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Statement, Purpose

Over the years, my own interest in fashion has evolved along with my understanding and through my studies, personal experience and personal research. I use decided which a career in International Vogue Marketing is a best fit for me. The well liked International Style Marketing training course at Caledonian University gives me the required tools to choose my profession ambitions in to reality.

I actually am especially excited that the course was created with the sector consultation and combines actual business scenarios along with academic theory. The several week job placement in the second semester will be a significant opportunity to apply skill-sets discovered and an ideal enter approach into a career in Fashion Promoting. “Fashion to me is just not a word or a term, it is my personal passion, my own identity.

Fashion in respect to me is known as a prevailing type of etiquette. Created in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal where world of Trend is still a relatively new invention. I were raised hearing that clothing is simply a requirement, necessary for us human beings. But I usually thought there is more than that to it. I always believed Vogue is not just regarding looking good, but it is all about looking very good to feel good and confident. Developing up in a rustic where every single parent would like their children to get Doctors and Engineers. It was difficult to convince the people around my interest in the field of Fashion.

Fortunately over time I was able to convince my parents to allow me to do a diploma or degree course in Fashion Designing by India. After completing it successfully I reached the UK for even more studies and completed my personal degree in Fashion and Materials from Thames Valley College or university. Whilst studying I got a way to work at House of Fraser as a sales advisor inside the ladies put on department, wherever I learnt about how all of the buying, offering, merchandising, and marketing process works. Then i started developing a very willing interest in the marketing area of the strange Fashion world. Yes that is the things i call it because I always had so many concerns on my head. Always used to wonder the accomplishment behind big designer names, the chain of Fashion, the in season style and colour forecasts and so on. Sooner or later I got answers to most of my questions, some by my job history, some from my College or university lectures and rest coming from my own analysis.

In the third 12 months of College or university I had currently realised that my curiosity is more around the marketing and selling side then a designing area. After the completion of the program, due to family commitments I had developed to move to be able to cities in the UK, and did not seriously get to give attention to my profession. For almost 36 months I travelled and moved from metropolis to town. During these years I was in Birmingham for six months and also a job as a conference manager in a motel. Though the task was not Trend related, that still offered me an opportunity to understand the concepts and techniques of promoting, advertising and develop my personal negotiating abilities. I likewise travelled to Ny a couple of times of these three years, purpose of visit might always be family members related but whenever I really could I would go to boutiques located in malls or street and talk to the individuals working there to obtain an idea, an insight of how issues works right now there. We are living in the 21st century.

In a world which is very competitive, you think about something creative as well as the next small you see someone else has already applied it. Thus thinking about or perhaps designing an item of work is not just enough. To get a fashion firm or a brand to launch itself it takes a lot of effort and marketing takes on a huge role for it to initialise the identity, compete in the market and survive in the wonderful world of Fashion. The idea of marketing in many countries is still restricted to just promoting a product, starting it, offering it as soon as successfully carried out forgetting regarding the promoting part and just focus on growing sales. Screwing up to realise they have already been replaced by a competitor. Fashion advertising in my opinion is simply not to advertise companies to be able to sell them, costly art to be able to make people trust and believe in it, to generate a relationship with the buyers and develop a feeling of brand loyalty in them. For each brand to be recognised and also to be successful there may be an crucial need to have a pioneering marketing strategy and this principle applies very handsomely to the Fashion Industry business too.

Excellent deep penchant for learning International Vogue Marketing because this course will certainly enable myself with all the required skills/expertise to know the Fashion advertising dynamics with this changing universe. Today, well known Fashion brands like Armani, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, etc have aptivated the globe with instant identification and I imagine effective promoting has been the spine of their accomplishment. With this kind of degree Let me have a very audio platform which I can utilise my expertise as a Vogue marketing specialist and therefore help small budding Vogue houses/companies particularly in developing countries like Nepal, India gain national and subsequently worldwide recognition. Consequently , I are very attracted to doing this course as I want the problems thereafter and therefore fulfilling my own lifelong aim of being successful in neuro-scientific Fashion.

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