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24/02/2013 you 25721 EXPENSE MANAGEMENT Academics: Sean Anthonisz Nadima El-Hassan Jianxin Wang Brandon Zhu Subject Manager: Jianxin Wang Objectives two?? Why do you really take this subject matter? What do you expect to learn? Just how much did you pay for this kind of subject? Is a good investment? Expenditure Decisions 3? How much should I invest in high-risk assets? Just how much should I buy different dangerous assets?? Just how many risky assets do i need to hold? When not to shift? How to decide mispricing? Good value today? Expected return next year? Just how well perform asset charges models work?? 1 24/02/2013

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Investment Decisions 4? Passive versus effective investing? Is usually market effective? Why not? What does it take to beat the marketplace? How to hedge and how very much to hedge? Derivative charges Trading cost, liquidity, private information? How should I deal with risk?? How should I trade?? Options for my functionality? What Do We Learn with this Subject? a few?? A theoretical framework intended for portfolio building. A assumptive framework intended for the prices of equities and bonds. Some useful applications of property pricing versions and profile analysis.

Problems relating to market efficiency and investor behavior.

Course Framework 6 Cash Management Details Portfolio Theory Risk and Return Market segments and Investing CAPM Element Models , APT Alternatives Fixed Income Equities Futures 2 24/02/2013 Investment Electives 7??? 25705 Financial Modelling and Predicting 25728 Bond Portfolio Management 25729 Utilized Portfolio Supervision 24731 Intercontinental Finance 25762 Synthetic Lending options A whole range of subjects pertaining to Quant Termin majors: complex technical analysis, numerical analysis, fin econometrics, stat strategies, derivative costs, interest rate modeling. Prerequisite almost eight? 25742 Financial Management Fundamental math and statistics

Standard calculus and optimization Possibility and allocation? Mean, difference, standard deviation, covariance? Geradlinig regression by simply ordinary least square (OLS)?? Read the on the web Quantitative Assessment? A very short review in the near future What Is Predicted ” in class 9? Classes are mainly aimed at Determining and explaining key concepts and concerns Highlighting backlinks to practice? Doing selected challenges from textual content?? Questions are encouraged and rewarded.? Discussion is better than spiel Mutual value and confidence, Potential problems: repeated later arrivals, talking during address, academic honesty Code of behavior? three or more 24/02/2013 Precisely what is Expected ” outside class 10? Treat some information within the course reading components.? Group research is more effective? Work load is about 7-8 hours per week on average (albeit uneven), which includes course psychic readings, practices, and assignments. Multiple learning stations:? Multiple levels of learning:? Web-affiliated learning support Lecture material, textbook, and Excel linens Approach to Learning 11?? Examine relevant chapters prior to lectures Attempt to discover and be familiar with key emails: Concepts? Concerns? Connections?

Inquire abuout during spiel.? You paid $$$ intended for the opportunity? Believe , reflect, don’t just summarize , memorize. Practice using back-of-chapter questions. Approach to Learning???????????? ,???? I listen closely and I neglect, I see and I remember, I do and I understand. , Xun Zi Take action! , Nike 12 5 24/02/2013 Book and Psychic readings 13? Bodie, Kane, Marcus, Investments, 9th Ed, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2011.? You take complete responsibility if perhaps using a tender edition.?? Harvard Business College case study 9202-024 “Strategic Capital Management. R.

A. Haugen, Modern Expense Theory, sixth Ed, Pearson Higher Education, 2001. J. They would. Cochrane, 2006, Investments Remarks. Other fun books upon financial market segments. Assessments 16? Weekly on-line quizzes: 10 marks??? 15 MC inquiries in one hour Unlimited will try with the greatest mark held Monday morning hours to subsequent Wednesday midnight Once sealed, quizzes may not be reopened Finest 10 represents for the semester Group-based case survey Online group registration Report due 5pm Friday Drive 29 Late submissions bring point discount? Case study in lecture six: 10 signifies?? Assessments 15?

Mid-session exam: 40 signifies?? Cover lectures 1 ” 6, such as case study Qmc (question multiple choice ) (20 marks) Short-answer questions (20 marks) No formulation sheet Cover lectures six ” 13, excluding spiel 8 Qmc (question multiple choice ) (20 marks) Short-answer questions (20 marks) A short set of formulas will be identified and provided throughout the final examination.? Final test: 40 signifies?? 5 24/02/2013 Online Group Registration sixteen??? Log in the web course web page Click on “Groups in the remaining panel Group names contain “1m, “2m, “3m, “4m, indicating max members = 1, two, 3, four, respectively.

The first member is the group leader. Sign up closes following 5pm upon March 15. Changing group only inside the most severe circumstances. Can be Required? seventeen?? Materials protected in the chapters listed in the lecture software, except specific subsections happen to be explicitly ruled out. The midsession and the last exams will focus on materials covered during lectures, with at most 3-4 multiple-choice questions in every single exam in materials not covered in lectures. Supplies not protected in classes will be greatly featured in the online quizzes. Management Issues 8? Name sign: “Open intended for the business of learning? Have it out at the start of every lecture It’s good to make the lecturer know a message? Come to consultation several hours?? Other times simply by appointment Email for straightforward queries Complex questions are best clarified through active discussion? Emails will be responded before or perhaps during the up coming consultation hours? 6 24/02/2013 Learning Support , Postgraduate??? Need help together with your postgraduate studies at UTS Business University? Are you new to university as well as postgraduate education?

Not sure to how improve your academic expertise in writing, reading, critical pondering etc .? Not sure how to finish assignments or perhaps achieve your very best? Ask for help from the Learning Support Coordinator??? Make appointments for confidential individual help Lots of ‘online study resources’ to recommend / hardcopy study assets to share Enroll in the Study Expertise Workshops every semester as well as or down load them as well as Help by email / phone support / Email: [email, protected] edu. au www: http://www. business. uts. edu. au/teaching/student/resources/studen t-learning. tml Join us in facebook UTSBlearningsupport? Asset Classes 20??? The money market The bond industry The collateral market The real estate market Foreign currency markets Derivative marketplaces? Financial and commodities? Other folks? Trading Platforms 21 years old? Organized exchanges Dealership market segments Auction marketplaces? Electronic trading?? OTC , NASDAQ Substitute trading devices (ATS)? ECNs, dark private pools, internal crossings.? Algorithm/high consistency trading six 24/02/2013 Higher frequency Trading twenty two? Menkveld (2011): a HFTer on Chi-X Dutch stocks and options from January 2007 to June 2008 Trades 1400 times every stock daily?

Gross income per transact ¬0. 88??? ¬1. fifty-five profit around the spread net of costs ¬0. 45 profit on positions &lt, 5 secs ¬1. 13 loss in positions &gt, = your five seconds Greatest extent capital fully commited? ¬2 million per share? Implied annualized Sharpe ratio = being unfaithful. 35!? Sharpe ratio for S, P500 over the period = -0. 16? Chi-X is in Australia. Costs of Trading 23? Commission: cost paid to broker in making the deal? Exchange members/subscribers? Spread: Wager and ask rates Spread: request ” put money? P89, #14? Market versus limit instructions?? Price impact of large investments

Stock Margin Trading twenty four?? Borrow (from brokers) to acquire shares Primary margin Routine service margin , minimum level the fairness margin could be Margin call? Call for more equity funds? Margin plans differ for stocks and derivatives 8 24/02/2013 Perimeter Trading , Initial Circumstances 25??? Back button Corp: G = $70 Initial Perimeter = fifty percent Maintenance Perimeter = forty percent 1000 Shares Purchased Initial Position: Stock $70, 500 Borrowed Equity $35, 1000 $35, 500 Maintenance Margin 26? Inventory price is catagorized to $60 per reveal New Location? $60, 000=$35, 000(Borrowed) + 25, 000(Equity)? Margin sama dengan $25, 000/$60, 000 = 41. 67% How far can your price fall before a margin call up?? (1000P , $35, 000) / 1000P = forty percent P sama dengan $58. thirty-three? P88, #9 Short Sale twenty-seven? Purpose: Cash in on a price fall season Mechanics Borrow stock by using a dealer/broker Offer it and first deposit proceeds and margin in an account? Any dividend can be passed back in the lender? Closing out the position?? Buy back the stock and return that to the lender Profits could be deposited into the own bank account? Naked compared to covered out of the box transaction 9 24/02/2013 Short Sale , Initial Circumstances 28

Unces Corp Preliminary Margin Maintenance Margin First Price Deal Proceeds Margin Account Balance 95 Shares 50% 30% hundred buck $10, 000 $ your five, 000 $15, 000 Out of the box transaction , Routine service Margin 30? Stock Cost Rises to $110 Inventory owed Net equity? Margin % (4000/11000)? $11, 500 $ 4, 000 36%? How much can your stock cost rise just before a perimeter call? ($15, 000 , 100P) as well as (100P) sama dengan 30% G = $115. 38 P89, #12 Synopsis 30? Training course introduction and requirements? Think, reflect, and participate? Economical markets and assets Trading of financial property Trading platforms Transaction costs? Perimeter trading and short advertising? 10

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