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1) Globalization has been enabled by: A) advancement. B) technical progress. C) increased human population.

D) each of the above. E) A and B happen to be correct. 2) Which in the following events interrupted The positive effect 2 . zero? A) The truly great Depression B) World Warfare I C) World War II D) All of the previously mentioned. 3) During Globalization 1 ) 0, ________ were the primary entities globalizing. A) people and small groups B) families C) countries D) companies 4) During Globalization 3. zero, ________ had been the primary choices globalizing. A) individuals and small groupings B) family members C) countries D) firms 5) Late the Duessseldorf Wall:

A) marked the finish of the Cool War. B) opened up fresh markets intended for products. C) gave companies access to a talented labor pool. D) All of the over. 6) The first mainstream web browser was called: A) Netscape B) Opera. C) Firefox. D) Internet Explorer. 7) De facto standards adding to Globalization three or more. 0 contain all of the following EXCEPT: A) Microsoft Word. B) Adobe Gymnast. C) PayPal. D) amazon. 8) Sites allowing users to add, remove, or edit content these are known as: A) wikis. B) blogs. C) browsers. D) online schedules. 9) Wal-Mart has recently launched ________ tags into their supply chain.

A) price B) anti-theft C) RFID D) CSID 10) Companies preparing entire factories in China is an example of: A) offshoring. B) outsourcing. C) in-sourcing. D) on-shoring. 11) ________ identifies the abordnung of a business core operations to a subcontractor that specializes in that operation. A) Offshoring B) Outsourcing C) In-sourcing D) On-shoring 12) Assembly plant life located on the Philippine side with the U. H. -Mexican boundary are called: A) Mexinanitas. B) Maquiladoras. C) Manufactorias. D) Criados. 13) Which of the subsequent is not only a service that is being outsourced? A) Prep of tax returns

B) Cell phone support C) Reading of X-rays D) All of the actions above may be outsourced. 14) Which with the Asian outsourcing techniques destination countries has the top relative geopolitical risk? A) China B) Malaysia C) Philippines D) Thailand 15) Which of the following American outsourcing vacation spot countries provides the highest English language proficiency? A) Argentina B) Brazil C) Costa Rica D) Mexico 16) Which with the following can be described as reason for corporations to use outsourcing for business actions? A) To lower time to industry B) To enhance process efficiencies C) To outsource noncore activities D) All of the previously mentioned. 7) ________, the reversal of outsourcing to overseas locations, encompasses the use of places closer to your home country in terms of geographical, politics, linguistic, economical, or social distance. A) Inshoring. B) Nearshoring. C) Offshoring. D) Backshoring. 18) Which of the following is usually NOT regarded a geoeconomic challenge of operating in searching for world? A) Demographic B) Expertise C) Time zone variations D) Access to the internet 19) The EU info protection enquête is one of which type of challenge? A) Political system B) Regulating C) Data sharing D) Individual freedom 0) Differences in network infrastructures throughout the world are an example of kind of of problem? A) Access to the internet and person freedom B) Infrastructure related reliability C) Regulatory D) Political program 21) ________ are government-imposed fees to regulate the circulation of goods and services out-and-in of a countryA) Foreign trade regulations B) Embargoes C) Tariffs D) Quotas 22) A(n) ________ is a kind of export control concerning the stream of goods and services, commonly limiting (or prohibiting) control with one specific country. A) export rules B) bar C) tariff D) sampling 23) The U. T. overnment efforts to isolate the Cuban government economically using: A) export regulations. B) embargoes. C) charges. D) quotas. 24) ________ are provided to limiting the export of certain goods to other countries. A) Export polices B) Siège C) Charges D) Quotas 25) Products such as razzo or security technology underlie: A) foreign trade regulations. B) embargoes. C) tariffs. D) quotas. 26) ________ are regulations enabling foreign businesses to foreign trade only a specific number of goods to a certain country. A) Export regulations B) Embargoes C) Tariffs D) Quotas 27) International companies such as Toyota will be producing merchandise in the U.

S. to reduce the effect of: A) export polices. B) siège. C) charges. D) quotas. 28) The EU info protection directive limits: A) Internet flexibility. B) personal rights to gain access to data. C) transborder data flows. D) electronic business. 29) Which will of the going countries can be NOT considered “enemy with the Internet” by the “Reporters with out Borders”? A) Belarus B) Thailand C) Vietnam D) North Korea 30) Which usually of the subsequent outsourcing locations has the most affordable average annual salary intended for experienced coders? A) India B) Thailand C) Malaysia D) China and tiawan 31) Measurements on which nationalities differ include:

A) concern avoidance. B) concept of time. C) your life focus. D) all of the over. 32) ________ is a social characteristic putting an emphasis on the importance with the collective/group within the individual in society. A) Collectivism B) Power distance C) Uncertainty avoidance D) Group believe 33) ________ is a ethnical characteristic that reflects the extent where a culture has a longer- or shorter-term orientation. A) Life focus B) Idea of time C) Time emphasis D) Being on time 34) ________ is a ethnical characteristic focusing the importance of the individual over the collective/group in contemporary society. A) Lifestyle focus B) Individualism

C) Selfishness D) Egocentrism 35) ________ is known as a cultural characteristic related to just how different communities view expert and hierarchical structures. A) Power range B) Compliance C) Overweight D) Authoritarianism 36) ________ reflects level to which a society is definitely characterized by assertive qualities, just like assertiveness, or by female characteristics, including nurturance. A) Masculinity/femininity B) Assertiveness C) Nurturance D) Life emphasis 37) ________ is a ethnic characteristic associated with the risk-taking nature of a culture. A) Risk aversion B) Uncertainty avoidance C) Fear of upcoming consequences D) Risk searching for 8) ________ reflects the extent where a lifestyle focuses on the quantity versus the quality lifestyle. A) Lifestyle focus B) Life middle C) Volume of life alignment D) Quality lifestyle orientation 39) Which with the following countries ranks top in individualism? A) Sydney B) Luxembourg C) South america D) Peru 40) Which will of the following is most likely to get considered a domestic company? A) Insurance company B) Car manufacturer C) Consumer items company D) Barber shop 41) A ________ organization strategy is best suited for operation in marketplaces differing extensively. A) multidomestic B) global C) transnational D) All strategies will be equally suitable. 2) Which will of the next is a weakness of the multidomestic business technique? A) Varying product offerings limit economies of scale B) Failure to interact with local industry conditions C) Difficult to deal with D) Personnel overhead 43) Which from the following is a weakness with the global business strategy? A) Differing product offerings limit economies of scale B) Inability to react to neighborhood market circumstances C) Difficult to manage D) Personnel overhead 44) Which usually of the pursuing is a some weakness of the transnational business approach? A) Differing product offerings limit economies of range B) Lack of ability to interact with local industry conditions

C) Difficult to manage D) Employees overhead 45) A multidomestic information devices strategy can be characterized by ________ systemsA) centralized B) decentralized C) distributed D) homogeneous 46) A global info systems strategy is seen as a ________ systemsA) central B) decentralized C) sent out D) homogeneous 47) A transnational details systems approach is seen as ________ systemsA) centralized B) decentralized C) allocated D) homogeneous 48) A ________ data systems approach is characterized by multiple networks between the office at home and the subsidiaries.

A) global B) transnational C) multinational D) hybrid 49) A ________ details systems technique is characterized by local directories. A) global B) transnational C) multidomestic D) hybrid 50) A ________ details systems approach is characterized by data sharing between the home office and the subsidiaries. A) global B) transnational C) multinational D) crossbreed Chap two: 1E 2D 3C 4A 5D 6A 7D 8A 9C 10A 11C 12B 13D 14C 15C 16D 17B 18D 19C 20B 21C 22B 23B 24A 25A 26D 27D 28C 29B 30A 31D 32A 33B 34B 35A 36A 37B 38A 39A 40D 41A 42A 43B 44C 45B 46A 47C 48A 49C 50A

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