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Insecticide Tracer 480 SC MENU: What is it? Tracer 480 EC is a postponement, interruption concentrate, having a short left over action performing as a get in touch with and stomach insecticide, with trans , laminar properties for the control of bugs on gardening crops because listed. Dire 480 SC EC’s active component is Spinosad (Naturalyte) with a 480 g/l. active ingredient and, placed in the 5A chemical substances group intended for agricultural use in S.

A. Manufactured by Dow AgroScience H. A. (PTY) LTD. with registration Number L 6557 under act 36 /1947.. What does that do? Dire 480 SC is a very specific type of chemical made from a fermentation method from wild mushrooms.

The short left over of the item and the nominal effect on natural predators which includes predatory bugs makes it suitable for use in IPM control courses. Tracer 480 SC defense tools are rainfast within 1 hour after software. Apply Dire 480 SC sprays, with equipment that is correctly calibrated and in good working purchase that provides full coverage of the harvest, for obtaining the best benefits against the pest trated intended for. Tracer 480 EC includes a rapid hit down action on larva by get in touch with, but speak to and stomach action even now provides the finest results.

Tracer 480 SOUTH CAROLINA has some effect on certain predators , unwanted organisms in lemon or lime, and Honeybees. (Read the label) List of Crops and pests about wich Tracer 480 SOUTH CAROLINA is registered. Crops Apples Citrus Infestations Thrips ( Various varieties ) Which includes Western Bloom Thrip F. occidentalis Thrips,. ( S. aurantii ), (See Feedback for IPM program ) Green Beans , Peas Potatoes Desk Grapes Tomato vegetables Leafminer ( L. huidobrencis) Tubermoth chrysalis ( G. operculella ). Thrips Spp including European Flower Thrip (F. occidentalis ) American leafminer ( L. trifolii ) A. Boll earthworm ( H. armigera )

Obey the waiting intervals on numerous crops, and follow the suggestion for amount of resistance management because specified around the label. How and When to use: Tracer 480 SC. should be sprayed according to dosages and threshold values as specified for the label pertaining to the various seeds. Read alerts on labeled for resistance strategy. Tracer 480 SOUTH CAROLINA is not pH very sensitive.. (Refer the packaging for the particular crops) Match ups: Tracer 480 SC works with with W P Agripron Super, Mild or moderate narrow selection sprays natural oils and Sanawett 90 “940 SL. Blending instructions for tank blends: Use clean water and fill squirt tank up to one third and start agitation.

Add different ingredients types in the order indicated below, allowing time for total mixing and dispersion following addition of each product. Enable extra mixing up and distribution after addition of each merchandise. Allow extra mixing and dispersion coming back dispersible granular (WG) goods. Add pursuing types in the following order: u Normal water dispersible lentigo. (After pre mixing with water. ) u Wettable powders. ( After pre mixing with water) u Tracer and also other aqueous suspension systems. ( Keep agitation and fill apply tank to 3 quarters of total aerosol volume. In that case add: u Emulsifiable focuses. Spray adjuvants. ( Wherever Tracer 480 SC is necessary to be applied along with a spray oil. first pre , mix the required amount of tracer 480 SC and spray oil, before contributing to the squirt water). u Foliar manures. Application: Every Tracer 480 SC spray applications has to be made with ideal equipment that may be in a very good working purchase with very good agitation, and correctly calibrated, to give the wanted coverage for your particular way of application. Research and the actual recommendations on the label for apply volumes as well as Ha to get row plants, fruit tree crops, perishable fruit trees and shrubs and desk grapes. See the label. ) Product Packaging: Download Today A specimen Product Label is available for down load. Amongst additional information, the Tracer 480 SC label describes the current listed uses and rates, directions for use, standard instructions, protection instructions and warnings. When you have any complications downloading the product label, make sure you contact (012) 842 0200 during organization hours and a copy will be faxed or mailed for you. Material Basic safety Data Linen: Download Now A MSDS is available for immediate download.

The MSDS identifies the chemical and physical houses of the item, outlines the health hazard info, precautions for proper use, safe managing and other information pertaining Tracer 480 SC insecticide. For those who have any complications downloading the Material Safety Data Sheet, you should contact (012) 842 0200 during business hours and a copy will be faxed or mailed to you. Where to get it: Tracer 480 SC can be bought from your community Agricultural Substance Dealer. When you have any problems finding Dire 480 SC please contact (012) 842 0200 and they will bring you touching an Gardening Chemical Seller near you.

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