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Lesson you , Self introduction Trick – Stereotype Airlines – China Air carriers Instructor: Fiona Y. Hsiao???:?????? Profile-?? 1 .????? Marketing , Sales VP 2 .

?? (Kingdom of Bahrain)?? (Gulf Air)? three or more?? /? as well as?? (?????? ) 3. Obligation travel:????? —????? 4.???? five.???? 6.????? several.?????: TVBS??? WTO???????????,?????? 8.???:??????????????????? … Interview Expertise Outlines Belief Self Intro Education Job history • Hey there • Method • Features • Characteristics • Professionalism Major + Activities + Learning

Position + Specialties Storytelling Speedy Response W + F+ Q + E Aspirations for the positioning??:?????? What is Log cabin Crew? Primary Accountabilities: • You will be responsible for ensuring the protection of our friends as well as offering excellent customer support at all times. • inspiring the guests • displaying a higher degree of motivation • passion and determination in all you do. What CI does? Green Energy Aeroplanes Weight Reduction Floor Repair , Service Protection Management??:?????? What CI has been doing? China The southern part of, China Asian, Xiamen Air carriers and Chinese suppliers Airlines Contact form “Greater Cina Connection” Collaboration

On January 3, 2013, China The southern part of Airlines, Chinese suppliers Eastern Air carriers, Xiamen Airlines and China Airlines with each other launched the “Greater China and tiawan Connection” system. The four SkyTeam affiliate airlines inside the Greater Cina region will share solutions to establish a common set of CrossStrait membership solutions. The scope of the “Greater China Connection” program extends across more than 41 air-ports and more than 270 Cross-Strait flights every week. In other words, one out of every two China-Taiwan plane tickets is given by a member of “Greater Cina Connection. , With more than 280 China/Taiwan-Hong Kong flights and nearly twenty-five, 000 China domestic routes a week, “Greater China Connection” provides travelers with a more extensive network, more recurrent flights, greater value and even more convenient solutions. SkyTeam: Surroundings France Korean language Air KLM ……..?????:?????? Queen:  What do you think of us? After i get to know that China Airlines becomes the first Taiwanese airline to sign up SkyTeam and cements the alliance’s #1 position inside the Greater China and tiawan region. Personally i think honored as being a Taiwanese. As I am conscious of, there are Celebrity Alliance, A single World and SkyTeam relationship, non of irliners from Taiwan has the capacity to be part of the member. By simply putting a lot effort that individuals don’t know, all of us China Aircarrier has reached the 1st air travel joining team. It reveals the id of hub of Taiwan. Also, the ‘Plum Blossom’ promoting Cina Airlines’ unternehmensidentit�t and delivering how bloom our team could be every single day when having guests about board…..??:?????? Bloodstream Type Parents’ Occupation Zodiac Sign? Trick Strategy , Stereotype Where you originate from 1 a couple of 3 4 5 six 7 almost 8 9 12 11 doze?? Capricorn (12. 21-01. 20)?? Aquarius (01. 21-02. 19)?? Pisces (02. 20-03. 20)?? Aries (03. 21-04. 19)??

Taurus (04. 20-05. 20)?? Gemini (05. 21-06. 21)?? Cancer (6. 22-07. 22)?? Leo (07. 23-08. 22)?? Virgo (08. 23-09. 22)?? Libra (09. 23-10. 23)?? Scorpio (10. 24-11. 21)?? Sagittarius (11. 22-12. 20) Zodiac Sign?? In-class practice belief? Example one particular? A1: Howdy, how are you today? Welcome to our interview. You should introduce yourself in three minutes. B1: We would be incredibly glad to accomplish this. My name is _____. It’s a special name which usually means________. We come from a ordinary and family in order that I obtain intimate with classmates a lot better than with households. I match to live in teams instead of solitude.

A2: Happen to be your parents nine-to-fivers? B2: Certainly, they are nine-to-fivers who head to work early and come home late. A3: Do your mother and father support you to join this kind of interview? B3: Sure! My children thinks this is a long term career and hopes that I can hold this chance to bring myself in to this field. A4: Do you live in Taipei? How will you come to work if we retain the services of you? The length of time does it take you on transportation? B4: I actually don’t live in Taipei. Is actually no problem with me at night to be promptly! I can travel. If car parking is inconvenient, I would step out earlier to match up my personal duty.??:?????? In-class practice? Example 2? Barrier

A1: You should describe yourself by using three or more words. B1: It can’t come to my mind right away. But I think I can bring in myself by a phrase phrase that is “work smart”. I actually am particular about efficiency. Most sociable freshmen won’t be able to grasp the right point, they often times make mistakes and re-do this. Therefore , that they easily make things delay behind the progress. stereotype A2: That’s right. Where do you really live? B2: I live in HsinDen where is located in southern region of Taipei and around Wulai. Wulai is very amazing. Many people go sizzling springs and hiking upon holidays. A3: But it can quite faraway from your place to my workplace. How will you arrive to operate?

B3: Since high-speed method completed, people who live in HsinDen and Mucha usually go to work by simply either MRT or generating. I have the driving license as well as driver’s license and MRT cards. Distance can be not an issue given that I was capable to manage my time well. A4: What do you imagine that you aren’t work by nine-to-five? B4: I think this can’t be a nine-to-five job in flying industry. Mainly because we need to cooperate with air-port operation and flight schedule, I recognized.??:?????? In-class practice? Example several? stereotype A2: Talk about your loved ones. B1: I’m very happy to. I originate from an academic-oriented family.

My parents are teachers who are extremely conscientious and well-disciplined. It is said “to be strict with ourselves and lenient to others” which is reasonable in my opinion. A2: Have you ever discussed your readiness to your family members? B2: Yes. My mom agreed, although my father was worried. Finally my decision is the decision. fact A3: Are you living with your family? B3: No, I actually rent a place with roommates. I had not been used to that in the beginning mainly because we need to cleanup the toilet and waste by converts. But now, I actually am used to living on their own and sharing housework. It makes myself become more impartial and grown up.

A3: Do you worry you will keep away from your household , good friends at a distance? B3: Yes, that maybe is true. But you know that true love won’t be altered because of distance. We have emails and mobile phones. Nowadays, the communication product is so hassle-free that the entire world is actually a “global village”! I am not really worried about it at all.??:?????? In-class practice stereotype? Example some? A1: You should briefly expose yourself. B1: Sure. My spouse and i come from southern of Taiwan. I was diligent, affected person and can adjust to the environment much better than ones via north. A2: That’s right. Will certainly your lodging be a trouble to you?

B2: I have to declare I need some time to set up housing, but 1 week is enough! A3: You appear very self-confident! However , the salary we are able to provide at the start won’t be large. Could you recognize it? B3: Normally, persons always expect to have higher earnings. I i am not exceptional. I understand that individuals will have a lot of training courses so the salary will not high in the first stage. A4: OK. Could you turn around the following? B4: Sure. Is this okay? If required, I can do it again.?????????:??????????????:??????? ~? ~: so that????: instead of Ving as well as N.?????: match up?????: Since +??, S+? /???. •? …? …: either…or… •????,???: provided that +??. • S + used to & V:??,??,?? (??? )?,??: • • • •! be + used to +Ving •?: to keep someone at a distance •?: adapt to??:?????? •???: a large number / a great volume / a good deal (of) / a world of??? Now, your show time…….. 60’s – Greeting along with your interviewers. – Your name? – Your age? – School level / main? – Work experience? – Why do you think find out about China Airline? – Reasons behind being a airline flight attendant? – What is your contribution? – Declaring Thank You.??:??????

The blood type is “O. “Some says this type means people is very persistent and target. What do you think? Buffer , Stereotype???? Actually,  I have heard and got this question quite often when� people gets to know my blood type is “O”. Turning I had to admit that we are somehow stubborn and objective� Point than the rest. However ,  in stead of saying we are like that, � I would put in this way by saying we are devoting and insisting in� doing things which are supposed to be done in a right way. For� example,  as a employer,  I believe that’s no short? cut when doing� work,  not to mention in the service industry.

I believe that we� should provide services to customers/passengers up to standard� as how we are trained no matter there’s someone checking� behind us. That’s how I am going to devote myself when flying� with our big family.??:????????? • Queen: Please introduce yourself in 1 a few minutes. • Queen: What are three major factors from a successful flight attendant? • Have you ever travel w/ all of us? And your impression? • If some of the PAX touches your hand, what will you do???:???????????? 5.?? www. airjob. com. tw *?? [email, protected] com. tw We Welcome One to Our Workshop…??:??????

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