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Abstract: With this marketing record, I will evaluate our item which call up Euthymol tooth paste. Firstly, Let me describe the background of Manley and Manley, Euthymol toothpaste is written by this company. There after, I will speak about how we did the survey about this merchandise.

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Then I will focus on the merchandise and examine it by using secondary exploration and survey results, it provides product, price, place and promotion. Finally, I will offer some suggestions to this product. Introduction: Euthymol toothpaste was marked simply by Warner-Lambert, great it is distributed by Johnson and Johnson. J, J is an American community company.

It was founded in 1886, there are three pioneers, they are Rober Wood Johnson, James Wooden Johnson and Edward Mead Johnson. The initiative on this company is always to encourage individuals to live healthful and helping the people who care about overall health, and they have widest medical care product in the world. Euthymol tooth paste is an old brand tooth paste, it has good taste and bright red color. Almost all of the consumers are the older people and those who are in the army. On the other hand, there are many people do not such as this toothpaste because its style too good or some other reasons such as the color and the packaging of this tooth paste. Methodology:

During my group, there have been three persons, Aliyu, Yuko and me personally. We would the study of Euthymol toothpaste in Middlesex School, Hendon central and Cricklewood lane in 24 The fall of. We have asked 30 people for addressing the questionnaire, but 27 people answered it. You will find 16 guy respondents and 11female respondents. They came from 7 several countries, like the UK, The japanese, China, Canada and so on. Benefits and Evaluation of Marketing Mixture: We have done a review of Euthymol toothpaste plus some research for the internet. I am going to analyse Euthymol tooth paste by using the benefits and information of our extra research from the web.

It includes merchandise, price, place and advertising. Product: Euthymol toothpaste can be an old brand toothpaste, it was marked by Warner-Lambert, and today it is distributed by J, L. Nowadays, it is far from a well understand brand of tooth paste. From the effects, there are sixteen (59%) respondents have never applied this tooth paste before, therefore we determined it is in the point of decline in the product life circle. Euthymol tooth paste has diverse taste and color among other brands of toothpaste. Almost all of the toothpastes taste like mints and the color is light.

Euthymol tooth paste is one of the most effective tastes of toothpaste in addition to no mints in that. Its color is shiny pink, this makes this toothpaste special. Since results from the survey, we can see that most with the respondents (48%) like the preference and color of this tooth paste, and some respondents do not care about them. Euthymol toothpaste has a old-fashion and elegant packaging, because this packaging, it stands out from other folks toothpaste. We all found that from the results, there are 16 (59%)respondents do not like the product packaging of this toothpaste and 14 (41%) just like the packaging. Euthymol toothpaste has its own competitor.

Because results from the survey, we can see that, Colgate toothpaste and Aquafresh tooth paste are the primary competitors, especially Colgate. In the results, you will discover 12 respondents chosen Colgate toothpaste because their favorite tooth paste. It is about 44% of total respondents. Price: 75 ml of Euthymol tooth paste costs regarding 2 pounds in pharmacy, supermarket and local store, as it sole in different place, therefore the prices are slightly different. In the survey effects, most of the participants think this kind of price is common. And presently there 7 respondents think it is low-cost and almost 8 respondents believe that it is expensive.

While this end result, we can see almost all of the respondents would not consider the price when they acquire this tooth paste, because it is cheap. For these reasons, we could found out that Euthymol toothpaste is a great economy merchandise. Place: Euthymol toothpaste simply sold in great britain, it is not a famous brand of toothpaste. That sold in a few of the supermarkets, regional stores and pharmacy. There are 72% in the respondents usually buy this kind of toothpaste in Pharmacy. It seems not easy to look for it inside the supermarkets and local stores. Campaign: Euthymol toothpaste has not very much promotion including advertising, product sales promotion and direct mail.

From your survey results, we can see that advertising is the main promotion with this toothpaste, since there are 13 (50%) respondents find out this tooth paste from promoting. And there are almost eight (30%) respondents selected different, it means there are quit a lot of people know this kind of toothpaste in other ways. For instance , some people started to know this toothpaste via friends’ recommendation. Conclusion: In conclusion, Most of people are satisfied with the taste and the colour of this toothpaste, but presently there 59% from the respondents are certainly not happy with their packaging of this tooth paste.

If the firm of Euthymal toothpaste really wants to share even more market, it has to solve packaging problem. I believe, the best remedy is to create other Euthymol toothpaste, it includes different the labels and results between the first one, so that it can keep this customers and attract clients. The company do a good charges of this toothpaste, because there are 10 people think this price of this toothpaste is normal, even you will discover 8 persons think it is inexpensive. The place and the promotion would be the weaknesses of this toothpaste. Almost all of people believe that it is hard to find this in superstore and local retail store. 2% of the respondents usually buy this in Drug-store. I suggest that, this tooth paste should be sold in every superstore, because people just like shopping in supermarket. It may be the way to enhance sales on this toothpaste. The other issue is the advertising, many persons did not know very well what Euthymol toothpaste it is, Because they cannot see any promo of this tooth paste now, just like advertising and billboard. The business should do more promotion within this toothpaste such as buy one purchase one free and advertising in the news and so on. Is it doesn’t best way to leave people getting to know Euthymol tooth paste and makes this popular.

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