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Descartes’ Dualistic Conception of Human Nature Descartes’ dualistic idea of human nature looks at two different factors of all humankind: our head and our system. These aspects are the actual opposite of 1 another. Each of our mind permits us to think the thoughts we certainly have every day, and our body permits us to do the physical things inside our day to day lives.

Descartes reached this dualistic concept through the use of his theory of methodological doubt. The theory involved considering anything and everything he was ever trained.

By thinking these things, this individual came to recognize that many things having been told have been completely false, and so he went back to the commencing. He would this by doubting every thing he ever thought was true, to find at least one thing he could not question. When finally reaching that you truth, having been able to utilize it to be the basis when furthering his search to find more things he could not possibly uncertainty. The 1st truth having been able to arrive to was something he referred to as “cogito ergo sum”(I think therefore I am).

The cogito fundamentally states we are existing to the justification in which we are able to think, nevertheless , when looking at the entire body (physical substance) we can not be entirely sure that this is true in the sense the fact that physical things around all of us can all be imagined with the use of our minds. The considering aspect of our dualistic selves can be making us imagine the things we come across or truly feel, therefore , we could doubt the physical. At the same, time we understand we are considering, so we cannot question the mind.

This may lead to Descartes’ idea of how both of these aspects are totally different. When looking at the mental and physical substances, one can possibly see in which Descartes is usually coming from. Your brain can enjoy tricks about us and make us believe that something is real and there mainly because it really is certainly not. There can be some type of “puppet master” making us believe that the physical things about us will be real, nevertheless , when looking at your brain, we can believe the mind, alone, is made up physical substance.

Because the mind is in fact made up of physical substance, will it not be doubted too? Can the “puppet master” certainly not also be producing us believe what we think is actually true? With the concerns of doubting our mind, I come to my personal conclusion that Descartes’ theory of methodological doubt in the sense of the head and the body being two distinct attributes of human beings, is in fact correct, however , I do not think the part proclaiming that we may doubt the physical material (the body) is correct.

Whenever we were gonna doubt all of the physical substances in our life, we might also have to uncertainty our mind, which in turn might lead us to doubting almost every thought we have within our lifetime. Questioning some thoughts may business lead us to great discoveries to help all of us figure out being human, however , I really do believe doubting every thought we have is only going to do all of us harm by simply causing us to push anything and everyone away of our lives. When this happens, we will not be happy, happiness is after all, what separates person from almost every other living thing in the world.

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