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Vodafone is definitely the worlds most significant mobile telecommunications community, using over 66, 000 staff and with over 145 million clients. The business are operating in 26 countries worldwide. Vodafone is a open public limited company with listings on the London and New York stock exchanges.

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Global recognition with the Vodafone brand is growing since the company rolls out its identity into fresh markets. Yet , it retains local names and symbolism in markets where this really is essential to retaining the trust of customers.

To help promote its image around the world, Vodafone uses leading athletics stars by high profile global sports, which include David Beckham, Michael Schumacher and Manchester United

Vodafone has to be extremely visible as the brand to acquire, in order to be the best. Effective promoting is the key to the high visibility.

Marketing involves anticipating customers needs and finding the right products or services to meet individuals needs, thereby encouraging excessive sales levels. Vodafone goes further searching to impress in its clients not merely what its products are i. electronic. features, but also the actual can significantly do i. e. benefits. This involves effective connection.

There is a slowdown in sales of mobile mobile phones, in some markets like the UK, as the mature section of the product lifecycle is reached. Customers are exposed to a obstruction of different photos and communications by cellphone companies, as the competition gets tougher. Vodafone appeals to new clients and should keep their existing ones by emphasising the uniqueness of the brand.

Vodafones aim is to grow their revenue and improve their profit perimeter by adding benefit to usana products and services i. at the. earning even more from each product distributed. The Vodafone live! assistance enables clients to use picture messaging also to download polyphonic ring shades, colour game titles, images and information, by using a icon-driven menu.

This service will soon be additional enhanced by picture messages libraries, video tutorials and online video telephony (seeing the person youre calling) and improving download speeds. An additional service may be the Vodafone Cellular Connect Greeting card, which enables customers to get into their normal business applications on a laptop when out of the office. Such services add worth to the item, and visible effective advertising will help sell off these solutions to existing and new customers.



A product numerous different features delivers customers with opportunities to discussion, play games, send and acquire pictures, modify ring tones, receive info on travel and sporting events, get hold of billing info and quickly view video clips and send video messages.

Vodafone live! provides on-the-move information services.


Vodafone UK operates over 300 of its own shops.

It also provides through self-employed retailers at the. g. Carphone Warehouse.

Customers can easily see and handle items they are taking into consideration buying.

People are readily available to ensure customers needs will be matched with the obligation product also to explain different options available.


Vodafone wants to make it is services attainable to several people as is feasible: from the young, through apprentices and high powered business executives, to the older users.

It offers different pricing buildings to suit distinct customer teams.

Month-to-month price programs are available and prepay choices. Phone users can top rated up their particular phone on line.

Vodafone UK gives NECTAR reward factors for every you spent on telephone calls, text messages, photo messages and ring shades.


Vodafone works with device such as David Beckham to communicate its brand values.

Above the range

Advertising in the news, on advertisements, in magazines and other multimedia outlets extends to large followers and spreads the brand picture and the meaning very effectively. This is referred to as above the line promotion.

Below the series

Shops have promotions, promotions and point of sale posters to attract these inside the shops to buy.

Vodafones stores, its products as well as its staff almost all project the brand name image.

Vodafone definitely develops great public relations by sending press releases to national newspapers and magazines to describe new products and ideas.

VODAFONE AND BECKHAM: Why the web link?

David Beckham is more compared to a footballer. He could be also viewed as a fashion icon, a qualified family gentleman and a good guy: a general image that attracted Vodafone to him.

Beckhams acceptance with football fans comes largely from his England group captaincy. As a footballer, he could be well regarded around the world. Other teenagers who may possibly aspire to his success and style also are likely to identify with him. He appeals to many females due to his reputation as a style and life-style icon. He’s also hitched to a woman icon in her own right.

Vodafones sponsorship in the Manchester Usa team attracts a broad section of the global football/sports audience, while aspects of Beckhams broader photo have grown to appeal to a much larger section of contemporary society. That fits Vodafone, who have needs to charm to different sections of the market.

Beckhams healthy lifestyle sibling to his talent advises an energy and a controlled passion for life, an image that Vodafone would also like to project for itself. On the football field, Beckham can be innovative, imaginative, exciting, characteristics that Vodafone aspires to. Beckham the family man comes across as caring and empathetic, Vodafone wants individuals to appreciate which it too understands and likes you what people want and need. Beckham is mostly seen as reliable, Vodafone wants to communicate a similar image.

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