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1 . 0 Advantages 1 . 1 Company Backdrop Packet 1 Networks (Malaysia) Sdn.

Bhd. (P1) premiered on Aug 18, 08 as a additional of Green Packet Bhd, which is a leading global creator of Lastest Mobile Broadband Networking Solutions. P1 is Malaysia’s first and leading WiMAX telecommunications business with the country widest WiMAX network and it presents the 1st large-scale business deployment of Mobile WiMAX in Southeast Asia, in addition to the first large-scale deployment of your 802. 16e WiMAX network outside Korea. P1 was one of several companies honored 2 . GHz spectrum licenses by the Malaysian Government to deploy WiMax services during Malaysia (www. p1. com. my, 2009). 1 . 2 Company’s perspective P1 goal is to end up being the market innovator in wifi broadband industry. To achieve that, P1 are now adding their work on broadening wireless broadband connectivity throughout the region to be able to capture even more market. (www. p1. com. my, 2009). 1 . 3 WiMAX WiMAX is a great abbreviation of Worldwide Interoperability for Micro wave Access. It is a standard-based technology enabling delivery of previous mile wi-fi broadband get as an alternative to cable television and DSL.

WiMAX enables deliverables of bandwidth between two points or between an area to multipoint to client. The usage of WiMAX requires certain bandwidth of spectrum to get allocated to the service provider, in accordance to the channeling plan approved and released by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission(MCMC) (www. greenpacket. com, 2008). 2 . zero Michael Avoir 5 Forces 2 . one particular Threat of new entry Phone system industry is among the industries that have the biggest hurdle to enter. First of all, to enter this kind of industry needs a lot of cash to hide high ixed equipment and innovation expense (Gupta. A, 2008). Second of all, the possession a telecommunications license can be one of the biggest barriers to access, because government may do not give permit to user to operate their very own business (WiMAXian. com, 2009). Thirdly, adverts to create understanding to community are very high priced, it is very hard to attract public attention if there is zero enough advertising campaign since there are several players in Malaysia. Additionally, skilled human being capitals are required to operate the organization (Gupta. A, 2008).

Last but not least, high quit barriers frightened off traders in enter into this organization, concluding the fact that threat of new entry is extremely low. installment payments on your 2 Competitive rivalry While Internet plays a very important function in human’s daily life, most people have to in touch with internet each day. So , to draw more subscribers, competitors need to lower down all their price and offer more rewards in order to survive since they have invest a huge capital from this business that with high exit obstacle due to its are skilled equipment. You will find more than twelve internet service services (ISP) in Malaysia.

Normally, new companies are used to have low price technique to attract customers, which result in a price warfare (wwwen. zte. com. cn, 2010). Besides that, these ISP perform their promotion and advertising frequently because everyone in major city can see that every day and everywhere. The fierceness of frequent ad had leaded to an marketing war between P1 and Streamyx last year (Risen. T, 2009). Moreover, High consumer churn level shows that any kind of unsatisfaction in term of speed, stability and cost will cause buyer to switch to other service provider (Gupta. A, 2008).

It may conclude the competitive rivalry in internet market is highly intensive. 2 . a few Bargaining power of buyer While using increased different types of broadband service in Malaysia, the negotiating power of client is increasing, this prospects into clients seeking affordable prices but have better services. On the other hand, the moving over cost from a single to another Internet service provider is relatively low, customers can easily switch to different service provider easily, and this improved the bargaining power of customer. 2 . some Bargaining benefits of supplier P1 need to have units of focus hardware and software tools to run their business.

Via hardware (Base station, CPE, Antenna, Cooling system and etc) to application (Billing software, Network Monitoring, Test Software), there are enough number of suppliers weaken bargaining power. As a conclusion pertaining to the bargaining power of supplier, it is normal as P1 have many other available choices (www. wimax-industry. com, 2009). 2 . 5 Threat of substitution Large substitution dangers from nontraditional telecom industries’ product and services, one example is: Cable television compared to Satellite television, Net telephony verses traditional voice calls (Gupta.

A, 2008). several. 0 Segmentation Targeting and Positioning three or more. 1 Target audience P1’s focus on markets will be metropolitans who also seek for comfort lifestyle. three or more. 2 Positioning P1 got positioned WiMAX as a 4G technology that may be superior to High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) and 3G technologies, which are the most effective, conveniences, steady wireless high speed network in Malaysia. Therefore, P1 had done a “Potong (Cut) Now plan to inspire public to free themselves from complications, frustration and any other not satisfying broadband providers. (www. p1. com. con, 2009) 5. 0 Marketing Mix four. 1 Merchandise The primary product that P1 supplied is internet connection service. You will discover two helping products for individuals to connect to internet provided by P1 that happen to be Wifi-enabled Computer system Modem and Portable Modem WIGGY, it is usually diversify into many ideas. 4. 1 ) 1 Wifi-enabled Desktop Modem Wifi-enabled Computer system Modem enables several users to connect to internet simultaneously by WLAN technology. There are 5 normal plans which can be categorized into two major plans: Residence and Workplace. (www. p1. com. my, 2010)

For property, it can be split up into 3 plans which are NÅGRA, PLUS and PRO. The “LITE prepare connection rate is 400kbps and usage threshold happen to be setting in 5GB. The “Plus prepare provided 1 ) 2 Mbps connection rate with 20 GB usage threshold. The “PRO plan presented 2 . 5 Mbps interconnection speed and usage threshold are environment at forty five GB. (www. p1. com. my, 2010) Whereas intended for Office, happen to be divided into Common and Premium. The “Standard plan supplied 1 . 2Mbps Internet connection speed and enjoying unrestricted usage tolerance. The “Premium plan give 2 . Mbps internet connection speed and enjoying infinite usage tolerance by endless as well.

You read ‘Case Study of P1’ in category ‘Free Case study samples’ (www. p1. com. my own, 2010) 5. 1 . 2 Portable Device WIGGY Unlike Wifi-enabled Computer system Modem, you will find only two major strategies for Wiggy which is Wiggy 69 and WIGGY*. Wiggy 69 offer 800kps connection speed, allowing for 5GB of usage tolerance. Whereas pertaining to WIGGY*, supplied speed up to 10mbps with usage threshold 10GB (www. p1. com. my, 2010). 4. a couple of Price P1 had offered a “stimulus package which is RM forty-nine per month to attract the new internet connection users and students.

One other competitive package includes WIGGY with RM69 and RM149 per month. Inside the below, the table demonstrates that the competitive prices among P1 and Streamyx. [pic] Table 1 ” P1 W1max [pic] Table two ” Streamyx Table one particular and table 2 displays the prices of P1 WiMAX and Streamyx according to the prices. From here, that shows that P1 keeping the selling price to be equilibrium with others competitors, which Streamyx are provide “Streamyx 2 . 0Mbps package with price RM 188, and P1 are provide the prepare “PRO installment payments on your 4Mbps with price RM 199. (www. p1. com. my, 2010 and www. Streamy. com, 2010).

The amount paid of all strategy set by simply P1 almost the same with others competitors because P1 believes in an “honesty policy in which the reader knows straight up which velocity and price are worth for them. Thereby, P1 not only keeps the price stability but likewise increases market share and affects the local industry. (www. p1. com. my personal, 2010) some. 3 Place States and places acquired covered by P1 are Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Kuantan, Selangor, Perak, Pulau Pinang, and Perlis. P1 are preparing to roll out it is Wimax Solutions in the point out which continue to haven’t covered by P1 which include Kuala Terengganu, Melaka, Sabah and Sarawak. www. p1. com. my personal, 2010) P1 recruit resellers to provide registration service in several state and areas that including Perak Ipoh, Pulau Pinang Butterworth, Johor Batu Pahat, Kuala Lumpur Putra Jaya and many other places which usually covered by P1 WiMAX insurance. (www. p1. com. my own, 2010) Alternatively, P1 Green Packet’s headquarter located near the Federal Road in KL, it also properties their customer service center to provide reception services for customers arrive to sign up with P1 Modem, need information, produce payment, yet others. (www. hot-screensaver. om) Last but not least, internet also plays since an important portion for P1 as play strategy, consumers can make enrollment and bill payments will be P1 recognized website. (www. p1. com. my, 2010) 4. 4 Promotion P1 has paid more awareness of brand photo promotion, and variety of marketing promotions provided by P1 to attract more customers that involved P1 likes to go to different kinds of commercial exhibitions, seminars and summits, and make speeches to market P1’s brand (wwwen. zte. com. cn, 2010). Besides that, P1 had also promoted all their services through advertisement.

It features with three standard forms of press which are television set, newspaper, and radio. some. 5 People Externally, P1 recruit resellers to promote and persuade customer to subscribe P1 Wimax internet connection services. Consumer can find P1 WiMAX reseller easily provided that they are under P1 companies coverage (www. p1. com. my, 2010). Internally, P1 hire formal receptionist to serve clients at their particular headquarter-PacketHub reception. Moreover, P1 also hires operators to get customer care range to provide call in once customer face problems or need progress information.

The operation several hours of P1 Customer Care Series starting from 8a. m to 11p. meters, it also on public getaways. (www. p1. com. my personal, 2010) some. 6 Procedure P1 payment can make by simply online expenses payment, automobile debit, talón payment and phone-in repayment. Online invoice payment enables customers to pay on the net by using Visa/MasterCard, Banks Financial savings and Saving account. Customer also can use Automobile Debit/Auto shell out system to perform payment, it is an automatically program that will take customer lender savings or current account over a fixed schedule.

It is definitely that consumers can use cheque payment strategy to pay for their particular bill, this is actually the very common approach to make payment. Moreover, there is an option to get customer to pay simply by phone-in repayment, but just for MBF visa or mastercard holder and Visa/Master credit card holder (www. p1. com. my, 2010). 4. six Physical Evidence 4. six. 1 Standard Website P1’s official website is well design, it is eye catching, multipurpose and easy to work with. It contains of information, announcement, online speed inmiscuirse check, on-line payment, coverage check, online feedback and so on (www. p1. com. my, 2010). 4. 7. a couple of Packaging

Packaging boxes of P1 W1WAX are made by high quality documentation, this is to ensure it can actually protect the item inside, preventing any injuries from unpredicted event. Furthermore, the packaging by itself are well design and style and effectively labeled, this can be to attract and to relay data to buyers. A well made design of presentation can be a instrument to affect customer’s notion in term of top quality of the item, indirectly persuade customer to decide on P1 WiMAX internet connection services from other rivals. [pic] Picture 1 Packaging of P1 WiMAX Modem 5. 0 S. W. U. T of P1 wimax Strengths: |Weakness: | |First mover and market innovator |Low Insurance | |Strong brand picture |Erratic connection, weak interconnection signal | |Ease of use, affordable 4G technology | | |Partnering with federal government | | |Support coming from parent firm | | |Opportunity: |Threats: | |Consumer preferences to get internet access support |Threaten from Redtone | |Technological advancement |Preference pertaining to wired internet connection and free wireless solutions | |States going wifi |Intense competition | 1 ) Strengths: a few. 1 . First mover and Market head P1 can be Malaysia’s first and leading Wimax telecoms company with all the country’s widest Wimax network. The company profits the 1st mover positive aspects. It acquires control of assets that supporters may not be capable of match. P1 also formed a relationship with Sunway Group and completed deployment of the initially phase with the [email, protected] project, offering wireless broadband Internet access to more than 80 percent of home and business users and over 2 million visitors to the group’s flagship township, making Agency Sunway the first built-in Wi-Fi/WiMAX wifi township in Malaysia. (www. p1. com. my, 2009) 2 . Joining up with Government

Moreover, P1 was selected by the local government, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), and limiter, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Percentage (MCMC), to set up the Wi-Fi/WiMAX (Wi-Fi mesh) Kuala Lumpur Wireless City Project ([email, protected]), deploying over 1, 500 hot spots and at present serving more than 130, 1000 users with free cellular broadband Internet access in Kuala Lumpur. (www. p1. com. my, 2009) It helps to create a strong brand image to P1 Wimax. P1 has established relationships with assorted local governments and residential areas to attract even more new customers. 3. Ease of use, affordable 4G Technology Besides that, the ease-of-use offered by current modems, with true “plug and play” compatibility for typical users and greater flexibility to get more advanced users (such because online avid gamers and hefty downloaders) to find the connection construction freedom that they need really satisfy the consumer.

P1 Wimax requires simply no configuration, zero software set up (for personal pc modems), not any additional lines”just plug-and-play procedure (www. p1. com. my personal, 2010). The buying price of the plan and packages intended for customer are affordable. 5. Support coming from parent company P1 is known as a subsidiary company of Green Packet, a technology firm from San francisco, and gets its technology and designs by Green Bundle. With the help of Green Packet, it brings the future to present by offering one? end cost effective data, voice, video and other value added services for any communication demands. The technology can copy or showing between each other. 1 . Weak point: 5. 2 . 1 Low Coverage

P1 W1MAX Wiggy signal protection still not really wide enough, there is only 35% human population coverage at the conclusion of 2009. 9As P1 Wimax service is still relatively new and in the process of being completely implemented, insurance is still not really optimal particularly in East Malaysia. However , P1 has a fresh marketing strategy away. Instead of organizing where to “P1 W1MAX enable, they are requesting their users to vote for the next “P1 W1MAX protection areas. P1 hoping to reach 45% human population coverage at the conclusion of 2010, and 65% population insurance coverage by the end of 2012 in Malaysia. (www. p1. com. my) 5. 2 . two Erratic interconnection, weak connection signal The signal with the connection demonstrate a little irregular when the user wasn’t precisely in the insurance coverage area.

Alongside that, depending on location of the P1 tower, the connection also various from some part of the house and performed best when the modem was positioned close to the home windows. On the other hand, the P1 device may not job if you are using a piece laptop where you do not have permission to install applications. This is because the P1 modem will actually use a little application in your laptop or computer to enable that to connect so that you will have to keep your computer allows installation of applications. Based on these types of weaknesses, the P1 Organization has created a way to their competition to move in, they nonetheless need to do a lot of improvement to increase their performance and quality. installment payments on your Opportunity: five. 3. Customer preferences intended for internet access service Information technology (IT) and advanced communications are playing an ever-increasing role in national efficiency growth, the creation of recent network-based activities, and enhancing education and living specifications. Frequency of sites activity ” “many times a week Activity Almost all Dial-up High speed Email , instant messaging 71. 4 sixty-eight. 5 seventy nine. 7 Search engines , order products thirty seven. 8 up to 29. 5 60. 8 Play games , gamble 21. zero 17. 7 30. almost 8 Share music file or perhaps photos 15. 1 6. 19. 5 Banking, trading stocks, or bill payment 9. 8 several. 4 16. 5 Download movies to look at on LAPTOP OR COMPUTER 1 . 0 0. on the lookout for 1 . several Note. Skin cells are percent of respondents using the activity “many instances a week. (Table taken from Telecoms Research Group, University of Colorado) The table over shows Internet activity for the most extremes replies. The growth of e-business and m-commerce, doing things like paying bills online and being on the go creates an opportunity pertaining to P1 while the trend is to utilize besides making the best of all the time you have.

This is due to the raising preference to get full mobility, doing issues on the go and online connection. [pic] The table over shows that the web users and broadband internet users had been enhance. By the end of June 2008, there were 1 . 718mn internet connection subscribers on the market, and the estimate of seeing just over 2mn at the conclusion of the 12 months is supposed to be achieved, led by with regard to wireless high speed. (Malaysia Telecoms Report, 2009) This craze is expected to continue, specifically given that the country reported the deployment of its 1st WiMAX services in the third quarter of this year. We are forecasting around 7mn broadband subscribers simply by 2013, associated with a penetration rate of 24%.

The rise of broadband users is usually a sign that the market would be ready for P1 Wimax in the event the service and promotion will be implemented effectively. 2 . Says going wifi [email, protected], is a state government initiative engaging the WiMAX-based P1 wireless Internet assistance. P1’s section of the project is actually named [email, protected], a part of the greater initiative, to supply broadband Internet connection to areas with high numbers of tourists, as well as densely-populated locations, making Penang one of the initial cities in the world offering total WiMAX on-line. (www. p1. com. my personal, 2009) This gives an chances as P1 may take benefits of this require and be one of the most widely used, noted or eve sole company in the condition.

This will push them ahead of their very own competition and help to build credibility and reputation. a few. Technological advancement MIMOS, the premier used research centre in frontier technologies, today announced that their WiWi Technology Platform ” the world’s first hybrid WiFi and WiMAX solution which operates on installment payments on your 3 GHz frequency designed as an alternative for last mile broadband on-line to increase Malaysia’s high speed ecosystem ” is looking forward to nationwide commercialisation. (www. mimos. my, 2009) The new MIMOS WiWi provides for better penetration into the internet connection market just like being able to reach rural locations where pulling cords are more costly, frustrating and ineffective option.

If perhaps P1 can build a strong brand photo, excellent standing and providers, it will be capable to capture the lion’s talk about of the marketplace. 3. Dangers: 5. 4. 1 Threaten from Redtone Redtone, using base areas and CPE equipment by Motorola, features launched the first commercial WiMAX service in East Malaysia. (www. telecoms. com, 2010)The initially phase in the WiMAX network covers the Kota Kinabalu business district. With Redtone heavily trading and centering in East Malaysia, Redtone has was able to establish themselves and build credibility there. This kind of creates an obstacle for P1 in whose objectives shall be the leader inside the wireless internet connection industry.

P1 will find that much harder to enter that market without weighty investment in promotions and improving their particular services or Redtone’s service deteriorates. installment payments on your Preference to get wired high speed and cost-free wireless companies As wi-fi broadband continues to be not very advanced, it is usually either even more unstable or perhaps does not have extensive insurance. As such, persons may not need to pay for wifi broadband the moment options just like wired internet in the office or home can be found. Free Wi fi services are also available to cater for the elevating preference for full flexibility in many areas such as F, B retailers such as Starbucks, McDonalds, Top secret Recipe, Outdated Town cafes, Papa Rich and so on. 3.

Intense competition P1 Wimax operates in the highly competitive and quickly evolving technology industry. Rapid changes in the technology have led to the recurrent introduction of new products with competitive prices, features, and performance characteristics. A few of the competitors in the company incorporate fixed collection (TMNet Streamyx), and mobile providers through their HSDPA/HSUPA (Celcom, Digi, Maxis). With telecoms laying new technologies from time to time (towards LTE) and TMNet beginning High-speed (using fiber) internet connection next year in metro parts of Klang Area. Moreover, P1 only offers 2 lightweight Wimax deals, the Wiggy and the Wiggy 69.

Every single package is placed on two extreme ends, one using a very low velocity and the other with a drastically higher but also bigger price tag. (www. p1. com. my, 2009) There is currently no deal catering for the in between market”those who will not mind paying out a bit more and obtaining a slightly higher speed than that offered by Wiggy69. Aside from that, the competitor gives a much larger range of plans and some actually cater to the “in between market. This creates a danger to the P1 also. six. Marketing Goals and Tactics: 6. you Marketing Goals a) To enhance to 20% P1 WiMAX subscriber in a single year. b) To increase 30% of P1 WiMAX understanding among the potential customers in one yr. 7. Marketing plans: Ansoft Matrix Market Transmission: price, campaign |Product Advancement: product | |- special price deals |-R, D in service stability | |- inducing trial use |-packaging of the merchandise | |Market Development-promotion, place |Diversification-distribution: merchandise | |- Increase services availability in F, W outlet |-come out with mobile telecommunication service. |- Increase coverage | | |- Mailing plan | | 7. you Market Transmission: Price ¢ Special cost packages-student deals Communicating the benefits to the end-consumer of a item often has to have a “sweetener to entice the buyer to change all their provider or perhaps sign up for the 1st time with a new service provider. Adding value and an incentive to purchase for the end-consumer is the main point. Trainees market intended for broadband is usually significant and forms the key demographic of the target market. According to the research so now by P1, the customer “Top Five Would like List happen to be: 1 . Protection 2 . Inserted devices with attractive bundling and addition options a few.

Higher data cap 5. More affordable portable offerings a few. Direct membership sign-up online (already dealt with by P1 Direct) With student at times paying up RM 21. 000 each year on bigger tertiary education fees, a mobile internet service that is quickly, reliable, portable and most of all, affordable is quite attractive. As an incentive for students to sign up to P1 Wimax, an exclusive deal for “student only would include 12-month short-term agreement, an improved down load speed of up to 10mps, the final month with the 12 month contract can be free-of-charge, premium on gives which include pendrives, mouse pad all bearing the P1 Wimax brand and so on.

The appearance of shorter term contract would be more pleasing to learners as many pupils live in a dynamic environment and value their independence of choice. By looking into making the 12-month contract more appealing the present student’s interest will be garnered. Besides that, P1 also can perform an in campus promoting. On campus advertising is a marketing and multimedia services company specializing in concentrating on college students in campuses. The idea of advertise in campus is less expensive and can catch the attention of more college student in the bundle which are just deal with pupil. Additionally , the campus media such like campus radio place and website can get the ads acquire played to be able to increase their brand understanding. ¢ Causing trial make use of the consumers could possibly be influential in inducing trial use of a fresh product or service.

Businesses now let clients and potential customers to try products on a trial basis before purchasing or signing up. By providing a trial offers, it acts as a motivation for possible consumers, possibly influencing their decision to sign a contract together with the company and encourage users of other brands to switch. This process is used in order to demonstrate and promote the soundness and velocity of P1Wimax. Once the users get a feel of the Wimax technology P1 provides, they shall be more easily confident to make a purchase if they are capable of experience an item or assistance first hand as they will make the judgement by themselves. 7. a couple of Market Expansion: promotion, place ¢ Increase Services availableness in F, B retailers

F, M outlets just like Starbucks and Old City are selected as it is not only a hang out place but an area where those who wish to surf the net can do this in comfort as food and beverages happen to be served there. It is more convenient than making use of the cyber coffeehouse and it is as well provides a change of ambiance from browsing the net at home the office or in an educational institution. The F, M franchises will be chosen numerous people patronize the shops not only intended for the food and drinks served but also for the ambience, Wi-fi services and price. Furthermore, the circulation of these outlets is large and easily to find. Thus the name and device will be easily noticed, building understanding, reminding the general public and creating interest in the Wiggy lightweight USB device service. ¢ Increase Coverage

In order to enhance distribution and availability, P1 could set up relationships with various state government authorities and areas. Because of the effective partnering with Penang authorities, the company now can indulge the WIMAX-based P1 wireless internet service to state government. This kind of partnership job not only may increase the manufacturer awareness, but also boost economic features and interpersonal education chances so that the express can leapfrog the development and growth of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a whole. ¢ Mailing Plan It’s important to encourage the brand understanding and reputation. This is especially true the moment economic times are demanding, you’ve got news to mention, or you aren’t simply hungry for expansion.

Many kinds of promotion can be obtained to the modern day designer ” with banner ads and Google AdWords one of the most popular. Through this digital age, it’s easy for net and graphic artists to ignore one of the most successful and fun forms of promo: the mail plan. Direct marketing provides using a way to conduct a test of this market comparatively quickly, cheaply, and with convincing certitude. Direct mail can occur fast. Using a modest campaign to a regarded target audience, P1 can get a mailing list, develop mailing supplies (including direct-mail letter, flier, reply greeting card and so on), launch a mailing and begin to receive ends in just a few a few months.

This is faster than the typical advertising campaign, and a lot more quickly than expecting the phone to ring. In addition , P1 can easily test diverse appeals, known as “offers” in the trade, to reveal the most strong message through direct mail. By looking into making a different provide to at random different servings of email list, P1 are able to see which offer pulls best. Go along with the best puller until discover a better bring. As P1 try different offers and different letters, they may find one will better than one more. Use the better one, and beat that in the next posting. Eventually, P1 could get better and better response rates. The sending campaigns happen to be potent to build immediate response for advertisers and are also simple to track functionality of promotions.

Moreover, P1 can take gumptiouspioneering, up-and-coming achievements much beyond their competitors in the event that they use this kind of campaign correctly. 7. a few Product Development: product ¢ R, D in service stability Stability is one of the stimuli that create customer retention in telecommunication sector, and it can be one of the most desirable unique selling point attracts more potential customer to subscribe P1 WiMAX internet solutions. So , R, D upon current P1 WiMAX and come out with a much more stable support rather than just emphasizing about speed improvement can attract numerous of potential customer from other competitors. Even more stability, in customer’s brain, means more reliability. ¢ Packaging of the product

The modem of P1 is big beat other opponents, it probably not comfort for whom which are bring along and travel around. To be able to attract more customers, the structure and the bundle of the modem should be more stylish and portable. For example , with the environment now fitted with modern, a broadband can also be designed as a pendant which is simple to take and maintain. Moreover, in addition, it can be a decor for girls. several. 4 Diversification-distribution: product ¢ Come out with portable telecommunication service P1 can shift their services into portable telecommunication service. This really is a new, demanding and earnings market intended for P1 to diversify in it.

Although P1 have to carry a high risk for press in advance towards cellular telecommunication service industry since you will find already three major players which is Celcom, Maxis and Digi acquired dominated most of the market shares. However , while every person must had 1 mobile phone with this 21th 100 years, mobile telecommunication service is a significant, long lasting and highly profitability industry to. In order to sink into this new marketplace segment, P1 could set up a partnership with Sony Ericsson. Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications is chosen because it’s a global service provider of mobile multimedia equipment. It is well-known and recognized. A good romantic relationship with correct company can become an essential pull factor for P1 advancement. 8. zero Target market and Positioning almost eight. 1 Target market

These new implementation plans targets folks who live in cities. Whereas Mobile telecommunication service are targeting college students who are currently using P1 services almost eight. 2 Positioning As to coordinate with the fresh implementation plans P1 should position themselves as an affordable, reliable, and fastest wifi broadband network. For mobile phone telecommunication service, P1 should situation themselves while affordable, trustworthy and emphasis on joyfulness to communicate with friends and people. , , , , , , , , Threat of recent Entry: 1 . Require enormous capital to enter 2 . Telecommunications License a few. High marketing cost some. ([email, protected]? A , &gt,? D M Capital t V T l two

K D cIY? Y’Sš~šušSnš~šešn’]’Vš hCk9ho”hCk9ho|w5? hCk9hy^A0J hCk9hy^AhCk9hyWe0Jh? sjh? sU[pic] hCk9hyWe hCk9huo% hCk9h? a hCk9h? hCk9hshCk9hy^A5? 0hCk9hOyk5? B*[pic]CJOJQJaJmHphsH0Skill human resources capital 5. Substantial exit barrier Competitive competition: 1 . A lot more than 10 INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER 2 . Fresh carriers cause price conflict 3. Promoting war 4. High buyer churn charge Supplier Electric power: 1 . Moderate number of suppliers 2 . Able to change Buyer Power: 1 ) Many Suppliers 2 . Looking for lowest prices but have better services several. Low turning cost Risk of replacement: 1 . Substantial substitution risks from nontraditional telecom industries’ product and services.

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