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Management and Organizational structure of Goddard Catering Group Ltd. Bottling water organization Mission Assertion Your Health is definitely our Concern Your being thirsty is ours to out Vision Declaration To be the primary consumer decision for filtered drinking water in St . Lucia and other areas.

About the corporation Paradise Drinking water, formally generally known as Paradise Springs is a personal limited firm, subsidiary of Goddard catering group St Lucia Ltd and was established in 1988. The corporation is located at the Hewanorra International Airport, and is a respected supplier of bottled water in St Lucia, and currently holds the most modern drinking water plant on st. kitts.

From the preliminary stage of blowing up the bottles pertaining to distribution of water to sales and marketing in the product Paradise Water strongly promotes the product the two locally and regionally in countries just like Antigua and Barbuda, and Grenada, and is continuing to expand at a rapid price. Paradise Water is supported by the St Lucia Bureau of Criteria and bears the approval seal off on every bottle produced. The company began like a spring normal water bottling business in 1988 featuring drinking water to local stores island large. They began operations with 12 employees which included you sales person, a general manager and an businesses supervisor.

While the years progressed and the business sales quantity increased the quantity of employees increased to 87 by year 1994. The company structure now included a great HR Associate, Operations Director, and Economic Controller. For the reason that same yr the company and all sorts of St Lucia suffered large losses resulting from the damage brought on by Tropical Storm Debby on Sept 10th. You’re able to send water resource was completely destroyed making them to think again about their product strategy. The decision was in that case taken to enhance the company coming from bottling planting season water, into a water refinement plant and so the name change.

Company Structure Organizational Structure The business follows a functional structure with horizontal addition. In this firm the employees report to their division managers and theses managers report to the overall manager. A cross practical information product is used to consistently exchange information about problems, opportunities, activities inside the company. Departmental managers along with the General Director are the types making decisions regarding the company. Each office also has task teams accountable for handling mini tasks within their department. Adjustments over the past 20years

Over the past 20 years the company features seen a lot of major becomes its merchandise, the move from bottling purified drinking water to purified water. The increase in the 500ml bottle size to 600ml The introduction of 3 of the gallon bottle and palm pump Increase in the number of staff and the advantages of new managerial post including accounts and human resources. The Product Paradise Water is available in a number of bottle sizes which are 600ml, 1 . 5L, 5L, along with 3 and 5 gallon sizes. Demanding testing requirements are employed to be able to ensure that this particular quality complies with the highest intercontinental standards.

Paradisepoker water as well provides free of charge coolers to customers whom sign up to acquire 10 or more 5 gallon bottles of water a week. They also provide the option of rental of the chillers if the criteria for obtaining the free much cooler cannot be attained. Description of Competitors Paradisepoker water makes branded drinking water for TEMPO, Coconut Gulf, BARON Food and GL Food Market. Paradise Water keeps 40% in the market share nevertheless its primary competitors will be Blue Marine environments and Magnificent Water. Blue Waters is actually a Trinidad based company using a distribution center in the north of the isle.

Blue seas also supplies customers with similir solutions as Haven water consisting of 1 . 5L, 5L, and 5 gallon bottles of water. Additionally, they provide 650ml, 400ml and 8L wine bottles of normal water which are not manufactured by Heaven Water. Green waters currently hold 25% of the market share. Another competition is Superior purified normal water which likewise holds 25% of the market. Crystal Clear normal water is a fresh commer for the market nevertheless the company is slowly producing strides to improve its product and getting them a? of the industry providing consumers with less costly prices intended for larger sizes of water.

The remaining 10% is distributed among more compact water corporations. Pricing Heaven Water| | Blue Waters| | Crystal Clear Water| Product| Price| | Product| Price| | Product| Price| 600ml| $ 2 . 00 | | 400ml| $ zero. 99 | | 355ml| $ 0. 99 | 1 . 5L| $ several. 00 | | 650ml| $ 2 . 50 | | 650ml| $ 2 . 50 | 5L| $ 6. 00 | | 1 . 5L| $ three or more. 00 | | 1 ) 5L| money 3. 00 | 3 Gal| money 15. 00 | | 5L| $ 7. 00 | | 2liter pk (2 2liter bottles)| $ 5. 00 | your five Gal| $ 20. 00 | | 8L| bucks 10. zero | | | | | | | five Gal| money 25. 00 | | | | Paradise normal water provides a competitive pricing advantage on usana products showing a lesser price for some of usana products except that of the 1 . 5L which is sold at the same selling price for all the firms. Organizational Culture Responsibility to Customers Paradise Water aims to provide good quality water as well as the highest quality of customer service to its consumers. After the transferring of Hurricane Tomas this year the company provides realized a significant increase in the necessity for bottled water as individuals are more health-conscious.

Paradise water has a rigiourous filtration system to ensure that all pollutants are taken off the water, the filtration system can be as follows: Responsibility to employees The company recognises that the company’s success depend upon which corporation and contribution of most its personnel therefore , the company aims to give all workers a safe working environment, ensuring that competitive terms and conditions of service ar provided to these employees and encouraging employees to get involved in the planning and path of work.

The corporation also promotes employee expansion through scholarships for employees wishing to further their particular education. Employees also receive one cost-free 5 gallon of drinking water a week while an inccentive. Social Responsibility Social Responsibility is high on the list of priorities of Paradise Drinking water. The company seeks to conduct business like a responsible corporate member of contemporary society, observing the laws in the country and seeking to improve the quality of life for all St Lucians through education, health, sports and lifestyle.

The company features the true that means of community living besides making every work to enhance the standard of life to get as many persons as possible. The organization sees giving back to the community as a means of saying thanks a lot to all St Lucians. Heaven Water is a sponsor of * District 6 school sports fulfills * The required sponsor of high jump champion Levern Spencer’s 2012 olympic campaign ” All clients purchasing the specially branded Levern Bradzino bottles of water will probably be contributing to the sponsorship of Ms.

Spencer’s trip to the 2012 olympic campaigh while proceeds from the purchase of virtually any size of Paradisepoker Water proceed towards Levern’s 2012 Olympic campaign. 5. the official water of Pinehill funwalk 5. the company likewise sponsors a number of other local children groups and activities Honours: The company has brought numerous accolades throughout it is existance included in this are: * 2008 -2011 Ministry of Social Transformation , Outstanding Efforts to St Lucia sporting activities * 2008 St . Lucia Amateur Going swimming Association ” Sponsor from the Year 5. 2012 Saint Lucia Companies Association: American platinum eagle Award intended for Implementation of Standards and Best Practices -Gold award pertaining to Social Responsibility -Gold merit for Command Business Strategy Paradise drinking water strives to go beyond what its competitors are offering as much as a product range and the price of their item. This has been accomplished for the last five years and the company strategies to continue to accomplish this by continuously developing cool product ideas along with methods to make the production element run more efficiently. The research team currently is usually developing a cool product line: tasting water with all natural ingredients.

The brand new product raises the company’s revenue by 10%. The company programs to extend its geographic industry to include St . Vincent and Trinidad. The bottle design team has finished a 5 liter design that is to be fitted to a water dispensing unit. These kinds of units will be rented to office buildings and properties for a suprisingly low cost each month. Product Approach Paradise Normal water hopes to commence testing flavoured water to determine how the general public would react to this new product line In addition to it’s current line of products, the corporation will be adding a new item to it’s line which can be in its final stages of designing.

That is certainly an improved five liter jar with a drinking water dispenser unit that will be rented to workplace buildings and available for sell to the residence user. Selling price Strategy Paradise Water retains their products inexpensive so as to maintain steadily its competitive advantage, keep devoted customers and attract new customers. Promotion Approach Paradise Normal water Sales and marketing staff conducting a hydration school at the OPSR expo2012. The company seeks to market its products through sponsorship of various community activities.

The company likewise uses radio and tevevision advertisments to promote its merchandise. Its current campaign staying the enhance the bar plan , sponsorship of Levern Spencers voyage to the Olympics. Distribution Strategy In addition to its successful distribution of water to any or all supermarkets on st. kitts and grocery stores, Paradise Normal water undertakes comprehensive home and office delivery of bottles and chillers for Mon to Thursday. This helps to ensure that customers get the service right for their the best quality product. Industry’s S. T. O. Big t Analysis Strengths

Paradise normal water is the leading retailer of purified water on st. kitts Products rates are the lowests among opponents Weakness Production of bottled water is dependant on clean running water in the water firm, should a tragedy occur and the water strategy is damaged or a drought, after that production will be at a stand even now. Opportunities Disperse to over fifty five communities inside the region Place paradise water and normal water dispensers in local quality schools. We all plan to contribute the dispensers and stock and provide the colleges with totally free water for the year. Risks

There is the constant fear one more company trying to sell a better merchandise will take our devoted customers away. If the open public percives Haven Water while nothing but faucet water rather than filtered water they could opt to buy a different brand of water. Bibliography Cozier, Meters. (2012, Summer 8). General Manager, Heaven Springs. (S. Christophe, Interviewer) http://www. businessman. com. (n. d. ). Retrieved coming from http://www. business owner. com. Heaven Water. (n. d. ). Retrieved by http://slupsl. net Williams, C. (2011-2012). MGMT. In C. Williams, MGMT4th Ed. South-Western Cengage Learning.

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