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Analysis of Home Safety of the Aged Living in Town and Countryside Areas 1 . Absract Physiological changes and chronic conditions arising during aging process increase risk of crash of the elderly, especially the elderly living by itself at their very own homes. Home accidents would be the most commonly medical condition in the elderly.

This examine was performed to describe home safety with the elderly living in a city or rural area using a residence safety checklist. 512 living in Turkey (330 in city, 182 in rural area) were examined via face-to-face interview by using a home security checklist throughout a period among December and March in 2007.

Furthermore to sociodemographics, a questionnaire including home characteristics and life style of participants was applied. To explain home basic safety level, Home Safety Register was used. 2-Introduction Aging, a part of existence and a nonrecoverable method. Developments in neuro-scientific tecnology, health and nutrition elevating life expectancy inside the general human population has led to a heightened incidence of elderly population. Especially in developing countries, this kind of increase is usually faster.

The increase in seniors population by bringing with it interpersonal problems, specifically affecting the family framework of the older living by itself is trigger Depending on the period during the process of aging in individual organism, physical, physiological and psychological changes are rising. Decrease with aging take place in the physical abilities, to continue their activities of daily living and home-related poses a great obstacle to the execution of. Physiological changes and the age of progress surfaced due to serious diseases, individuals living by itself at home often face together with the risk of mishaps.

An important area of the problems experienced by the older home injuries constituted. Physical changes and dementia as well as some serious diseases, norooftalmalojik findings, modern hearing loss, pose, balance and gait disorders and sensory changes, has led to increased likelihood of accidents. The elderly, the most important precautionary safety applications, one of the age-related physiological insufficiency in growing corrective to troubleshoot instruments (hearing aid, glasses, and so forth. ) Consumption as a domestic accident can result in removal of conditions must be established.

Therefore , lately in aged home protection and residence safety inspection and control increased the value of the list. In this context, is widely used in the field of wellness inspection and control lists, and program tools are definitely the most important ergonomic evaluation. 3-Explict Statemnet From the Study Target Including Operational Definition: This study utilized a home safety guide and the aged living in the home in our nation, the security situation in the house and emerged with aging with regards to accident dangers in order to analyze the status of casing are prepared.

Sample Groupings: Sample you: The elderly that is living in the city Sample 2: The elderly that is living in the agricultural areas Variables: Age This variables, older people who is residing in the city Male or female and the countryside areas utilized to investigate the training demograhic datas. Marriage Status Occupational Position House type This parameters, the elderly who is living in the town

Private roomsand the rural areas was used to examine the position of Household Availabilitytheir home. Satisfaction: Economic Status: Living Arrengement: This kind of variables, the elderly who is living in the city plus the Leisure Actions rural areas was used to measure the all their life style. Reliability Score l: is degree of freedom: In statistics, the quantity of degrees of independence is the number of values inside the final computation of a figure that are free to vary 4-Methodology Section: This kind of descriptive form of study, all of us selected 512 elder people with random testing method. 30 of 512 elder person which all of us select inside the city and 182 of 512 which usually we gather in the rurely areas between december to march 2007 in 7 geographical parts of Turkey in Denizli, Izmir, Ayd? in, Antalya, Mersin, Ankara, Konya, Istanbul, Diyarbakir, Trabzon, Sinop and Zonguldak provinces. In collection of data, as well as market information, household status and forms of life questionnaire proclaiming where questions were given. To determine the degree of home security manufactured by the National Security Council, consisting of sixty-five questions, Security alarm Checklist is employed.

National Security Council, the score at 1-7 in the perfect label safety factors, between 8-14 scores well, 15 and on the ratings were examined as risky. A customer survey containing sociodemographic and Nationwide Security Authorities with the older living acquainted with the method being verbatim comments will be evaluated their homes Pamukkale University School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation was completed simply by senior pupils. Chi-square test out was used pertaining to evaluating data. 5-Data Examination Section Pearson’s chi-square (? ) test is the best-known of a lot of chi square test ” statistical procedures whose the desired info is evaluated by simply reference to the chi rectangular distrubition. Its properties had been first researched by Karl Pearson. In contexts exactly where it is important to generate a distinction involving the test figure and its distribution, names comparable to Pearson? -squared test or perhaps statistic are used. It assessments a null hypothesis saying that the rate of recurrence distrubition of certain situations observed in an example is according to a particular theoretical distribution. The events considered must be mutually exclusive and also have total possibility 1 .

A common case for this is where the events each cover a great outcome of your categorial variable. A simple model is the speculation that an regular six-sided dia is “fair”, i. elizabeth., all half a dozen outcomes will be equally very likely to occur. Pearson’s chi-square may be the original and the most widely-used chi-square test. Explanation Pearson’s chi-square is used to evaluate two types of comparison: testing of amazing benefits of in shape and checks of self-reliance. A test out of amazing benefits of suit establishes whether or not an seen frequency distrubition differs via a theoretical distribution.

A test of independence analyzes whether matched observations on two variables, expressed within a contingency desks, are self-employed of each different ” for instance , whether persons from different regions change in the regularity with which they will report that they support a political candidate.

You browse ‘Analysis of Home Basic safety of the Seniors Living in Metropolis and Non-urban Areas’ in category ‘Papers’ The first step in the chi-square check is to calculate the chi-square statistics. In order to avoid ambiguity, the importance of the test-statistic is denoted by X2 rather than? two: this also serves as a reminder that the distribution of the check statistic is not specifically that of a chi-square random variable.

Nevertheless some writers do use the? 2 mention for quality statistic. A perfect test which does not depend on using the estimated? 2 division is Fisher’s exact evaluation, this is much more accurate in evaluating the value level of quality, especially with tiny numbers of statement. The chi-square statistic is definitely calculated by finding the big difference between every single observed and theoretical rate of recurrence for each feasible outcome, squaring them, separating each by the theoretical rate of recurrence, and taking sum with the results.

The second important part of determining the test statistic should be to define the degrees of liberty of the evaluation: this is fundamentally the number of observed frequencies altered for the result of applying some of those observations to establish the “theoretical frequencies”. Results: 11. 2% of the seniors living in metropolis, 14. 4% of the elderly living in rural areas in whose age is definitely 80 and also age in the range TABLE 1: Study of demografic info for seniors living in the town and in countryside areas Parameters | METROPOLIS | COUNTRY | | | | | |Age | | | |65-69 age | | | |70-79 era | | | |, 80 age | | | | | | | |Gender | | | | | d % | n % | | | | | | |171 51. 8 |78 42. eight | | |122 thirty six. 9 |78 42. | | |37 11. two |26 13. 3 | |Woman | 189 57. 3 |107 58. almost eight | |Man |141 40. 7 |45 41. two | |EDUCATION | | | |Literacy does not know | 19. 1 nineteen. 1 |61 33. | |Literate | | | |Primary Institution |37. a few 37. 3 |82 45. 1 | | |10. 3 10. 3 |9 4. 9 | |Middle School |16. 7 16. 7 |16 8. almost eight | | | | | |High school |9. 1 9. 1 |9 4. | |University |7. 6 several. 6 |5 2 . several | |Marriage Status | | | |Single | 43 13 |18 on the lookout for. 9 | |Married |249 75. your five |150 82. 4 | | |38 11. five |14 7. | |Divorced | | | |Occupational Status | | | | | | | |Works |294 89 |154 84. six | | |36 11 |28 15. 4 | |Not functioning / Retired | | | TABLE 2: A great analysis in the homes of elderly residing in rural areas and in metropolis Variables | CITY | RURAL | | | | | | | |House type | | | | | | n % | and % | p | | | | | | |Detached | 128 36. almost 8 | 157 96. a few | | | | | | | |Apartment |202 sixty one. 2 |25 13. 7 |0. 001 | | | | | | |Private rooms | | | | |Yes | 211 63. 9 |98 53. almost eight | | |No |41 12. some |46 twenty-five. 3 | | |Have shared |78 33. being unfaithful |38 twenty. 9 |0. 001 | |Domestic supply | | | | |Good | 218 66. 1 |106 58. | | |Bad |112 thirty-three. 9 |76 42. six |0. 05 | |Satisfaction | | | | |Satisfied | 233 71 |107 54.99. 8 | | | | | | | |Not pleased |97 30. 4 |75 41. 2 |0. 07 | | | | | | |Financial Circumstance | | | | |Self-sufficient | 257 77. 9 |109 59. 9 | | | | | | | |Children looking |56 17 |52 28. 6 |0. 0001 | | |17 a few. 1 |1 11. a few | | |Relatives seeking | | | |

Table a few The study of the life type of elderly moving into rural areas and in the location |Variables | CITY | RURAL | | | | | | | |Living agreement | | | | | | | | | |Single | | | | | | | | |With his wife | | | | | | | | | |With family | | | | |Leisure actions | | | | | | n % | d % | p | | | | | | | | | | | | |59 17. 9 |30 18. 5 | | | | | |0. 5 | | |196 59. 4 |112 61. your five | | | |75 22. several |40 22 | | | | | | | |Participation is | 130 39. 4 | 48 dua puluh enam. 4 | | | |200 60. 6 |134 73. some |0. 03 | |Accession No | | | | | | | | | |Security credit score | | | | |Excellent | 7 2 . 1 | 0. five | | |Well |76 23. 0 |27 16. 8 |0. 027 | |Bad |247 74. on the lookout for |154 84. 6 | | The knowledge about circumstance of outdated peoples properties are shown in Table 2 . Regarding %59, four percent of old persons living in metropolitan areas, and %61, 5 percent of old persons living in country areas mentioned that they experience their husbands/wifes together.

The moment results of Home Security and Control list are checked out, mean quantity of old people living in metropolitan areas is twenty. 618. 18, while indicate number of older people living in rural areas is twenty-five, 169, fifty nine. About %74, 9 percentage of houses of people living in urban centers are discovered bad in security criterion, %23 are considered good and %2, one particular are perfect. In rural areas however , %84, 6 are discovered bad, %14, 8 are good and %0, 5 will be perfect. (Table 3) Issue: Every year, many elderly people get injured simply by an accident in their own homes, or near it. The majority of injuries result from preventable risks. Using property security and control list with standard periods, offers chance to value condition again, that leads possibility for making those hazards and hazards obsolote.

Inside our study, old people living in city and rural areas are found similiar by means of grow older and gender. This end result shows that, HSCL results are not really affected this two elements. Educational position of these two groups were examined, the bigger the educational level of those surviving in cities and therefore are better home security scores were seen. In our study, 86. 3% of those moving into rural areas’ reputation continued living in their particular houses and 53. 8%of living in non-urban areas whose have a special room, we have been identified. Percentage of people living in houses inside the city (38. 8%) below those living in rural areas, although the towns have the persons in the exclusive room price is bigger (69. 9%).

We think that it is significant to consider this scenario, while organizing house by using security. In respect to home basic safety checklist, reaching domestic user friendliness for both equally elderly organizations have similiar charecteristics, the typical score has not been effective about. However , a higher proportion of elderly living in rural areas in the (41. 2%) stated that they are unsatisfied with our residence security-related conditions that indicate a huge size. 45. 1% of people living in rural areas requiring financial support to another person, in defense against danger at your home to prevent the essential ergonomic polices is an important economical problem. Within our study, we certainly have control inside the city (74. 9%) and of the houses in rural areas (84. %) a large proportion of hazardous and dangerous as to fall hazard was observed. For anyone living in the town, to live in the apartment, the financial situation great to be home and content with the condition are essential factors in domestic protection. For older people moving into rural areas however , having poor education, living in a personal house and being monetarily dependent increases the security score, and leads danger intended for security of men and women. Our results are also suitable for literature The surver employed in our study, includes the different characteristics of house and various activities produced in house, that enables to evaluate and become prepared against accident risks under every single sub-topic.

For old persons living in countryside areas however , having poor education, living in a private house and being financially centered raises the security score, and leads danger for secureness of people. Each of our results are also compatible with literature. The surver used in each of our study, contains the different qualities of home and different activities made in residence, which allows to gauge and be well prepared against incident risks under each sub-topic. (1, 2) %74. 9 percent of individuals living in cities and %86 percent of individuals living in rural areas possess bad protection score, which shows they can be unprotected agains various accidents and is catagorized. Those risks are similiar, both for old people living in apartments rentals and private homes.

Of each chapter house when it comes to accident risk assessment and risk profile will reveal its connection with complications which occur with maturing also are regarded as investigated. Moreover, determining the injury crash record kind is important for audit and control devices. In light of these records and data will probably be at home with ergonomic desk regulations reduce the risk of injuries increasing maturing, the elderly and even more healthy lifestyle with a level of00 quality of life can continue to take ideal measures will be required. 6-Ethical Thought and Limits: While we could doing a research on the seniors to learn their very own life, all of us respect their private life. So , we take care of really should not revealed all their names and other personel info. 7-Research Effects and Suggestions:

In line with the results of the study, security, the importance of quality of life is usually emphasized once more. Ergonomic and architectural creation of suited habitat various risk removing the factors, will reduce the risk of personal injury. In this circumstance, the health personnel by making a joint task with the designers of the properties in the community who live a wholesome life, ideal for all people, especially the elderly are thought to be present. Also from this issue of local government, municipal society companies and govt to develop policies and strategic plans are required. 8-Reference: www. korhek. org http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Pearson’s_chi-square_test

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