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MAIN ITEMS TO BE COVERED IN THE GROUP PROJECT 1 . Overview of chosen company/product as well as its domestic online marketing strategy (in the in which it really is currently based). Victoria’s Key is an American retailer of women’s have on, lingerie and beauty products.

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[2] It is the most significant segment of publicly-traded Limited Brands with sales of over US$5 billion and an working income of $1 billion in 2006. [2] Victoria’s Secret is known for its gross annual fashion show, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and for its catalogues, both of which will feature top rated fashion versions.. In-depth Environmental Analysis of key overseas country-market(s) becoming considered intended for expansion. This may include Cultural, Political, Economic, Legal and Technological areas of the environment (all aspects of the macro and micro environment that are tightly related to the particular company/product and country-market being looked at need to be covered). ¢ Environmental Analysis has to be supported by country-specific research, and sources has to be cited helping key points of views on the nation. Key comparison between the particular foreign marketplace and the real estate market must also become identified and discussed a few. Competitive Evaluation 4. SWOT analysis ” company’s very own strengths and weaknesses in the context of the environmental evaluation and industry audit. 5. Evaluation of companies Targets (both short and long-term) for the specific products and country-markets being regarded as (in the sunshine of the environmental analysis) and recommendations. six.

Assessment with the country-market opportunity being deemed, and likely market-entry strategies appropriate towards the market, which includes recommendations on the most suitable market-entry approaches in the framework of the previous analysis (Note: In situations the place that the company has recently decided on a country-market to enter into, you would evaluate and critique the organization decision, and provide your view on whether you agree with the actual country-market decision or not). 7. Marketing Mix Tips for the selected country-market and rationale pertaining to the suggestions.

Particular research should also be made to Standardisation and Adaptation (ie. The marketing mix elements that will be a couple of carried above from the home industry to the international market and therefore standardised, as well as the marketing mix elements which will be customized to fit the requires of the international market needs to be analysed and highlighted). The marketing mix recommendations should include: a. Target markets and consumer account b. Worldwide Product/Services strategy c. Intercontinental Marketing Communications approach d. Foreign Distribution , Channel Managing strategy e. International Costs strategy f.

Any other relevant marketing combine elements that you just recommend provide a part of the strategy to your foreign industry Please note that your suggestions will need to realistically flow through your Environmental research (including the comparison of your home market and the foreign market), SWOT analysis, evaluation of company aims, and range of market and entry-strategies. Additionally, they need to supply a rationale to get how implementing your recommendations will bring about the company achieving the objectives you may have defined. Markings Allocation for Items over: Item you: 10% Item 2: 20% Item three or more: 6% Item 4: 10% Item 5: 4% Item 6: 10% Item several: 40%

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