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Program of the project: 1) Precisely what is hippotherapy? 2) Analysis of the organization 3) SWOT research 4) Customers 5) Targets PR advertising campaign 6) Job of PUBLIC RELATIONS campaign 7) Plan from the PR software 8) Operate plan of preparation intended for the convention “Hippotherapy-riding to health” 9) Information pertaining to controllable advertising 10) Data for noncontrollable mass media 11) Budget 12) Press kit: * Report * Information regarding organization 2. Biography with the CEO 5. List of quotations * Emblem * Customer survey for journalists

What is hippotherapy? About hippotherapy known because the time of Hippocrates. He stated that the injured and the sick and tired get better quicker if they ride on horse back, and melancholic part with their particular dark thoughts. In the middle of the XVIII century the encyclopedist Denis Diderot, in his treatise: “About driving and what it means to maintain health insurance and to find that again”, composed: “Among the exercise the first place belongs to drive.

It can be used to take care of many disorders, but can also prevent all of them befores they look. Hippotherapy is known as a comprehensive and multi-method of rehabilitation, a form of physiotherapy (physical therapy), in which tools for rehabilitation will be the horse, the riding and exercising which a person truly does during riding. While riding all the significant muscle groups in the body be given a work out. This occurs at a reflex level, since sitting within the horse, moving along with it, anybody instinctively attempts to keep the harmony not to fall off the equine, and thus encourages the lively work of both healthier and afflicted muscles, with no noticing that.

Hippotherapy is a only type of treatment if the patient might not understand that he’s treated, operating and connection with the horse becomes a video game. Psychogenic element increases the capability to adapt to reality. For a person with a mental disorder, the position on a horse becomes winning , “I above, but they below”. Every one of the fundamental concepts of psychotherapy ” a unity of place and characters, the unity of the time and unanimity of actions ” stay complied. Hippotherapy is effective in: ¢ Desapasionado palsy. ¢ Orthopedic syndromes. ¢ Disorders of the musculoskeletal system that result from paralysis and other lesions of the nervous system. Lesions of the senses , blindness, deafness. ¢ Disorders of pose, scoliosis ¢ Malformations in the limbs. ¢ Various varieties of intellectual incapacity resulting from organic and natural or innate diseases. ¢ Down syndrome. ¢ Violations of the psycho-emotional sphere: 5. Autism 2. Neuroses 5. Mental retardation * Schizophrenia * Psychological disorders 5. Social maladjustment * Affliction of hyperactivity * The state of anxiety The riding improves blood circulation and breathing, that involves the effort of almost each of the muscles and tendons, ligaments and bones of the body.

This is specifically important for autistic people, whom cannot be motor-active without excitement from the outside , not keeping track of their unoriginal movements. The horseback riding contains training of overall dexterity, maintaining harmony and responsiveness. It trains senses and a deep sensitivity. Through the senses several stimuli are taken and accumulated. The horse becomes a link between your inner regarding the person and the surrounding fact. Communion of human and horse is actually a full chain of communicative feedback between person plus the outside community, which allows a person to perceive truth more totally.

Analysis in the organization: Hippotherapy center SOUL was established in 2010 in Kiev, by a group of enthusiasts together with the support of Children’s Psychological Center. The center has eight experts: three hostlers and 5 hippotherapy specialists. It is located in the location of Kiev. The center has its own space: the manege ,? 900 m?, 200 meters? stable, bistro 35 m? and general public spaces of 30 meters?. In the real estate of hippotherapy center SPIRIT there are ten horses. The average weekly sessions of the center 50 persons. The cost of schooling is forty five UAH. A income from services with the organization is usually 96, 500 UAH.

A income by conferences and seminars is definitely 250, 500 UAH. Expenses on the mounts and the actions of the centre is six-hundred 000 UAH. The difference between revenue and expenditure from the budget is covered by the Center of Condition Support, contributions from people and charities, including American Hippotherapy Association. To date, the HC SOUL has an opportunity to conduct 80 classes weekly and is organizing in 2 yrs to grow the area of? the base by 50 % and improve the number of horse to 15. SWOT analysis Talents

Enthusiasm, take pleasure in of horses, the desire to help people, professional experience and knowledge in the field of hippotherapy, specialists in medicine, including: rehabilitation, neurology, psychotherapy and psychology. Living of its space in Kiev and trained mounts. The support of the Kid’s Psychological Center. Weaknesses Materials and technical infrastructure can be not effective enough in order to meet the demand to get the services of the organization. Opportunities Well prepared strong scientific base on the global level. The growing interest to hippotherapy of the target audience.

The development of social orientation in sport, community and government agencies. Growth of monetary capacity in the target audience throughout the creation and development of relevant charities, philanthropy and government support in modern times. Threats Unpredictable economic situation, the high cost of repair of horses (feeding, treatment, ammunition), high costs for advertising. Customers The target audiences for PR action are parents of youngsters with certain diseases at whose treatment the hippotherapy is focused.

The clinical community is definitely interested in the exchange details in the research of hippotherapy. Ukrainian and international government and nongovernmental organizations that are related to the precise theme. Targets PR advertising campaign At this stage, the Organization aims to increase attendance in half and enhance organizational effectiveness for the treatment of profile diseases, which, consequently, increase the involvement in the work in the HC SOUL of the Ukrainian and intercontinental governmental and charitable organizations and increase their money in the middle.

This will improve the material and technical basic of the centre and visit the free form of treatment pertaining to patients. Likewise, the expansion of worldwide recognition will assist the exchange of clinical information and enhance the efficiency of treatment.

You read ‘Hippotherapy’ in category ‘Essay examples’ Job of PR campaign Increase the knowledge about the HC SPIRIT of potential customers, Ukrainian and international government and charities. Enhance the picture of the center because an open, social-oriented organization with professional, medical approach to work and the wish to develop.

Prepare of the PR program: 09: 00 ” 09: 31 Registration of Journalists Ending up in the guests close to the Hotel “MIR”, departure for the HC HEART 09: 40 , 12: 00 Starting. Speeches by the President in the Equestrian Federation of Ukraine A. Onishchenko and the Mouthpiece Head from the department of Reform and Development of medication N. Hobzey. 10: 00 , 14: 00 A scientific convention on “Hippotherapy in the remedying of cerebral palsy. ” Audio system: Professor A. Denisenko (Ukraine), neurologist, Teacher D. Tsverava (Georgia) eleven: 00 , 12: 00 Coffee Break 2: 00 , 13: 30 A scientific seminar on “Hippotherapy in illnesses of the musculoskeletal system” Audio speakers: Professor Meters. Rukhadze (Georgia), Professor Naomi Robert (USA) 13: 35 , 18: 00 Lunch time 14: 00 , 18: 30 Reception of children via Rehabilitation Center 14: 35 , of sixteen: 00 Master Class. Carry by prof. Naomi Robert and prof. D. Tsverava. The program comes with: practical lessons with children demonstrating different methods of hippotherapy in desapasionado palsy, scoliosis, osteochondrosis sixteen: 00 , 16: 30 Departure of kids to rehab center.

Espresso break 18: 30 , 17: 00 Communication with visitors. Questions and answers 17: 00 Departure of guests from HC NATURE to the Resort “MIR End of system. Information pertaining to controllable advertising: For “Horses & “What’s On Publications: “Hippotherapy ” riding to health ” the motto of charitable trust event for children with afflictions. Nowadays it really is great to listen to about different types of charity occasions that are occurring in all regions of the world. We could not an exclusion, being observed in Ukraine.

A charitable organization event is likely to take place in Kiev, organized by simply volunteers and Hippotherapy center SPIRIT. Costly event for the children with mental disabilities by rehabilitation centre. Do we learn about hippotherapy each day? It is a form of physical, occupational and conversation therapy where a therapist uses the characteristic movements of any horse to provide carefully graded motor and sensory insight. Hippotherapy is also used in conversation and dialect pathology. This technique uses a horse to accomplish classic speech, vocabulary, cognitive, and swallowing goals.

Using hippotherapy, appropriate sensory processing approaches have been incorporated into the treatment to facilitate successful communication. So , basically we are able to help the kids without them even noticing it. The charitable trust event is usually taking place in 6 April 2013. Youngsters are transported from your rehabilitation middle right to the HC SPIRIT. The parents are usually invited to get more information about the therapy. Instructors and doctors prepare speeches about what is hippotherapy and exactly how it can be used being a treatment to get the child.

The wedding is subsidized by the subsequent organizations: the Equestrian Federation, Hippotherapy center SPIRIT, the Ministry of Labor and Social Coverage of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Children’s Internal Center and American Hippotherapy Association. Data for non-controllable mass media: An event devoted to hippotherapy, which helps children with mental problems from Kiev rehabilitation centre, is going to happen on the 6th of Apr 2013 in HC SPIRIT. Sponsors, doctors and instructors, parents and children, and authorities will be present as of this event.

The primary goal is to attract the society’s focus on children with disabilities and to inform guests about features of hippotherapy. The project is sponsored and supported by: the Equestrian Federation, Hippotherapy centre SPIRIT, the Ministry of Labor and Social Plan of Ukraine, the Ministry of Well being of Ukraine, Children’s Mental Center and American Hippotherapy Association. Finances 1 . Coffee-break Program| Volume of participants| Coffee-break menu| Quantity| Price per unit UAH| Total priceUAH| Price to payUAH| Source of financing| Coffee- break 1| 50? Coffee| 100 | 5 | 500| 4250| American Hippotherapy Association| | | Tea| 100| five | 500| | | | | Cookies| 10| 15 | 150| | | | | Sandwiches| 150| 15 | 1500| | | | | Server| 2| 300| 600| | | | | Transportation| | 500| 500| | | | | Other| | 500| 500| | | Coffee-break 2| 50? | Coffee| 90 | your five | 500| 2750| American Hippotherapy Association| | | Tea| 100| 5 | 500| | | | | Cookies| 10| 12-15 | 150| | | | | Sandwiches| 150| 10 | 1500| | | Lunch| 50? | Coffee| 100| 5| 500| 2820| HC SPIRIT| | | Tea| 100| 5| 500| | | | | Established lunch| 52| 35| 1820| | | 5 doctors, 5 officials, 10 media, 10 personnel, 20 clients, 10 other folks 2 . Vehicles Transport| Volume of people| Route| Price UAH| Total selling price UAH| Source of financing| Minibus for children| 10| Rehab center ” HC SPIRITHC SPIRIT ” Rehabilitation center| 600| 1200| Ministry of Labor and Social Policy| Minibus intended for guests (doctors and specialists)| 5| Motel , HC SPIRITHC HEART , Hotel| 600| 600| Ministry of Health| several. Hotel | Number of people| Number of nights| Price every night UAH| Total Price| Way to obtain financing| Friends (doctors and specialists)| 5| 2| 500| 5000| Ministry of Health|. Presents for children Type of present| Number of presents| Price every unit UAH| Total value UAH| Way to obtain financing| Various candies| 40 packages| 40| 2000| American Hippotherapy Association| Books pertaining to painting| 50| 40| 2000| | your five. Mass-media Kind of mass-media| Kind of service| Quantity of advertisement| Price UAH| Total price UAH| Source of financing| Magazine “Zdorovie| Order a particular article| One particular page & three photo| 2000| 2800| Children’s Psychological Center| Web-site zdorovbud. com. a| Positioning an article| | 800| | | Photograph | | | 500| 500| Equestrian Federation| 6. Advertising campaign materials Type of advertisement| Form of work| Range of materials| Cost UAH| Total price UAH| Source of financing| Prospect, pr release? | Structure, printing| 100| 1200| 1200| HC SPIRIT| Prospect from the conference exhibiting sponsors? | Layout, printing| 300| 1500| 1500| Equestrian Federation| Leaflet with components about hippotherapy? | Structure, printing| 100| 2500| 2500| Ministry of Health| Internet banner? | Creating, placement on websites zdorovbud. om. uamedical. us | | 800| 800| HC SPIRIT|? Allocated four months before the conference to the press, charitable organizations, interpersonal organizations, to find sponsors.? Given away three months prior to conference in the profile of medical establishments and doctors.? Issued after theconference to all or any interested and distributed for the profile Medical Institutions.? Positioned a month before the conference onwebsites: zdorovbud. com. ua, medical. us and Equestrian Federation site. several. Medical and Law enforcement support

Department| Type of service| Price UAH| Total price UAH| Source of financing| Medical| Emergency escouade on duty| 1500| 3000| Ministry of Health| Police| Escort with the bus with children| 1500| | | Total bills Organization| Costs UAH| HC SPIRIT| some, 820| Ministry of Health| 11, 100| Equestrian Federation| 2, 000| Children’s Emotional Center| a couple of, 800| Ministry of Labor and Social Policy| one particular, 200| American Hippotherapy Association| 11, 000| Total| 32, 920| Press kit Pr release Horse since doctor and friend to your children. Hippo therapy- fresh way of dealing with children with disabilities. Hippotherapy-riding to health is the motto of the charitable trust event which is taking place about 6 April, 2013 in Hippotherapy middle SPIRIT. The key goal is usually to inform father and mother and doctors about the benefits of this kind of treatment. The event attracts society’s attention to kids with disabilities. Its target is to catch the attention of more monetary help from government, business owners and charitable organisation organizations. At the beginning the Leader of the Equestrian Federation of Ukraine A. Onishchenko as well as the Deputy Mind of the office of Reform and Progress medicine D.

Hobzey will show speeches regarding the importance of such incidents. The subject areas of the convention are “Hippotherapy in the treatment of cerebral palsy” and “Hippotherapy in conditions of the musculoskeletal system”. Among the special guests neurologist Mentor A. Denisenko (Ukraine), Professor D. Tsverava (Georgia), Teacher M. Rukhadze (Georgia), Mentor Naomi Robert (USA). Anticipated number of guests is around 60. The program with horses for children includes practical lessons showing different methods of hippotherapy in cerebral palsy, scoliosis, osteochondrosis.

The project is financed by Equestrian Federation, Hippo therapy centre SPIRIT, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Ukraine, Ministry of Well being of Ukraine, Children’s Mental Center and American Hippotherapy Association. Info: Hippotherapy middle SPIRIT Phones: 099-155-24-54, 096-295-95-45, 093-401-36-94 email-based: spirit. [email, protected] com Information about organization The idea of the project was created by 3 students of the International Christian University-Kiev. Hippo therapy middle SPIRIT was pleased to aid in organizing this event on their part.

That’s why the project has a form of charitable organization event. Centre SPIRIT opened in 2010 in Kiev with a group of lovers with the support of the Kid’s Psychiatric Middle. Experts from the center hold higher education degrees and have been educated on the program “Hippotherapy for children’s diseases” abroad. In the middle work professional psychologists, treatment specialists, neurologist. Horses will be specifically acquired for use in hippotherapy and are skilled by professional athletes. All of us care about basic safety. Classes are organised with the participation of 3 people: the ringleader, hippotherapist and associate to hippotherapist.

Biography from the CEO Director of the Hippotherapy center Heart, Anna Burago, established the center in 2010. Just before that, the lady took a course “Rehabilitation of sufferers with limited ability at Medics’ Re-training Facility of People’s Companionship University of Russia. She actually is a specialist in rehabilitation. In May 2010 the girl completed a course in “Ridetherapy in Children’s Diseases and got a qualification of instuctor of hippotherapy for Tbilisi Medical Academy. Each year the center organizes special events with regards to hippotherapy. List of quotations

A parent says regarding the benefits of therapy: “The biggest change for Maxim has been the area of presentation. Before the hippotherapy, he may say only a few words evidently and might attempt presentation only if it had been modeled intended for him. Following only several sessions, Saying speaks about 20 terms clearly and is making approximations of several more, occasionally spontaneously. A thing extraordinary happens to Maxim when he is up in that equine. The feeling with the rhythm of the horse going for walks seems to be supporting Maxim’s head organize what it needs to produce speech happen.  Mentor M.

Rukhadze tells regarding the difference of hippotherapy from clinics: “Hippotherapy takes the patient out of the classic clinical setting and areas them into a more peaceful, yet exciting atmosphere in order to help them meet up with their practical goals. People are in a natural environment, which may help incorporate their needs into everyday life activities. Children, whom are sensitive to being “different, do not consider the riding environment to be a center.  Company logo Questionnaire to get journalists 1 . Name and last name installment payments on your Company a few. Phone number some. E-mail

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