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Exploring the Holy book 3 August, 2011 Inter-Biblical Period: 400 Years The Old Testament focuses on God’s agreement with his persons and the tales of men of great hope and also guys of prediction, foretelling Christ coming. The New Testament, however , focuses on the redemption part. The Redemption side can be Christ’s account here on Globe and his ministry to other folks.

Malachi, the past book created in the Aged Testament, was written around 424 N. C. Then simply 418 years after, the book of Matthew, the first publication of the Fresh Testament, was written.

The Intertestamental Period is the amount of history between the two legs. Since Our god did not converse with his people directly through prophets, this period is also known as the 400 many years of silence. Today, what happened in those four hundred years? The Intertestamental Period was a period where various empires came along, new religious groups produced, and wherever theological and literature items were produced that cast Israel starting the time of Christ. Politics in a region help influence and work the people, in Israel’s case, they had to cope with many empires coming in.

Through the Intertestamental Period, they had five key intervals of commanders and kingdoms. The Persian Empire came around 430 B. C. and they dominated until 332 B. C. The Local rule was written as being gentle and understanding. (Scott, 1783) The Persians were absorbed by the Greeks. The Greek period went from 331 B. C. to 167 B. C. (Scott, 1783) Alexander the Great, son of King Philip of Macedonia, was given the control of the Greek military around the regarding 20. (Halley, 402) With the control of the army, having been able to sweep over and control Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, and Persia.

Alexander the Great was very compassionate towards the Jews and he spared the city of Jerusalem. He proven Greek cities in his overcome places and he did it with the decide to spread Ancient greek culture and language all over the world including His home country of israel. After Alexander’s death, his empire was separated to his several generals. (Halley, 402) Egypt and Middle east was given to Ptolemy and under him the conditions in the Jews had been at a peaceful point out. In Egypt, Alexandria was your influential center of Judaism. In 167 B. C. was the beginning of the Period of Independence also known as the Maccabean period.

Mattathias was a priest and he was disappointed at Antiochus motivation to destroy the Jews, and so he gathered Jews and raised a revolt. Mattathias had five sons, Vil, Jonathan, Sue, John, and Elezar. (Halley, 404) The Maccabean period lasted until 63 M. C. as well as the Romans used after. Palestine was overcome by the Romans under Pompey. Idumean was the first being appointed ruler of Judea. His child, Herod the Great, succeeded him. (Halley, 404) Herod was a shrewd presidential candidate who desired to get very good with the Jews. He was incredibly cruel and brutal towards his persons.

Politics and leaders are key tasks in establishing a region. In this case, these types of five kingdoms helped develop rules and guidelines that led the folks and that at some point grew and prepared Israel to get the coming of Christ. During the 400 many years of silence, religion was one other area that grew in Israel. During this time period, the religion was not set up was polytheistic or monotheistic but rather it was sets of people. As an example the four key groups of the religions organizations or parties are Pharisees, Sadducees, Zealots, and Herodians.

These four groups followed what they thought and decided to do what ever they desired to do. The Pharisees may be the group a lot of people probably know because of their role in the Gospels and the reality Paul was one. That they took what the law states and believed it was all their job to adopt it also to put into new conditions. (Hester, 325-326) The accepted both Torah and tradition. The Pharisees rejected anyone who didn’t live by standards they were doing. On the opposing side had been the Sadducees. They were the other main group and they got more power than the Pharisees until 70 A.

D. once their serenidad was ruined. (Hester, 325-326) The Sadducees consisted of the wealthy priests. They were a conservative group and they did not try to take the Law and put into a fresh situation nevertheless they instead required and limited themselves to the five literature of Moses. After 75 A. M, the Pharisees were the leaders in the Jewish persons by giving all of them a religious your life aside from the forehead. The various other two get-togethers were more political than religious teams. The Zealots were a nationalist group that compared with the Romans.

Simon, one among Jesus’ disciples, was a Zealot. The various other group, the Herodians, fundamentally supported Herod and his dynasty and supported what this individual did intended for the nation. These four groups are the religious groups that developed the main teachings and guidelines persons believe till Christ’s ministry began. Despite the fact that religion and politics are a big element of a world, another crucial role may be the literature and writing of the nation. Books and writing in His home country of israel or any land is an influential part since it is what the persons follow and speak.

In Israel, Hebrew was the vocabulary of the Old Testament. This was the main dialect of religion. Latina was the language of Both roman and it absolutely was commonly spoken among the persons. Greek was another language and it had been the language that tied the Roman Disposition together. The most typical language of Palestine in Jesus’ day time was Aramaic. (Halley, 410) Most writings are believed to have been crafted in Aramaic and translated into Ancient greek language. (Halley, 410) The Old Legs was drafted in Hebrew but was used in Greek. Septuagint is known as a translation with the Old Legs into Ancient greek.

The Torah was translated first. It was called the Septuagint because of the 70 translators and Septuagint means 75 in Greek. (Halley, 409) Another type of translation was Targums and they are translations of the Old Testament in Aramaic. These people were first dental translations, paraphrases, and interpretations these types of dialects and writing were important in the progress the sociable status during the Intertestamental Period. Even though articles are important fit what was the theology being taught during this period?

Theology is important since it is what the persons studied and just how they viewed God. The Apocrypha, is usually writings that this writer believed the identity of a main character long seeing that dead, and rewrote record in terms of prophecy. (Halley, 406) Some of this kind of included, Catalogs of Enoch, Assumption of Moses, Elevacion of Isaiah, Book of Jubilees, Psalms of Solomon, and more. These kinds of books would be the books that had been written by people in the amount of the 500 years of silence, and they preached about the prophecies that the prophets spoke and also the birthday of Christ plus the end occasions.

This theology is the nearest literature which the people had to connect to Goodness and the prophecies that was spoken. All of these books talked of Christ coming fantastic ministry that he will live for and preach. The Intertestamental Period consisted of personal powers ruling each other, religious groups, and theological books and books that preached Christ approaching and that designed the nation of Israel. The political aspect consisted of Local, Greek, Egypt, the Maccabees, and the Romans. The eligious side had the Pharisees, Sadducees, Zealots, and Herodians and they all had several views and theories. As well as the language portion consisted of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic. The theology piece was your Apocrypha, which re-emphasized the prophets foretelling. All these parts and parts put together made the Intertestamental Period and it produced Israel and it taken over in the ministry of Jesus. The 400 numerous years of silence at last was broken, and Goodness sent his son Christ to testify the truth and overcome the earth.

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