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The elements that helped in the success of “Neck & Neck” are the following:

, Create a company image. It is extremely important to consolidate the brand. The “Made in Spain” manufacturer had an important position in the international marketplace, so it was very important to achieve a new company positioning.

“Neck & Neck” is an exclusive brand for youngsters. “Neck & Neck” is definitely recognized underneath the brand name “Made in Spain”

, Professionalism and reliability. Since the Zamacola family overtook the managing of “Neck & Neck”, the company began to have continuous growth. It is because investing time and energy into creating an efficient and professional team. Although the past management recently had an adequate business strategy, that they had an overall bad management staff. The new operations is focused on being specialist in every element of their organization.

, Manufacturer Franchise. “Neck & Neck” established a brand new plan to expand and broaden the business throughout the world. The new strategy included the creation of franchises. Each new store is costly so the franchise is a strategy to reduce the economic climate impact. As well, the franchises will help expose the brand inside the international market.

One of “NECK & NECK” goals should be to become a key supplier of children’s garments.

Do you think they may have taken the proper decision of their internationalization technique?

Internationalization is an extremely important technique for “Neck & Neck” expansion. Certainly, the foreign franchises offer information about the lifestyle, preferences, and costs of each area. This information helps to establish the style and item strategy. Every place is different. It is recommended that the businesses be managed by residents. The internalization of “Neck & Neck” give a competitive edge to the company. Dispenses provide info needed to produce decisions with regards to distribution, development and promoting. Also, in respect with the General Manager, “Neck & Neck” uses a area of it’s income to invest in foreign stores. That way, managers can easily learn about the market of each site and how control it.

Examine “NECK & NECK” internationalization strategy. Do you find all their expansion

To find the right place to introduce a brand new location, “Neck and Neck” takes ethnical affinity between new consumers and the “Made in Spain” consumers into mind. The market portion will be the same , complex people desire their kids to put on great clothing. The product is targeted to people who are looking for new and exclusive children’s clothing styles.

Which will expansion model do you think THE NECK AND THROAT & THE NECK AND THROAT should stick to in the future: organization owned parts of sale, or franchising? Which will advantages and disadvantages will the second possess with respect to the former?

The operation strategy structured on “Neck & Neck” has been positive. Therefore , “Neck & Neck” should certainly continue with this plan or establishing excellent management and a rejuvenated brand setting. However , taking in consideration the success of the transact mark, the organization should consider points of sale to expand the rand name all over The country. In fact , the enterprise manufactured a strategy alliance with the Corte Ingles to expand the brand in Spain and Portugal.

In any case, the franchise strategy is known as a priority and thanks to global brand recognition the company can continue to broaden internationally. Franchising is the best strategy. The development of dispenses will reduce “Neck and Neck’s” dependence on the The spanish language market and stay in a position to available new global markets in Asia and Latin America.

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