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I. Organization Profile Established in November, 2008, the Villa-Santarromana Oral Clinic provides quality dental services to non-public clients who also prefer dental hygiene in a friendly and nurturing environment. The clinic was managed and owned by simply Dr .

Karen Francia T. Villa. It can be located in the city proper of Luna, La Union. They give services in neuro-scientific General Dental care, Orthodontics, and Cosmetic Dentistry. As for the moment it has a huge amount of clients who have comes each day for services.

We all know that modern clinics are now working at superb pace aiming to act as many people as possible together with the best of all their abilities. But since the years rolled by, prescription medications, billing and appointment schedule, is no longer sensible. In this analyze, we hope to formulate a web-affiliated application that could minimize almost all paper works and manual records keeping, as a result allowing doctors and staff ease in keeping track of individuals.

Reducing patients’ waiting time and increasing the quantity of patients dished up a system that is certainly fully computerized, user-friendly, time effective and efficient. II. Problem Definition A. General Problem: The main problem of Villa-Santarromana Oral Clinic is that they have the manual way in recording, tracking, and handling patients ask for which sometimes lead to sluggish transaction inside the clients. N. Specific Issue: New and regular patient’s records was recorded manually, * Billing declaration and its recognized receipt is performed manually, * Tracking frequent patients, 2. Scheduling of services, * Tallying of monthly cash flow. III. Goals A. Basic Objective This study was aimed to designed and develop an online center management remedy that will serve while proposal to help the dental practitioner and personnel to save time and resources together with the automation of its daily clinic procedures.

Specifically this study was aimed to: 5. To computerize record keeping of patients, * To allow dentist obtain complete individual instantly, 2. To automate billing statement and official receipt, 2. To handle medical prescription and medical certificates. IV. Job Description Job Goal: Major of this research is to produce an online medical clinic management system that could greatly increase the efficiency and quality of care in clinical practice. The system includes the account of the customer’s personal information, 5. The system monitors the data of the regular clients, 5. The system could have an automated payment statement and official reciepts, * The program will record, update, retail store, organize, and retrieve person’s records. 5. Web-access from the patients is not included, * The system includes a secure log-in for dental office and staff, * Managing appointment is also integrated, 2. Automated medical prescriptions and medical records.

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