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Kyle Pederson NETW360, Ben Brezinski 4/16/12 Lab #7 Hands on Lab Microsoft Network Monitor Launch and Cellular Frames Once we expanded framework 4 the signal durability was -60dbm, the data charge was 1mbps, and the SSID in the bright spot frame was Amory. In frame your five, looking at the Hex Specifics, the BSSID for this gain access to point was 00 12-15 E9 D1 48. The authentication position in body 14 was successful.

In frame 15, the Affiliation Response status was in an excellent state. Once we tried to the Microsoft Network Monitor i was unable to get any management packets during our catch. SNMP managing We were capable of successfully titled ping 10. six. 8. 85 to check we had usage of the “managed device. The batch document was create with the 15. 27. eight. 80 treat and had instructions to get information from that address. The name of the device was NPIF9460B plus the status from it was “ready to print. After all of us downloaded the MIB Internet browser and came into 10. 28. 8. 85 into the address field, i was able to find the sysUpTime which has been 830 several hours 13 min and 2 sec. Finding rogue gain access to points With all the command “netsh wlan show networks mode=bssid in the order prompt we were able to discover 17 get points. From the 17 access points 14 were not area of the DeVry wireless network.

Making use of the FindAccessPoints. SOFTBALL BAT we were in a position to identify 18 access points and doze of them are not part of the DeVry wireless network. Opening the FindAccessPoints. vbs in notepad we were capable to see the program and the basis of the script worked surrounding the command netsh wlan display networks mode=bssid. After we set up the Linksys being a rogue gain access to point did not have any problem locating it making use of the batch document. This would be incredibly handy to work with at your home network, if you lived in a place high is various access items, because you might pick up any rogue gain access to points that someone has set up to attempt to get any of your data.

Logging Here is our sign file from our Linksys get point. [pic] Linksys Access point routine service and fine-tuning The current firmware version of the Linksys get point was 1 . five. 01 as well as the current the time has been the time hath been 2012/04/14 15: 42: 41. The current status of our get point was: ¢ Report Mode- BG-mixed ¢ SSID- net360 ¢ DHCP- empowered ¢ Channel- 1 Subsequent we were in a position to backup our current setup to our COMPUTER and then we all reset the access point to the factory fails. The factory fails were collection as: ¢ Report Method BG-mixed ¢ SSID- Linksys ¢ DHCP- enabled ¢ Channel- 6

Once arranged as the factory we were capable of restore our original settings by uploading the document we created earlier. As soon as that document uploaded our access point was build the same as before. This was extremely straight forward to do and I truly feel it is a good idea to back up your configuration, just in case the get point gets reset. Wireshark Introduction and Examining Wireless Frames Research laboratory Lab Statement 1 . Is Wireshark open source or propriety? (7 points) Wireshark is usually an Open-source program. 2 . What is seen in each of the 3 panes that display the packets found on a local area network? 7 point) The best pane may be the packet list pane that shows every single packet on a separate series and has five content with the subsequent information: the time that the bundle came in, resource, destination of each packet, the protocol being used with the supply, and details about each box. The second pane is the forest view pane and that displays the headers with the various protocols captured inside the packet which is viewed in a hierarchal view from physical part to the software layer. The next pane is a byte watch pane that shows the raw info in a hexadecimal format.. Exactly what does a display filtering do? (7 points) The display filtration system enables you to filtration system what you want to view when capturing your packets. So if you wished to just view the packets that had been using the process TCP you could filter these out. Also you can use appearance filters that lets you be more specific in what you wish to filter. 5. What does the protocol column display? (7 points) The protocol column displays the highest layer protocol inside the frame. your five. How do you grow the details in a layer with the packet in the middle frame? six points) To expand the details you must click the plus indication. 6. In frame one particular what channel is being used? (7 points) Frame you is applying channel 6. 7. In frame 1 what consistency is being employed? (7 points) The regularity being used is definitely 2437MHz. almost eight. In shape 1 what is the sign level? (7 points) The signal level in shape 1 is 11. on the lookout for. What type of shape is shape 1? (7 points) Framework 1 is known as a broadcast initiation frame for the access stage 10. In frame you what is the beacon time period in milliseconds? (7 points) The beacon interval can be 102. 4ms.

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