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string(518) ‘ herein termed as the Percentage, is hereby authorized to work with an automated selection system, thus referred to as the System, for the process of voting, counting of ballots and canvassing/consolidation of benefits of the national and local elections: Provided, yet , That pertaining to the May 11, 1998 elections, the program shall be relevant in all areas within the country only for the positions of president, vice-president, senators and parties, organizations or cabale participating beneath the party-list system\. ‘


Assertion of insurance plan. ” It’s the policy from the State to make certain free, organized, honest, tranquil and reputable elections, and assure the secrecy and sanctity in the ballot so that the effects of polls, plebiscites, referenda, and other electoral exercises will probably be fast, appropriate and refractive of the genuine will from the people.

Sec. 2 . Meaning of terms. ” As utilized in this Action, the following terms shall mean: 1 . Automated election system ” a process using suitable technology pertaining to voting and electronic devices to count votes and canvass/consolidate results, installment payments on your Counting equipment ” a machine that uses an optical scanning/mark”sense reading device or any similar advanced technology to count boule, 3. Info storage device ” a device utilized to electronically retail store counting and canvassing effects, such as a storage pack or diskette, 5.

Computer established ” a collection of equipment containing regular elements, i. at the., monitor, central processing device or PROCESSOR, keyboard and printer, a few. National ballot ” identifies the boule to be utilized in the computerized election system for the purpose of the May 14, 1998 polls. This shall contain the names of the individuals for chief executive, vice-president, senators and functions, organizations or perhaps coalitions participating under the party-list system. This kind of ballot should be counted by the counting machine, 6.

Regional Ballot ” refers to the ballot on which the voter will by hand write the names of the candidates of his/her choice to get member of the home of Representatives, governor, vice-governor, members of the provincial plank, mayor, vice-mayor, and people of the city/municipal council. With regards to the May 11, 1998 elections, this kind of ballot will probably be counted manually, 7. Panel of Election Inspectors ” there will be a Panel of Selection Inspectors in each and every precinct made up of three (3) regular users who shall conduct the voting, counting and saving of votes in the polling place.

With regards to the May possibly 11, 98 elections, there shall be special members composed of a fourth member in each precinct and a COMELEC rep who is authorized to operate the counting equipment. Both shall conduct the counting and recording of votes with the national ballots in the chosen counting centers, 8. Selection returns ” a machine-generated document exhibiting the date of the election, the region, municipality as well as the precinct by which it is kept and the votes in statistics for each prospect in a precinct directly manufactured by the checking machine, 9.

Statement of votes ” a machine-generated document that contains the ballots obtained simply by candidates in each precinct in a city/municipality, 10. City/municipal/district/provincial certificate of canvass of votes ” a machine-generated document made up of the total votes in characters obtained simply by each applicant in a city/municipality/district/ province since the case might be, and eleven. Counting centre ” a public place designated by the Commission wherever counting of votes and canvassing/consolidation of results should be conducted. Sec. 3. Requirements, rights and limitations with the special members of the Plank of Election Inspectors. No person shall be equiped as a particular member of the board of election inspectors unless he is of good moral figure and irreproachable reputation, a registered voter, has never been convicted of virtually any election criminal offense or of any criminal offenses punishable by simply more than six (6) several weeks imprisonment or perhaps if he has pending against him/her an information for virtually any election wrongdoing or if perhaps he/she is definitely related inside the fourth civil degree of consanguinity or affinity to any person in the board of selection inspectors or any special member of the same board of Selection Inspector or any applicant for a countrywide position in order to a nominee as a get together list agent or his/her spouse. The special associates of the plank shall take advantage of the same legal rights and be destined by the same limitations and liabilities of a regular part of the table of election inspectors although shall not political election during the actions of the table of political election inspectors besides on matters pertaining to the national boule. Sec. four. Duties and functions in the special users of the Table of Selection Inspectors. ” 1 . Through the conduct in the voting inside the polling place, the fourth member shall: a) accomplish the minutes of voting for the automatic election system in the area, and (b) ensure that the national boule are placed in the appropriate ballot box, installment payments on your On the close of the forms, the fourth member shall take the ballot package containing the national ballots to the designated counting middle, 3. Prior to the counting of votes, your fourth member shall verify in case the number of national ballots tallies with the info in the moments of the voting, 4. Through the counting of votes, the fourth member plus the COMELEC authorized representative shall jointly accomplish the mins of counting for the automated selection system in the precinct, 5.

After the keeping track of of ballots, the fourth member and the COMELEC authorized rep shall with each other: (a) approve the outcomes of the keeping track of of national ballots in the precinct, and (b) bring the ballot box containing the counted national ballots alongside the minutes of voting and counting, and also other election documents and things to the city or perhaps municipal treasurer for safekeeping. Sec. your five. Board of Canvassers. ” For reasons of the May possibly 11, 1998 elections, every province, metropolis or municipality shall include two (2) board of canvassers, 1 for the manual election system underneath the existing law, and the various other, for the automated program. For the automated election system, the chairman from the board will probably be appointed by the Commission by among it is personnel/deputies plus the members in the officials listed in Securities and exchange commission’s. 21 of Republic Action No . 6646. Sec. six. Authority to work with an automated political election system. To undertake the above-stated policy, the Commission upon Elections, thus referred to as the Commission, is usually hereby authorized to use an automated election program, herein termed as the System, pertaining to the process of voting, counting of votes and canvassing/consolidation of results from the national and local elections: Presented, however , That for the May 10, 1998 polls, the System should be applicable in most areas in the country simply for the positions of chief executive, vice-president, senators and functions, organizations or coalitions engaging under the party-list system.

You read ‘Philippine Republic Act No . 8436’ in category ‘Essay examples’ To achieve the reason for this Action, the Commission payment is authorized to procure by simply purchase, lease contract or otherwise virtually any supplies, tools, materials and services needed for the holding of the polls by a great expedited process of public putting in a bid of sellers, suppliers or perhaps lessors: Presented, That the licensed political celebrations are properly notified of and in order to observe although not to engage in the bidding.

If, inspite of its diligent efforts to implement this mandate inside the exercise of the authority, it might be evident simply by February on the lookout for, 1998 that the Commission simply cannot fully implement the automatic election system for countrywide positions in the May 14, 1998 polls, the elections for both equally national and native positions will probably be done personally except in the Autonomous Location in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) where the automated election program shall be employed for all positions. Sec. several. Features of the system. ” The System shall utilize appropriate technology for voting, and gadgets for counting of ballots and canvassing of effects. For this purpose, the Commission shall acquire automatic counting devices, computer tools, devices and materials and adopt fresh forms and printing elements.

The System shall contain the following features: (a) use of suitable ballots, (b) stand-alone equipment which can count number votes and an automated system which can merge the effects immediately, (c) with procedures for taxation trails, (d) minimum man intervention, and (e) sufficient safeguard/security measures. In addition , the device shall as far as practicable have the following features: 1 . It ought to be user-friendly and need not need computer-literate workers, 2 . The device security has to be built-in and multi-layer existing on hardware and software with minimum human input using most advanced technology like protected coding system, 3.

The safety key control must be embedded inside the equipment sealed against human input, 4. The Optical Indicate Reader (OMR) must have a built-in printing device for numbering the measured ballots and also for creating the individual precinct number within the counted boule, 5. The ballot paper for the OMR counting machine should be of the top quality that exceeded the international standard like ISO-1831, JIS-X- 9004 or its comparative for optical character recognition, 6. The ballot feeder must be automated, 7. The device must be in a position to count coming from 100 to 150 boule per minute, almost 8. The checking machine must be able to identify fake or perhaps counterfeit boule and should have a artificial ballot rejector, 9.

The counting machine must be able to detect and reject recently counted boule to prevent duplication, 10. The counting machine must have the capability to recognize the ballot’s person precinct and city or perhaps municipality prior to counting or consolidating the votes, 11. The System must have a printer which includes the capacity to print in a single stroke or perhaps operation eight (7) copies (original additionally six (6) copies) in the consolidated information on carbonless paper, doze. The printing device must have for least 128 kilobytes of Random Gain access to Memory (RAM) to help the expeditious processing with the printing with the consolidated studies, 13. The device must have a built-in floppy disk travel in order to save the processed data on a diskette, 14.

The machine must also have a pre-installed hard disk to store the counted and consolidated data to get future printout and confirmation, 15. The machine must be temperature-resistant and rust-proof, 16. The optical zoom lens of the OMR must have a self-cleaning device, 17. The device must not be competent of being linked to external computer peripherals to get the process of political election consolidation, 18. The machine should have an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), nineteen. The machine should be accompanied with working manuals that may guide the staff of the Percentage the proper work with and maintenance of the machine, 20. It must be thus designed and built that add-ons may immediately always be incorporated in to the System at minimum charge, 21.

It must provide the shortest time needed to complete the counting of votes and canvassing from the results from the election, twenty-two. The machine must be able to generate consolidated information like the selection return, assertion of votes and license of canvas at distinct levels, and 23. The accuracy from the count must be guaranteed, the margin of error should be disclosed and backed by warranty under these kinds of terms and conditions as may be dependant upon the Percentage. In the procurement of this system, the Commission payment shall adopt an equitable system of rebates or demerits for deviations or a reduction in meeting all of the above stated features and criteria.

For this purpose, the Commission shall create a great Advisory Council to be consists of technical professionals from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), the knowledge Technology First step toward the Korea (ITFP), the University of the Philippines (UP), and two (2) associates from the non-public sector advised by the Philippine Computer Culture (PCS). The Council may possibly avail itself of the expertise and solutions of reference persons of known competence and probity. The Commission in cooperation with the DOST shall build an independent Technological Ad Hoc Analysis Committee, here known as the Committee, composed of a representative each from your Senate, Property of Reps, DOST and COMELEC.

The Committee shall certify the System is functioning properly and accurately and that the machines include a demonstrable capacity to distinguish between genuine and spurious ballots. The Committee shall ensure that the testing process shall be neutral and effective in checking out the worthiness in the System. Toward this end, the Committee shall design and put into practice a trustworthiness test process or a system stress check. Sec. almost eight. Procurement of kit and supplies. ” The Commission shall procure the automated checking machines, computer system equipment, gadgets and materials needed for ballot printing and devices pertaining to voting, counting and canvassing from regional or international sources totally free of taxes and import responsibilities, subject to accounting and auditing rules and regulations. Securities and exchange commission’s. 9. Devices breakdown inside the counting centre. In the event of a systems breakdown of all given machines in the counting middle, the Commission shall employ any available machine or any type of component thereof from one other city/municipality after the approval of the Commission Sobre Banc or any type of of their divisions. The transfer of such machines or any part thereof should be undertaken in the presence of representatives of political celebrations and citizens’ arm with the Commission whom shall be advised by the election officer of such copy. There is a devices breakdown in the counting centre when the equipment fails to look at the ballots or perhaps fails to store/save results or fails to print the effects after they have read the ballots, or when the computer does not consolidate selection results/reports or fails to print out election results/reports after consolidation. Sec. twelve. Examination and testing of counting machines. The Commission payment shall, on the date and time that shall arranged and with proper notices, allow the political parties and candidates or perhaps their reps, citizens’ provide or their representatives to measure and evaluation the machines to ascertain that the system is functioning properly and accurately. Check ballots and test forms shall be furnished by the Percentage. After the assessment and assessment, the devices shall be locked and closed by the election officer or any type of authorized associated with the Commission rate in the occurrence of the personal parties and candidates or perhaps their staff, and certified citizens’ hands. The devices shall be kept locked and sealed and shall be exposed again on election working day before the keeping track of of ballots begins.

Right after the examination and screening of the devices, the get-togethers and applicants or their particular representatives, citizens’ arms or their reps, may submit a created report to the election officer who shall immediately transfer it for the Commission for appropriate actions. Sec. 11. Official boule. ” The Commission shall prescribe the scale and form of the official boule which shall contain the games of the positions to be filled and/or the propositions to be voted upon in an motivation, referendum or plebiscite. Below each position, the names of candidates should be arranged alphabetically by surname and consistently printed making use of the same type size. A fixed space the place that the chairman in the Board of Election inspectors shall radical his/her signature to authenticate the official boule shall be provided. Both sides with the ballots can be utilized when necessary.

For this specific purpose, the deadline for the filing of certificate of candidacy/petition to get registration/manifestation to participate in the election will not be after than hundred twenty (120) days prior to the elections: Presented, That, any elective official, whether nationwide or regional, running for virtually any office besides the one which he/she is having in a long term capacity, aside from president and vice-president, shall be deemed resigned only after the start of the campaign period corresponding to the position that he/she is definitely running: Supplied, further, That, unlawful functions or omissions applicable into a candidate shall take result upon the beginning of the aforesaid campaign period: Provided, finally, That, intended for purposes in the May eleven, 1998 polls, the deadline for processing of the certificate of candidacy for the positions of President, Vp, Senators and candidates under the Party-List Program as well as petitions for enrollment and/or manifestation to take part in the Party-List System will probably be on March 9, 1998 while the deadline for the filing of certificate of candidacy pertaining to other positions shall be on March twenty-seven, 1998. The official ballots will probably be printed by the National Printing Office and/or the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas with the price similar with that of personal printers beneath proper secureness measures which the Commission shall adopt. The Commission might contract confer with private ink jet printers upon documentation by the Countrywide Printing Office/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas that it cannot meet the stamping requirements. Licensed political celebrations and deputized citizens’ forearms of the Percentage may assign watchers in the printing, safe-keeping and circulation of established ballots.

To prevent the use of imitation ballots, the Commission through the Committee shall ensure that the serial amount on the boule stub will be printed in magnetic tattoo that shall be easily detectable by economical hardware and shall be difficult to duplicate on a photocopying machine, which identification represents, magnetic whitening strips, bar rules and other technological and secureness markings, are provided on the boule. The official boule shall be printed and sent out to each city/municipality at the rate of one (1) ballot for every registered voter with a provision of additional 4 (4) boule per precinct. Sec. 12. Substitution of candidates. ” In case of valid substitutions following the official boule have been published, the votes cast for the substituted candidates will be considered votes for the substitutes. Sec. 13. Ballot box. There shall be in each area on political election day a ballot field with this kind of safety features the Commission may possibly prescribe associated with such size as to support the official ballots without flip them. With regards to the Might 11, 98 elections, right now there shall be two (2) boule boxes for each precinct, one particular (1) to get the nationwide ballots and one (I) for the local ballots. Sec. 14. Treatment in voting. ” The voter shall be given a ballot by chairman from the Board of Election Inspectors. The décider shall then simply proceed to a voting sales space to accomplish his or her ballot. When a voter ruins his/her boule, he/she can be issued an additional ballot subject to Sec. 10 of this Act.

No décider may be in order to change his or her ballot more often than once. After the voter has identified, he/she shall affix his or her thumbmark for the corresponding space in the voting record. The chairman shall apply indelible ink for the voter’s right forefinger and affix his/her signature in the space provided for such goal in the boule. The décider shall after that personally drop his/her boule on the ballot box. With regards to the Might 11, 1998 elections, each voter shall be given a single (1) national and one (1) neighborhood ballot by Chairperson. The voter shall, after throwing his/her vote, personally drop the boule in their individual ballot packing containers. Sec. 15. Closing of polls. Following your close of voting, the board shall enter in the minutes the number of registered voters who actually voted, the phone number and serial number of empty and ruined ballots, the serial volume of the self-locking metal seal to be employed in sealing the ballot package. The panel shall after that place the moments inside the ballot box and thereafter close, lock and seal the same with padlocks, self-locking metallic seals or any type of other security devices the Commission might authorize. The chairman in the Board of Election Inspectors shall publicly announce the votes should be counted at a designated keeping track of center the place that the board shall transport the ballot field containing the ballots and also other election documents and paraphernalia.

For the purpose of the May 14, 1998 elections, the leader of the Panel of Selection Inspectors shall publicly mention that the ballots for leader, vice-president, senators and get-togethers, organizations or coalitions taking part in the party-list system will be counted by a designated counting center. During the transport of the ballot package containing the national boule and other papers, the fourth person in the board shall be escorted by associates from the Military of the Israel or through the Philippine National Police, citizens’ arm, and if available, associates of personal parties and candidates. Sec. 16. Naming of Keeping track of Centers. The Commission shall designate counting center(s) which usually shall be a public place within the city/municipality or in such other places as can be designated by the Commission when peace and order conditions so need, where the recognized ballots ensemble in various precincts of the city/municipality shall be measured. The selection officer shall post conspicuously in his/her office, inside the bulletin planks at the city/municipal hall and in three (3) other obvious places in the city/municipality, the notice around the designated keeping track of center(s) no less than fifteen (15) days just before election time. For the purpose of the May 14, 1998 polls, the Percentage shall designate a central counting center(s) which will probably be a open public place inside the city or municipality, such as the case in the National Capital Region and in highly urbanized areas.

The Commission might designate different counting center(s) where the national ballots players from different precincts of numerous municipalities will probably be counted using the automated program. The Commission shall content prominently a notice thereof, for at least 20 (15) days and nights prior to selection day, at the office of the selection officer, on the bulletin panels at the comunitario hall and three (3) other conspicuous places inside the municipality. Securities and exchange commission’s. 17. Keeping track of procedure. ” (a) The counting of votes will be public and conducted in the designated checking center(s). (b) The ballots shall be measured by the machine by precinct in the order of their appearance at the keeping track of center.

The election police officer or his or her representative shall log the sequence of arrival from the ballot bins and reveal their state. Thereafter, the board shall, in the presence of the watchers and associates of licensed citizens’ adjustable rate mortgage, political parties/candidates, open the ballot box, retrieve the ballots and minutes of voting. This shall check whether the quantity of ballots tallies with the info in the mins. If you will discover excess ballots, the vote clerk, without looking at the ballots, shall publicly draw out at random ballots equal to the excess and without taking a look at the contents thereof, put them in an cover which shall be marked “excess ballots”.

The envelope shall be sealed and signed by the members with the board and placed in the compartment to get spoiled boule. (c) The election officer or any certified official or any member of the board shall feed the valid boule into the equipment without disruption until each of the ballots to get the precincts are counted. (d) The board shall remain with the counting middle until each of the official boule for the precinct are counted and everything reports are properly achieved. For the purpose of the May eleven, 1998 polls, the boule shall be counted by area by the particular members with the board in the manner provided in paragraph (b) hereof. Securities and exchange commission’s. 18. Political election returns. After the ballots in the precincts have been counted, the election police officer or any recognized authorized by the Commission shall, in the existence of watchers and staff of the approved citizens’ provide, political parties/ candidates, in the event that any, store the leads to a data hard disk drive and printing copies with the election comes back of each precinct. The imprinted election earnings shall be authorized and thumbmarked by the last member and COMELEC official representative and attested to by the political election officer or perhaps authorized agent. The Chief of the Board shall then publicly go through and announce the total volume of votes acquired by every candidate depending on the election returns.

Afterwards, the clones of the election returns should be sealed and placed in the right envelopes intended for distribution as follows: A. In the election of president, vice-president, senators and party-list program: (1) The first backup shall be shipped to the city or municipal panel of canvassers, (2) The second copy, to the Congress, directed to the President of the Senate, (3) Another copy, towards the Commission, (4) The fourth copy, to the citizens’ arm approved by the Commission rate to conduct an informal count. In the conduct in the unofficial speedy count simply by any certified citizens’ adjustable rate mortgage, the Commission payment shall promulgate rules and regulations to ensure, among others, in spite of this citizens’ equip releases in the rder with their arrival totally (100%) outcomes of a precinct indicating the precinct, municipality or town, province and region: Provided, however , that, the rely shall continue until almost all precincts shall have been reported. (5) The fifth replicate, to the dominating majority get together as determined by the Commission payment in accordance with law, (6) The sixth duplicate, to the major minority party as determined by the Percentage in accordance with law, and (7) The seventh copy will probably be deposited inside compartment in the ballot container for valid ballots. The citizens’ provide shall give copies with the election comes back at the price of the requesting party. With regards to the May well 11, 98 elections, after the national ballots have been measured, the COMELEC authorized agent shall apply the provisions of paragraph A hereof. B.

Inside the election of local officials and people of the House of Representatives: (1) The 1st copy shall be delivered to the city or city and county board of canvassers, (2) The second copy, to the Commission, (3) The next copy, for the provincial board of canvassers, (4) Your fourth copy, to the citizens’ equip authorized by the Commission to conduct a great unofficial count number. In the conduct of the informal quick rely by any accredited citizens’ arm, the Commission shall promulgate regulations to ensure, among others, that said citizens’ arm launches in the order of their arrival one hundred percent (100%) results of the precinct indicating the area, municipality or perhaps city, province and place: Provided, however , That, the count shall continue right up until all precincts shall have been completely reported. 5) The 6th copy, to the dominant vast majority party because determined by the Commission relative to law, (6) The 6th copy, towards the dominant group party since determined by the Commission relative to law, and (7) The seventh duplicate shall be deposited inside the compartment of the ballot box pertaining to valid boule. The citizens’ arm shall provide copies of selection returns in the expense from the requesting party. After the ballots from all precincts have already been counted, a consolidated report of ballots for each candidate shall be imprinted. After the stamping of the political election returns, the ballots will be returned to the ballot package, which will be locked, sealed and delivered to the city/municipal treasurer for safekeeping. The treasurer shall immediately give you the Commission plus the election expert with a record of the serial numbers of the boule boxes and the corresponding material seals. Sec. 19.

Custody of the children and answerability of boule. ” The election officer and the treasurer of the city/municipality as deputy of the Commission payment shall have joint guardianship and liability of the standard ballots, liable forms and also other election files as well as boule boxes containing the official boule cast. The ballot bins shall not always be opened for three (3) months unless the Commission requests otherwise. Securities and exchange commission’s. 20. Alternative of Chairman and Associates of the Board of Canvassers. ” In case of nonavailability, deficiency, disqualification because of relationship, or perhaps incapacity for any cause of the chairman, the Commission shall appoint while substitute, a ranking lawyer of the Commission.

With respect to the other members in the board, the Commission shall appoint as substitute the next in the buy named: the provincial auditor, the register of actions, the clerk of the courtroom nominated by executive evaluate of the regional trial court docket, or any other available appointive provincial standard in the case of the provincial table of canvassers, the representatives in the metropolis corresponding to people enumerated regarding the city board of canvassers, and the comunitario administrator, the municipal assessor, the clerk of the courtroom nominated by judge from the municipal trial court, when it comes to the city board of canvassers. Securities and exchange commission’s. 21. Canvassing by Regional, City, Section and City and county Boards of Canvassers. ” The city or municipal table of canvassers shall canvas the votes for the president, vice-president, senators, and parties, businesses or coalitions participating beneath the party-list program by consolidating the results contained in the data storage products used in the printing in the election returns.

Upon completion of the canvas, it shall print the certificate of canvass of votes to get president, vice-president, senators and members of the House of Representatives and elective provincial officials and thereafter, proclaim the elected metropolis or comunitario officials, while the case can be. The city panel of canvassers of towns comprising one (1) or more legislative areas shall canvass the ballots for chief executive, vice-president, senators, members of the home of Reps and optional city officials by combining the results contained in the info storage products used in the printing in the election comes back. Upon completing the canvas, the table shall print out the canvass of ballots for president, vice-president, and senators and thereafter, proclaim the elected members of the home of Reps and city officials.

Inside the Metro Manila area, every municipality composed of a legal district shall have an area board of canvassers which will shall canvass the ballots for director, vice-president, senators, members of the home of Staff and optional municipal representatives by combining the benefits contained in the data storage gadgets used in the printing in the election comes back. Upon completion of the canvas, it shall print the certificate of canvass of votes for president, vice-president, and senators and afterwards, proclaim the elected people of the House of Representatives and municipal representatives. Each element municipality in a legislative section in the City Manila area shall include a city and county board of canvassers which in turn shall canvass the votes for president, vice-president, senators, members of the home of Representatives and elective municipal officials by combining the benefits contained in the info storage products used in the printing in the election comes back.

Upon completion of the canvas, it shall prepare the certificate of canvass of votes for president, vice-president, senators, members of the House of Representatives and thereafter, proclaim the elected municipal officials. The district board of canvassers of each legislative section comprising two (2) cities in the City Manila region shall canvass the votes for leader, vice-president, senators and members of the House of Representatives by consolidating the results included in the data safe-keeping devices posted by the city and county board of canvassers in the component municipalities. Upon completing the canvas, it shall print a certificate of canvass of votes pertaining to president, vice-president and senators and afterwards, proclaim the elected users of the House of Representatives inside the legislative district.

The district/provincial board of canvassers shall canvass the votes for president, vice-president, senators, members of the House of Representatives and elective regional officials simply by consolidating the results contained in the data storage devices published by the panel of canvassers of the cities and element cities. After completion of the canvass, it shall print the certificate of canvas of ballots for chief executive, vice-president and senators and thereafter, say the selected members of the House of Reps and the comarcal officials. The municipal, metropolis, district and provincial accreditation of canvass of votes shall every be maintained a statement of votes. The Commission shall adopt adequate and powerful measures to preserve the sincerity of the info storage products at the various levels of the planks of canvassers. Sec. 22. Number of replications of Accreditation of Canvass of Ballots and their distribution. (a) The certificate of canvass of votes for president, vice-president, senators, people of the House of Representatives, parties, organizations or perhaps coalitions participating under the party-list system and elective comarcal officials will probably be printed by city or perhaps municipal table of canvassers and distributed as follows: (1) The 1st copy will be delivered to the provincial board of canvassers for use in the canvass of election results for director, vice-president, senators, members of the home of Representatives, parties, businesses or cabale participating within the party-list program and optional provincial officials, (2) The other copy should be sent to the Commission, (3) The third copy shall be held by the leader of the table, and (4) The fourth duplicate shall be given to the citizens’ arm designated by the Commission to perform an unofficial count. It shall be the work of the citizens’ arm to furnish self-employed candidates clones of the certificate of canvass at the expenditure of the requesting party. The board of canvassers shall furnish most registered get-togethers copies of the certificate of canvass on the expense with the requesting get together. b) The certificate of canvass of votes intended for president, vice-president and senators, parties, businesses or parti participating within the party-list system shall be printed by the town boards of canvassers of cities including one or more legislative districts, simply by provincial planks of canvassers and by region boards of canvassers inside the Metro Manila area, and other highly urbanized areas and distributed as follows: (1) The first backup shall be brought to Congress, directed to the Chief executive of the United states senate for use in the canvas of election results for president and vice-president, (2) The second copy will probably be sent to the Commission for use in the canvas of the election results for senators, (3) The third replicate shall be retained by the chief of the board, and (4) The fourth backup shall be directed at the citizens’ arm specified by the Percentage to carry out an unofficial count. That shall be the work of the citizens’ arm to furnish 3rd party candidates copies of the license of canvas at the charge of the asking for party. The board of canvassers shall furnish every registered functions copies in the certificate of canvass on the expense of the requesting party. c) The certificates of canvass published by the regional, district, town or city and county boards of canvassers shall be signed and thumbmarked by the chairman and members with the board and the principal watchers, if available. Thereafter, that shall be covered and placed inside an package which shall likewise always be properly covered. In all occasions, where the Panel of Canvassers has the obligation to furnish registered personal parties with copies in the certificate of canvass, the pertinent election returns shall be attached thereto, where suitable. Sec. twenty three. National Plank of Canvassers for Senators. ” The chairman and members in the Commission in Elections seated en chèvre, shall write the nationwide board of canvassers for senators.

It shall canvas the results for senators by consolidating the outcomes contained in the info storage equipment submitted by the district, regional and metropolis boards of canvassers of these cities which usually comprise more than one legislative zones. Thereafter, the national table shall say the earning candidates pertaining to senators. Securities and exchange commission’s. 24. Congress as the National Board of Canvassers for Chief executive and Vice-President. ” The Senate as well as the House of Representatives in joint public session shall compose the national table of canvassers for director and vice-president. The returns of every selection for leader and vice-president duly accredited by the table of canvassers of each region or town, shall be transmitted to the Congress, directed to the president in the Senate.

Upon receipt from the certificates of canvass, the president in the Senate shall, not after than 25 (30) days and nights after the time of the political election, open all of the certificates inside the presence from the Senate plus the House of Representatives in joint open public session as well as the Congress upon determination of the authenticity plus the due execution thereof in the manner provided by rules, canvass every one of the results to get president and vice-president by simply consolidating the results within the data storage area devices posted by the area, provincial and city planks of canvassers and thereafter, proclaim the winning applicants for president and vice-president. Sec. 25. Voters’ education. ” The Commission as well as and in support of licensed citizens’ biceps and triceps shall execute a continuing and systematic plan through magazines of standard circulation, the airwaves and ther media varieties, as well as through seminars, symposia, fora and also other nontraditional means to educate the public and fully inform the electorate regarding the automated election program and instill values on honest, tranquil and organised elections. Sec. 26. Supervision and control. ” The device shall be within the exclusive supervision and charge of the Commission payment. For this purpose, there exists hereby developed an information technology department inside the Commission to undertake the full government and implementation of the System. The Commission shall take immediate methods as could possibly be necessary for the acquisition, unit installation, administration, storage area, and repair of equipment and devices, and to promulgate the necessary rules and regulations for the powerful implementation on this Act. Securities and exchange commission’s. 27. Oversight Committee. An Oversight Panel is hereby created consisting of three (3) representatives every single from the United states senate and the Home of Reps and three (3) in the Commission on Elections to monitor and evaluate the setup of this Take action. A report to the Senate and the House of Representatives will be submitted within ninety (90) days in the date of election. The oversight committee may seek the services of competent consultants for job monitoring and information technology worries related to the implementation and improvement of the modern political election system. The oversight committee shall be supplied with the necessary cash to carry out its duties. Securities and exchange commission’s. 28.

Status of various other dates for many pre-election serves. ” Whether it shall no longer be reasonably conceivable to observe the periods and dates prescribed legally for certain pre-election acts, the Commission shall fix different periods and dates to be able to ensure accomplishment of the activities so arrêters shall not end up being deprived of their suffrage. Sec. 29. Selection offenses. ” In addition to the people enumerated in Sec. s i9000 261 and 262 of Batas Pambansa Blg. 881, As Corrected, the following functions shall be punished as selection offenses, if said serves affect the electoral process or benefits: (a) Making use of without documentation, tampering with, destroying or perhaps stealing: 1) Official ballots, election results, and records of canvas of ballots used in the device, and (2) Electronic devices or perhaps their parts, peripherals or supplies found in the System such as counting machine, memory pack/diskette, memory pack receiver and computer set, (b) Interfering with, impeding, absconding to get purpose of gain, preventing the installation or perhaps use of computer counting gadgets and the finalizing, storage, technology and indication of election results, data or info, and (c) Gaining or causing access to using, changing, destroying or perhaps disclosing any computer info, program, program software, network, or any computer-related devices, features, hardware or equipment, if classified or perhaps declassified. Securities and exchange commission’s. 30. Use. ” The provisions of Batas Pambansa Blg. seventy eight, As Corrected, otherwise referred to as “Omnibus Election Code from the Philippines”, and other election regulations not sporadic with this Act shall apply. Securities and exchange commission’s. 31. Rules. ” The Commission shall promulgate rules for the implementation and enforcement of this Act which includes such measures that will addresses possible issues and scandale brought about by the two-ballot system. The Commission may consult its approved citizens’ arm for this purpose. Securities and exchange commission’s. 32. Appropriations. ” The amount necessary to carry out the procedures of this Take action shall be charged against the current year’s appropriations of the Commission rate. Thereafter, this kind of sums as may be necessary for the constant implementation of the Act should be included in the gross annual General Appropriations Act.

In the case of deficiency inside the funding requirements herein presented, such sum as could possibly be necessary should be augmented from the current contingent fund in the General Appropriations Act. Sec. 33. Separability clause. ” If, for almost any reason, any kind of Sec. or provision of the Act or any part thereof, or the application of such Sec., provision or perhaps portion can be declared unacceptable or out of constitute, the remainder thereof shall not be affected by such statement. Sec. 34. Repealing offer. ” Every laws, usa president decrees, executive orders, rules and regulations or parts thereof inconsistent with the conditions of this Act are hereby repealed or modified consequently. Sec. thirty five. Effectivity. ” This Act shall take effect fifteen (15) times after its publication in a newspaper of general circulation. Approved: Dec 22, 1997

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