost 60% in the benefits.  (Chapman) He goes on to declare, “Raising the minimum wage provides salary support to families in need. While it is very important to understand that the minimum wage should not be judged solely about its effectiveness at focusing on low-income family members, research implies that it does exactly that. (Chapman)

Organization Weekly will abide by these finding. “Lifting the minimum income by $1. 50 an hour or so, would boost the incomes of 10 mil workers.  (Working and Poor) My own research implies that increasing the minimum wage will be an effective way to target lower income employees and enhance their income. This would help offset the expense of inflation, as I will prove is a necessity.

Originally, the wage was designed to increase since the cost of living increased. This system is practical. In the event that things will cost more, people need to create more money to pay for them”not luxuries, necessities. If this adjustment is usually not manufactured, the consequences impact the family, not simply the employee. “Some experts on homelessness say the amounts are developing because of the extending gap between low pay out and large rents.  (Kaufman) “Real pay for the bottom 10 percent of wage earners rose much less that one percent in altered dollars from 1979 to 2003, based on the Economic Insurance plan Institute. (Kaufman)

If the wage doesn’t maintain, how can persons afford hire? Easily make just enough to cover my own bills, and my lease increases but my wage doesn’t, I have no choice. I would need to get another task, which may not really be a probability, try to function overtime, which in turn my task might not let, or approach. What happens if I live in the cheapest house available? This is the circuit that must be stopped. It causes hopelessness, financial debt and in a lot of circumstances, homelessness.

“Even if the minimum salary were not well-targeted at helping those in need, that serves an important role inside the U. S. economy and society. It is a important statment of principle about the value of work, opportunity plus the responsibilities of business employers.  (Chapman) Increasing lowest wage validates the employee. Since the girls in Lowell would look for acknowledgement with the value with their work, so do the workers more recently search for affirmation for what they actually.

When the federal government raises the wage, they are sending a definite message that they value the workers and figure out their situation. The C. Electronic. O. of Costco is quoted as saying, “We no longer have a determined working course.  (Working and Poor)This is a massive problem. If you can’t take pride in your work, precisely the point of working whatsoever, especially if you can take advantage of the welfare program? If no person values what you do, why make an effort to do any better than the bare minimum?

Raising the minimum salary demonstrates workplace accountability. The government can be making them responsible for the people all their success sits upon. “No employer should be allowed to unreasonably gain exploiting deficiency of negotiating power of low-wage staff.  (Chapman)Labor basically has no electric power anymore. The unions have been damaged and they do not voice. Someone has to hold the companies accountable. Someone must step forward to get the workers.

An increase in the wage would do just that. nternet site have shown, it can have a direct affect in those inside the deepest require. “Everyone really should have the opportunity to generate a decent income. Zero American needs to be compelled to work at a rate that amounts to the federal government poverty level. This really is equally true for a middle-class youth trying to raise money for university as it is for any single mom supporting children.  (Chapman)


Bare minimum wage is definitely one little part of the Reasonable Labor Specifications Act that was designed to protect the employee. Contemporary society saw their people dropping through the splits and they stood up for people, claiming that everyone who have works hard deserves the opportunity to succeed. Minimum income is the foundation of that success. I have demonstrated three good reasons for the necessity to increase minimal wage. The first is that raising the wage directly affects individuals in the greatest need.

They certainly benefit from an increase as it corresponds to the increase in the living costs. My second reason exhibited this. As the price tag on living increases so if the minimum wage. In this way, workers can certainly adjust their earnings to protect new bills and not have to generate hard decisions that could greatly impact their own families. Another reason is usually philosophical.

Adding value for the worker validates the job that is being done. When organisations are organised to greater accountability, the working class feels they are appreciated. This can be so important pertaining to our culture. Welfare shouldn’t have to be an option to get a family ready to work and take part in our economy. Without a raise in the minimum income, this might be a serious danger. “Equality means pride. And dignity needs a job and a salary that endures through the week.  (Weisman)I feel this kind of quote by Dr . Martin Luther Ruler Jr. deduce my thoughts on this subject matter.

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