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W and W Communications Israel Incorporated RESOLUTION NO: ____, S-2012 A resolution to open a present-day Account while using SECURITY BANK, CUBAO DEPARTMENT was positioned before the Panel for executing its day-to-day financial transactions. After discussions, the Panel unanimously: ALTHOUGH, B AND B SALES AND MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS PHILIPPINES INCORPORATED is a company appropriately organized and existing relative to law, rules with postal address in ____________________________________________________ Barangay __________________ Area _____________, _____________ City

ALTHOUGH, the said Bank always be instructed to accept and act upon any instructions relating to the account held in the name of the corporation or concerning any transactions of the Company with the Financial institution, provided the instructions will be signed by the authorized signatory(ies) of the Firm in the manner mentioned as above. WHEREAS, the said Traditional bank be instructed to accept invoices for money, deeds, securities or other papers or paperwork or property or any indemnities given for the Company presented they are authorized by the official signatory(ies) in the Company in the way as mentioned above.

WHEREAS, the financial institution be fitted with a list of what they are called of Owners of the Company and a copy of the Memorando , Articles of Association and be occasionally informed by simply notice in writing under the hands of the Directors/Authorized Signatory from the Company of any adjustments which may occur therein and be entitled to do something about any such see until the invoice of further more notice within the hand of any Administrators / Official Signatory. WHEREAS, the quality be disseminated to the Bank and continue in force till duly rescinded and notice thereof in writing be provided with to the Lender by new york of the Directors of the Business. NOW, THEREFORE , BE IT RESOLVED BY THE B AND W COMMUNICATIONS ISRAEL INCORPORATED During its last regular getting together with to allow as it hereby authorizes the opening of Current Account in the company together with the SECURITY TRADITIONAL BANK CUBAO PART. “RESOLVED ADDITIONAL THAT the aforesaid power entrusted to the pursuing official shall be valid and effective until revoked previous by the Board or shall be exercisable simply by them provided that they are inside the concerned towards the Company. 

Name of Principal RepresentativePositionAddressContact No . Henry HinatePresidentAntipolo City09333398883 Name of Alternate RepresentativePositionAddressContact No . John Lesther MercaderVice PresidentQuezon City09165948435 For Functions “RESOLVED FURTHER MORE THAT all functions, deeds, items, matters, etc . as foretasted shall be deemed to be valid and enforceable only if they are consistent with the immediate resolution because may be relevant in this case and the Board will not be responsible for any kind of acts further than the scope of the foretasted powers created by Mr.

Henry Hinate / Mr. David Lesther Vendedor and such incorrect, illegal works, and serves done over and above the scope of power granted from this Resolution shall not bind the organization against any kind of third parties or perhaps before any authorities in just about any manner and that the Board shall not be accountable in that behalf.  “RESOLVED FURTHER THAT a certified replicate of the resolution be given to anyone concerned or enthusiastic about the matter.  ADOPTED THE FALL OF, 2012 Mr Henry Hinate Board Chairperson/ President

Mister, John Lesther Mercader Executive Vice President for Operations Panel of Owners Ms. Jeane BetitoMr. Rogelio ReyesMr. Ed CunananMs. Jenny Amador Admin CERTIFICATION This is certainly to approve that the foregoing resolution was approved upon _______________, 2012 by the most of the associates of the Table of Company directors and People of the Business present in a meeting Called for the purpose, there being a quorum. Required for Quezon Town, this _________________, 2012 MS. JEANE BETITO SECRETARY

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