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Writers, Reflecting

Freedom Copy writers Reflection The movie “Freedom Writers” has many dissimilarities and similarities between various cultures. In Mrs. G’s classroom there are many mixed civilizations and gangs in the school.

Each of the cultures sit using what is all their culture and gang. non-e of the civilizations communicate with each other nevertheless only discuss one another and how much they will hate every single culture that is not their own. Each individual in the classroom has to deal with their own challenges outside of school and residence.

For example Ava has to deal with a capturing that happened at a gas stop with her father. The girl knows that her dad and his gang made it happen but the cops think that an additional black guy in the gas station made it happen. She has to be on trial and tell her story of what she saw. In the end the lady tells onto her father and she practically dies mainly because what she did was disrespectful with her and her fathers company. Even though the bande and cultures don’t observe eye to eye inside the movie each of them have issues in common.

All of them are in bande, each have their own reports to tell, every deal with the shooting of others and their close friends, each desire to communicate to others, and each want to be well known. Not a sole person features these college students except Mrs. G and Ms. Gies. When the pupils get to meet up with Ms. Gies they each reach listen to her story and of topic realize that they can communicate and get along with different cultures regardless of skin color, team member, or perhaps past history. Each scholar wants to reveal this to students and also other cultures and Ms.

Gies can see this kind of and your woman knows that the students will ultimately tell their story and reach out to other folks. That these college students are heroes willing to step out of the comfort region and exceed others. For this reason , they are heroes in her eyes. Alternatively there is the division of chair and respects teacher who doesn’t rely on these students. They miss the different culture and gangs. They simply believe in their very own culture. They presume that each lifestyle is the same and that is that each student is definitely dumb and definitely will end up losing out an excellent source of school or be deceased.

They don’t believe that these pupils are worth anything. The key person that does believe in theses students are Ms. G. she will take the time to figure out each and every scholar’s culture and personalities. The girl doesn’t think that her tradition is much better than some other culture. Your woman believes in these types of students and pushes these to do all their very best. She knows that they can be smart and will do better than what others believe. She teaches the students about the holocaust because it is a lot like their true lives that they will be living now.

Each lifestyle wants to control the other and become the best. It is genocide to these people. She gives them an e book to read which is not their level but just because she knows that they are considering learning about this past history and how it relates to them that they read that and understand it. Ms. G is an amazing instructor because she helped to alter the student’s lives about. She saw the ignite that they each had and she pushed them to reach out and speak out to various other students and also other cultures.

She never gave up on the pupils but just believed in them. She helped get all of their academic degrees up, and many of all received the different nationalities to talk. She helped them to be an example for the future. This movie pertains to real life. In the work field you will be dealing with many persons from various cultures. You cant end up being biased of any person cultures or certainly not communicate with several cultures. Become familiar with the other person traditions you may be shocked how much you have in common recover person and the culture.

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