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Oedipus Rex Version Original Scene: Laius fulfills the oracle and learns that his own kid will destroy him and marry his mother. Laius orders Jocasta to destroy the baby. Jocasta hesitates and gives the baby into a servant and so he could kill the newborn.

The stalwart leaves the baby to perish in the sun. *A shepherd helps you to save the baby and names him Oedipus. *optional to conform Characters 1 . King Laius / Lionel von Hudson ” Jared Lionel vonseiten Hudson is known as a wealthy and powerful entrepreneur. He originates from a distinctive line of elites fantastic family holds tremendous financial power in New York.. Princess or queen Jocasta / Cassandra von Hudson ” Ravina Cassandar von Hudson is the partner of Lionel von Hudson. She also originates from a long brand of elites in the Hamptons. She’s unwilling to kil her first born child. Sometimes, she’s as well conceited and proud. a few. Oracle / Gypsy lady ” Ratna A gypsy fortune teller who obtains a eyesight and prediction on the fate of the vonseiten Hudsons. Carries her crystal gazing crystal with her. 5. Servant / Sherry the Attendant ” Farah Sherry is the von Hudson’s attendant who become both drivers and personal private security.

A religious person but also fears her employers. The girl believes in fate. 5. * Corinthian Shepherd / Local plumber ” Jared A local plumber who covers the sewer pipes. A person with a good heart. Placing: Modern day Higher East Side Manhattan, New York Scene 1 Setting: Outdoors Lionel’s workplace Props: two chairs (car) and a “crystal ball Lionel ask his new driver to pull over at the office to get a meeting. Lionel: Now, Sherry, the getting together with will be until 2 . I am back around 2: 30. Sherry: Certainly Mr. Lionel. I will be in this article. Have a good meeting Mister. Lionel, Mdm. Cassandra.

Lionel and Cassandra exit the auto and walk towards the workplace entrance whenever they were stopped by a gypsy lady which has a crystal ball. Gypsy Woman: The few there. Mister and Mrs von Hudson. [walks over to Lionel and Cassandra] Cassandra: Oh Lord woman. How can you know each of our names. Although, we’re all over the news anyhow. Gypsy Female: I come with news, information you must listen to, regarding your child and your fortune. For I realize your future. You are doomed Mr. von Hudson, condemned to loss of life by the hands of your child. And you, Mrs. on Hudson, incest be upon you for when death befalls Mr. vonseiten Hudson, you can expect to marry your kids. Lionel: What non-sense. You foolish gypsy. Shut the mouth area and stop this rubbish. I am just late pertaining to my getting together with and you’ve just wrecked my feelings. Cassandra: I shall not rely on this non-sense either. Discussing go Lionel. Let’s leave this foolish lady. Lionel and Cassandra walks apart. Gypsy Girl: [shouts] HEED MY WORDS VON HUDSON. FOR TRAGEDY WILL HIT YOU TONIGHT AND WE’LL SEE WHO ALSO THE SILLY ONE IS.

Cassandra looks over her glenohumeral joint at the gypsy lady, a tinge of worry on her behalf face. Scene 2 Setting: Elevator for the von Hudson’s penthouse. Stage sets: non-e Lionel: What mischief. That gypsy sure can really get on my own nerves. Now i’m still angry just thinking about her. Cassandra: Lionel dear, let’s certainly not worry about her and open up ourselves a bottle of champagne this evening. A fool will be a deceive. DING! Escalator door opens. Lionel and Cassandra looks at their penthouse in fear and surprise. Lionel: What in the world could have done this kind of?! Look at the apartment.

It’s trashed. Cassandra: Oh no. Suppose the Gypsy Lady was right? Lionel: SHERRY?! Sherry comes running in. Sherry: Yes, Mr. Lionel¦¦.. [looks around in horror] I’ll find the maintenance in order to this up. Sherry runs out. Cassandra: Oh Lionel, what are all of us to do. The lady was proper. Lionel: We have to save themselves Cassandra. Let me leave for any business trip tomorrow. The moment I’m backside, I want the boy gone. Kill him before this individual kills all of us and help you get in sin. Cassandra: But¦ but your dog is our skin and blood vessels. Lionel: Will probably be as I say. Scene 3

Setting: Penthouse (clean again) Props: “baby Cassandra: [on the phone] Sherry, would you come up in this article please. DING! Sherry: Certainly, Mdm. Cassandra? Cassandra hands Sherry the infant. Cassandra: You have to do it Sherry. I won’t be able to. Sherry: Do what madam? Cassandra: Destroy him. Ahead of he grows up and kill Lionel. Sherry: I¦. My spouse and i can’t¦. Cassandra: You must. Cassandra covers her face and sobs. Scene 4 Placing: Sewers Stage sets: “baby Sherry: I’m sorry fresh master. What ordeal has come upon this sort of a tiny heart and soul. Oh God. Why?! I could not bring myself to obtain.

If it’s your fate to have, young learn, then, may God send someone to save. But if really your destiny to perish, let the crocodiles come to you 1st. Sherry leaves the baby in the grass and leaves. *optional Local plumber walks in. Plumber: Now, where is that broken pipe? [hears baby’s weep, looks around and places the baby] Oh yea dear our god. Why? To an infant spirit? [picks up baby] You poor issue. But Now i’m too poor. I do expect that Mister. and Mrs. Goldstein could take him? They’ve been looking to have a child for ages. [looks at the baby, smiles] Hiya, Alfie.

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