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INTRO Phraseology is actually a study of set or fixed expressions, such as idioms, phrasal verbs, and other types of multi-word lexical units, in which the element parts of the word take on a meaning more specific than or not expected from the sum of their symbolism when applied independently. The classification of phraseological products can be different. According to Vinogradov, there are phraseological combos, unities and fussions.

The Koonin’s category is the latest outstanding accomplishment in the Russian theory of phraseology.

The classification will be based upon the put together structural , semantic rule and it also looks at the subdivision of balance of phraseological units. It really is represented by simply nominative phraseological units, nominative , franche phraseological units, phraseological products , which can be neither nominative nor franche include interjectional word-groups and communicative phraseological units. My own research is related to the phraseological units with zoonimical element and their semantic structure.

Zoonims, that are used within our language, fantastic meaningful, they are directed to the allegorical characteristic, probably metaphorical and stylistically emphasized. The aim of this research is to explore much deeper the provided phraseological models. I have arranged such aims: 1) to explicate an idea of phraseological unit with zoonimical component and to expose the regularities of their utilization, 2) to analyse their very own semantic and structural peculiarities.

The methods exploration research strategy are as followed: 1) method of the program analysis, which is a study of the subject of the investigation being a totality of elements, that creates a system, 2) descriptive technique, that gives the entire description of phraseological models. The object of my analysis is the phraseological units with zoonimical component. The subject is definitely the expressive method of Modern The english language phraseological units. These means are the morphological, syntactical, phonetic and lexical peculiarities of the phraseological devices.

Theoretical and practical benefit of the research consists because fact, that nowadays we have a small amount of investigations about phraseological units with zoonimical aspect. Besides, the researches in the area of phraseology have become popular within the last decades. The results of the study can also be important for the translation, since the translator should know the peculiarities of numerous idioms, in such a case with zoonimical component. Composition of the exploration paper: The study consists of the introduction, two chapters, that are theoretical and practical parts, the conclusion and the bibliography.

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