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string(191) ‘ gone finish transformation while using implementation of radical interior ideas on the one hand and use of things such as kitchen units, island and other 1 ccessories on the other\. ‘



ID: 0901200883 ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This work commences the imprints of many individuals whose useful assistance and insightful recommendation have made this kind of project worthy. With honest thoughts and deep feeling of gratitude I would like take this opportunity to offer my genuine thanks to MR. RAHUL SANGHVI (MD and CHAIRMAN) M/s Dexter Agency LTD for giving chance to work for their particular organization. I actually am as well thankful to Mr. ABHISHEK RATHI, Mister. ANURAG ARJUN and Mrs. MEHA SANGHVI whose capable guidance helped me to give the present shape of the project.

I take this chance to thank the faculty in charge Mr. TOBY MAMMEN intended for encouraging with his kind phrases of knowledge and wisdom and also co-operating around. It is huge pleasure to increase my honor and I will also like to thank my institute ICFAI BUSINESS INSTITUTION, AHMEDABAD and also other staff members to get the knowledge obtained that helped me to touch up my abilities. I shall remain grateful to all of them and wish their best wants will guidebook me to come out with flying colors on the route of credibility and balance. YOURS REALLY HIMANSHU SAXENA 0901200883 3

AUTHORIZATION The report is submitted in partial happiness of the requirements of MBA Program in the ICFAI University or college, Dehradun. HIMANSHU SAXENA 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 . 2 . 3. 4. 5. 6. several. 8. ACKNOLWEDGEMENT, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.. 3 AUTHORIZATION, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,. iv ABSTRACT, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.. 1 PART 1 , INTRODUCTION AND STUDY AROUND THE LEADING DO IT YOURSELF KITCHEN BRAND, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 3 OBJECTIVE(3) SCOPE (3) LIMITATIONS (4) SOURCE OF DATA COLLECTION (4) METHODS OF INFO COLLECTION (5) CHAPTER 2 , TECHNIQUE ADOPTED, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 6 STUDY DESIGN (6) SAMPLING PROGRAM (6) FOCUS ON RESPONDENTS (7) AREA COVERED (7)

TIME FRAME (7) SPECIFYING THE SAMPLE FRAME (7) CHAPTER 3, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,. , , , , , , , , , , 9 , OPERATIONAL SETUP OF THE JOB (9) , OPERATIONAL PLAN OF THE JOB (10) PHASE 4 , PRODUCT DETAILING, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.. 13 DO IT YOURSELF KITCHEN IN INDIA (13) MODULAR HOME CABINETS (13) DESIGNS IN MODULAR KITCHEN (13) MODULAR KITCHEN THE TRUTH IS (13)



MARKET MAPPING OF VOCATIONAL COURSES IN KOZHIKODE (36) PROCEDURE EXECUTION OF LEADING CLOTHES STORE (38) PROJECT OF LEADING RECORDED FIRM (44) FEASIBILITY OF COMPLINACE DIRECTION SOFTWARE (45) SECONDARY SEARCH TACTICS AND TECHNIQUES (46) DEBUGGING OF ERP (47) PREPARED AN INSTANCE STUDY (48) 11. ANNEXURE , PROFILE OF THE COMPANY, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,. 49 mire ABSTRACT Kitchen is one of the most significant parts of the home as well as interiors are all the important as different rooms happen to be.

A new principle that has moved into in the world of kitchen interiors is usually Modular Home. As the name advises, modular kitchen is made up of a number of modular that are fitted with each other to form a design. Modular kitchens not only produce cooking simpler, but include a touch of fascinación to our kitchen interiors. Today, several types of flip kitchen accessories are available in the market in different specifications, colors and styles. Whether our kitchen is tiny or significant, simply all sorts of accessories is available to fit our style and need.

Whenever there is also a talk of home, it is considered as the most important part of house for girls. So , the decoration and care of kitchen is as crucial as the other regions of house. As problem of designing the kitchen develops, many of persons seem to have taken a fancy to the modular kitchen of late. The modular kitchen set has now become a ubiquitous feature. MEANING OF DO IT YOURSELF FURNITURE Modular kitchen is named because the themes are put together to form style of kitchen. The cabinets are created according to the size, length and breathe from the kitchen.

Additionally , important equipment like chimneys, ventilators and sinks are inbuilt which reduce the get hot. Modular Kitchen is a expression used for the ultra-modern kitchen pieces of furniture layout comprising modules (units) of cabinets made from diversified components which carry accessories inside, which can help the effective usage of the spaces in a kitchen. Normally the products which are maintained the floor are “floor units” or “floor cabinets” on which a kitchen worktop created from granite, marbled, tile or wood continues to be laid for producing spaces for varied activities in a kitchen.

The models which are organised on the wall for safe-keeping purposes are termed as “wall units” or “wall cabinets”. In little areas of home in an flat, even a “tall storage unit” is available to get effective storage area. Modular home normally makes up wooden cupboards, counter tops, inside accessories, electro magnetic gadgets like chimney, hob, built-in-oven, sink with or without drain plank and in some cases a refrigerator, dishwasher or various other gadgets. The designer normally styles the space employing modules of standardized sizes to suit individual spaces.

The majority of kitchen style software that the designer uses has an option where you can edit the catalogues to set the sizes in the kitchen models to the standard sizes you use. Modular Home has evolved being a revolutionary concept bringing radical changes in the method we prepare food food and maintain our kitchen and the points contained in it. The traditional view of a common kitchen has gone complete transformation with the setup of major interior concepts on the one hand and incorporation of things like home cabinets, isle and other 1 ccessories on the other.

You browse ‘Summer Internship Project’ in category ‘Essay examples’ It has improved greatly the functionality of a typical kitchen and brought convenience to the homemakers and regular folks the world over, especially in countries just like India, Quotes, UK and USA. The issue of kitchen space for storing in the cramped flats and houses of recent era can successfully end up being addressed making use of the concepts, concepts and images of any modular home design. But you may be wondering what makes a flip kitchen different from a traditional you are the avant-garde design suggestions in room decor, flooring plans and furniture layouts.

The style of a well-designed modular home simply sets it in addition to how this kind of most important part of the house utilized to look a few years ago. a couple of CHAPTER one particular STUDY FOR THE LEADING FLIP KITCHEN MANUFACTURER AND INTRODUCTION Company A furniture devices is an Ahmedabad structured company which can be into superior quality Modular pieces of furniture. Company A’s furniture’s are designed to deliver top quality and a premium experience to its customers.? OBJECTIVE BEHIND THE STUDY The broad aim is to be familiar with overall consumer’s perception regarding Modular.

Furniture’s Brand A and its choice for business A furniture’s vis-a-vis rivals. Towards this kind of objective, this kind of research is aimed at understanding the pursuing: A. The perception of Modular home furniture and specifically Company A’s furniture’s through current positioning of Business A’s furniture’s in the minds of the consumers as a premium merchandise. B. To understand the awareness of Company A in the same target Portion. C. Perceptual mapping of Company A when compared to their competitors. D. Feedback in the current customers of Organization A. E.

Profiling prospective customers of Organization A depending on but not restricted to their psychographics, brand desire, loyalty, trust and predicted services. F. Determining potential below the series (BTL) actions that can be carried out for the promotion of Company A based on the profiling of the potential as well as current customers.? SCOPE OF STUDY To comprehend how in fact market research can be carried out over a live project. Understanding the entire operational methods and processes that are followed during the researching the market Understanding the standard perception and brand recognition study among the samples and respondents

This project may help the company to find out where their position stands among the rivals and among the list of consumers 3 What BTL activities can be executed by the Company A to boost their potentiability in the market? Carry out consumers consider Company A as premium brand? Analyzing the advantages and some weakness of Organization A using its competitors Medium of understanding of Company A and its rival among the concentrate on group Comprehending the buying behavior of clientele and the elements they take into account while purchase modular home and closets

The extent to which the buying decision of do it yourself furniture is definitely influenced by architects and interior designers Understanding the stats part how analysis of any project is performed? LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY? Insufficient primary data on the company awareness and brand belief of a leading modular pieces of furniture brand? Lack of proper extra data available in research journals and on internet? Hard to get meetings with the Company A users and potential customers that we wished to target and also their co-operation? Lack of awareness regarding modular household furniture brand Neighborhood language trouble because receiving information through Gujarati becomes a difficult portion as most of them are not well versed with the neighborhood language? Physical limitation was also presently there since we have to target the premium segment which were hard to tap besides Ahmedabad? Rare appointments via interior architects since typically are busy with their work? Respondent needs to be SEC A2 or A2 category? Test size should be from a home that can be bought not less than 2 years back? Architects and interior designers who discounts in larger branded class of products SOURCE OF DATA COLLECTION For the collection of data pertaining to the Company A we proposed to collect the information from those households which were newly constructed, societies that have been constructed in not less than 2 years and high rise bungalows having modular kitchen of other brands, through personal connections, through data from the internet plus the database give by the organization itself of interior designers and designers and the buyers of Company A alone.? METHODS OF DATA COLLECTION u o Questionnaire was both close ended and open up ended in accordance with the requirement of information.

The interviews for your data collection were conducted with the spouses (i. e. husband and wife) from the family either by using a joint questionnaire or perhaps different forms. 4 o o to Interviews with architects, interior designers and competitors had been done through mystery shopping in which researchers were provided for them to get queries as customers. We first got the visit of Business A users and then traveled to their home to get the data throughout the questionnaire. When ever appointment had not been feasible, we made chilly calls and directly went to their omes without telling them We took the music recordings of various respondents and took several qualitative data from the songs which were certainly not normally drafted during the time of interview. 5 CHAPTER 2 STRATEGY ADOPTED? ANALYSIS DESIGN We now have chosen descriptive study since in this task our target are clearly defined and we need to gather specifics about all the aspects of problems.? SAMPLE PLAN , Sampling cover current and potential customers were as follows: Category Potential Customers Decision maker , Current Customers of Business A 35 50 Total 80

Test size of the customers was amounted to about 50 so that we can understand what were the future possibilities of Company A venturing forward6171 and the thing that was the general notion and Psychology of the prospective customers and also traffic monitoring their shopping for behavior about the kitchen. Test size of the Users of Organization A was amounted to about dua puluh enam so that we could understand what is the general understanding about the Company A among the list of users and how do they are Company A as a superior brand. What are their feedbacks and what have they knowledgeable after they include purchased Organization A.

Testing plan for opponents catering to same target segment by Company A Category Amount Interior Designers 5 or perhaps Architects 6th The main reason in back of Interior Are usually were selected since they better know what will be the requirements of the clients and what is all their general notion about Firm A. Given that they regularly cope with the clients and discuss with various dealers. They find out exactly the power and weak spot of each and every manufacturer and will be very easily able to say which brand performs the best on what factor.? CONCENTRATE ON RESPONDENTS

Focus on respondents for the research involves?? Current consumers of Organization A( who may have purchased Business A products in the last two years) Potential clients (which happen to be non purchasers or customers of competitor products) owned by SEC A and have bought in the last two years or are in process of getting houses really worth of INR 50 lakh to INR 1 . your five crores Are usually and Home designers (who are offering consultation to get houses varying between INR 50 lakh to INR1. 5 crores) Interior Designers with an overlapping concentrate on segment to Company A’s.? AREA COVERED

Pilot analyze was required for the college itself with my buddies so that My spouse and i come to learn what complications I can confront in my Questionnaire. Then I targeted a premium part respondent through my own personal origin which was in Bopal and a part of the study was required for the company itself. When the genuine operation started I covered near regarding each and every area of the Ahmedabad and bit of Gandhinagar itself. The region includes:??????? Bopal Maninagar Gandhinagar Satellite highway Bodak Dev Thaltej Gam Sola Highway Area around Research city Street Gota Group C. G. Road S. G. Highway

Jodhpur Cross Road Amli Bopal Highway? Sola Overbridge? TIME FRAME Total time for Market survey and Data Analysis Comprised of 12 weeks which was started within the 2nd week of Febuary and ended at next week of May? SPECIFYING THE SAMPLE FRAME 7 The data source of the entire sampling framework for potential customers was accumulated through references and Societies which were recently built in the luxurious localities of Ahmedabad. Organization personals that have their own homes. For the database of the users, checklist of customers was provided in the company by itself form exactly where we had accumulated the data.

For the architects we accumulated the data through the personal resources like internet, yellow pages plus the list given by the company on its own. 8 PHASE 3 OPERATIONAL EXECUTION WITH THE PROJECT TARGETS DEFINED SUPPLEMENTARY SEARCH QUESTIONAIRE DESIGN PRELIMINARY STUDY INFO COLLECTION DATA VERIFICATION DATA ENTRY INFO VALIDATION RESEARCH 9 FUNCTIONAL SCHEDULE WITH THE PROJECT Amount of time in weeks Activity 15TH FEBRUARY 22ND FEBRUARY 1ST MARCH 8TH MAR 15TH MAR 22ND 03 29TH 03 5TH APR 12TH ARRIL 19TH ARPIL 26TH THE SPRING Research Style Tool Style Pilot Screening Investigator Training Primary Data Collection

Data Validation Data Entry and Coding Evaluation Preparation of report? AIM DEFINED The consumer itself had in the brain what goal we need to accomplish and focus on those aspects. They gave us the aim to fulfill their particular requirement and design their market research software according to the requirements of goal. Once the objective was described we came to our next phase that is certainly secondary search.? SECONDARY SEARCH Before we take on the aim and start the primary research it was essential for us to learn what current trends ready on on the market about flip furniture.

We all needed to locate which are the brands active in Ahmedabad and therefore are they the competitors of company A. We browse the home site of various firms and find out what new products and services draught beer providing to the consumer. We necessary to know how others are making their very own strategy to separate their products and what is their particular internal technique of working? This kind of aspect are actually covered on the market analysis of Modular Kitchen. We find the actual perception about the general persons and how home makes an important part of every home and the emotions connected with it. zero 3RD MAY? QUESTIONAIRE DESIGN The most important exploration tool for every market research is usually its questionnaire which includes a set of concerns that are instructed to cover the aim. These inquiries are asked to the target respondents to ensure that we can get important information from. It is necessary that questions be designed in such a way in order to cover all the details that we require. This requires a whole lot of thinking, we have to analyze each and every questionnaire from the point of view of the target surveys takers. Questionnaire has in the appendix part of this report. INITIAL STUDY When the questionnaire is usually finally made, we need to test out on the sample target respondents so that we can understand if there are any kind of loopholes present in the customer survey. Is the test target surveys takers able to be familiar with question were asking? plus the type of meaning he attracts after asking the question, Simply how much time kind of effort does it take to finish the whole process of interviewing? All of these things are kept into account when we do the pilot analyze and if it feels that something happens to be not right, questionnaire is definitely again changed to an extent.

The main goal behind the pilot idiot is to associated with questionnaire understandable to interviewee and job interviewer. After a lot of pilot research the final set of questions was prepared which was found in the rest of the second option process of data collection and data entry and affirmation.? DATA COLLECTION This was one of the tedious areas of project exactly where we have to accumulate data. It was a little while until near about 12 weeks to gather all of the data we wanted. We first required the test of 50 prospective customers where we needed to find out the influencers who can influence other people to consider the modular itchen. In this we attended new climb societies and people through personal contacts which may have a cost of house as Rs. forty five lakhs and house have been constructed from only 2 years. We went all around the Ahmedabad and faced a large number of problems like somewhere participants were not ready to disclose any information or watchman did not let us to enter the societies. But it was an excitement experience for all of us and we were successful in taking the entire sample we wanted. All of us than transferred towards the users of Firm A who alreay have purchased modular kitchen through the Company A.

This set of the customers was handed by the firm itself. Our major method included taking appointments from your customers and then interviewing all of them for the objective. In the beginning we faced a lot of problems, many of them neglected all of us, to some persons we could not reach promptly of the scheduled appointment they gave us and a lot of refused to have the answer. A few of the phone numbers of varied users were missing. All of us moved on to another phase with the project by looking into making cold phone calls i. at the. going right to their home devoid of taking the session.

We travelled around the time of evening when everyone was present at the home. We make a team of around 8 adults and roam the various aspects of Ahmedabad trying to cover each of the homes in the same place. We were effective in collection all the information we needed. 14 We now moved on to the next level of the project for collecting information through the interior can be and designers who handle high end products. To map the Company A with respect to its competitors, all of us needed to understand for what reason the interior architects suggest brand N over A or what makes organization A different from B.

The main idea behind was to understand the perception of Architects and Interior Designers about the business A. With this we took the database from company A who handle them asked them about their perception. We tried to collect the information from them but many of these were out of place for their very own work or were during a call for some operate. Also we couldn’t strategy them because of time restrictions that we have to offer on different projects.? DATA VERIFICATION In fact the data have been completely collected, it had been necessary for all of us to know if the data is authentified or not.

For this specific purpose we initial took the process of data verification wherein all of us make the call to the respondents once again and asked whether there have been any kind of interviews executed on you or not. In the event that there was whatever missing in the data, all of us asked these people and fulfill the required questionnaire.? DATA ADMITTANCE For the data entry procedure we initial made the code linen to enter the info and then independently entered the data for potential customers and users. The data access for the interior architects was qualitative and so we would not have to make any code sheet.

It absolutely was more on the descriptive part of data where we were provided some objective based on which in turn we have to your data.? INFO VALIDATION Following the data has become entered into the computer, the next job comes up of information validation exactly where we have to validate the data we entered. This required that no matter what data was on in the paper contact form must be entered in a correct format in SPSS and EXCEL record. Validation is performed mainly for the purpose of checking whether the data which was entered in the EXCEL is correct or certainly not.

We initial checked this manually and after that compared both the EXCEL data by making a little logic of 1 or 0 where one particular stands for accurate and zero stands for phony. If everywhere we find the information has 0 has its result we all immediately accurate the data in the EXCEL file.? ANALYSIS This can be the last stage of virtually any market research task where all of us do the research of the task from every single point of view. We discover the interpretations through graphs and charts and see whether there is any strong locating coming up trying to co-relate to problems. We discover out the causes of the outcome springing up and put this in front of customers.

We try to apply several test within the raw info and come up with some decisive findings. 12 CHAPTER 5 PRODUCT DETAILING? MODULAR KITCHEN IN INDIA The real estate boom in India has noticed the construction of a large number of condominiums and comparable residential devices in main cities, just like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon and Pune. The depleting property resources on the one hand and the raising requirements of growing population and migrant workers on the other have forced constructors to keep how big is a functional kitchen to the minimal.

Faced with the issues of tiny kitchen size and less storage area, homeowners have found the right answer within a modular home. A do it yourself kitchen consists of different themes of cabinets which can easily always be integrated or disintegrated, as a result increasing portability and powerful use of obtainable space. Their increasing acceptance over the years has had many intercontinental brands in India and today one can find a fantastic variety in modular kitchen design within a reasonable budget range. There are A language like german models as well as samples supply by china manufacturer that offer an exilerating range in designs whilst in the prices.? FLIP KITCHEN CABINETRY

The things that comprise a typical modular kitchen in India and elsewhere normally includes cabinetry, counter tops, gadgets like wine bottle coolers, chimney, pre-installed oven, dishwasher and other home appliances, and inside accessories, including sink, hob, gas oven, shutters, trolleys, trays, door knobs and other hardware materials. Modular home cabinets would be the core in the entire program and relating to their position they could be possibly wall cabinetry or floors cabinets. Depending upon the design and floor ideas, kitchen cupboards may vary in dimensions, height, width, color plus the material used to make them STYLES IN MODULAR KITCHEN A modular home design takes into account the overall decorations of the house plus the comfort level of its users. Publications and websites offer prominent photos of several contemporary patterns. Wooden cupboards of dazzling vibrant shades and stylish hardware including entry doors and door knobs are in pattern these days. Latest equipment, trendy furniture pieces, a glass work, graceful fittings and sleek themes give a tinge of modern quality as well as category to the general design of a modular kitchen. Whatever design you choose must improve efficiency besides adding a style assertion to the home decor.

These days applications are also accustomed to develop a modular kitchen design specific to meet your needs.? MODULAR KITCHEN IN REALITY 13 14 The and designers of modular kitchens maintain a catalog of latest models with shiny photos of modules and accessories. The modular kitchen photos pictures of its components help you identify a design which could harmoniously go along with the design of your house. Search the Internet or perhaps browse through the web pages of an interior planning magazine to find numerous photographs for modern day kitchen plans, which may include U-shaped and L-shaped do it yourself kitchens.

We all at this site provide you resources to find latest modular kitchen photographs, ideas, programs, brochure, samples, furniture layouts, wallpapers, as well as reviews.? ADD-ONS OF MODULAR KITCHEN Do it yourself kitchen accessories add a greater degree of operation to the workshop inside a kitchen besides enhancing its overall appeal. These may include electronic gadgets as well as non-electronic items, such as gas ranges, cooking amounts and furniture items. Probably the most common flip kitchen accessories are listed here: Gas Ovens Cooking Amounts

Dishwasher Refrigerator Racks Baskets, such as Utensils Basket, Menu Basket and Partition Basket Pantry Shelving Sink Shutters? MERITS OF MODULAR KITCHEN The is worth of Do it yourself Kitchen Designs lie from the point of view that they generate cooking a celebration. The reason is , subtle technicalities of environmental psychology happen to be taken into consideration whilst designing Do it yourself Kitchens. That’s the reason why the module kitchen areas are came under use constantly. Many Kitchen Decor and Renovation Professionals conclude that Modular The kitchen have many the boons.

They are simple to dismantle and in case we must move our residence, we can carry every one of the modules and modular kitchen cabinets within a box and install it each of our new kitchen. We can purchase the modular kitchen cabbies in accordance to our spending budget and keep about adding bits later when possible. In case you test this sort of kitchen in respect to sanitation point of view, to completely clean and maintenance of modular kitchen is very simple also time saving. Any time you have to produce repairs in the kitchen or perhaps house you are able to dismantle that particular module and possess it mended. Modular Dining rooms have changed the concept of home in today? world since it has provided household women with a cozy yet a classy space through which they can make investments their good time and space. As against the traditional concept of kitchen which in turn required a lot of repair to prevent messiness, the emergence of modular kitchens possess diminished those problems as they are easy to handle with full services and convenience which assists with making food preparation a party. 15 PART 5 INDUSTRY ANALYSIS OF MODULAR KITCHEN? MODULAR HOME MARKET IN INDIA Flip kitchen marketplace in India is growing for a price of about 40% every year. The total market at the moment stands to about Rs. 000 crores which is focused by little retailers and unorganized sector which has a 70% market share in India. The marketplace has matured from carpenter-made self-designed kitchen areas to artist kitchens. It is believed that at least 50 percent of premium homes can opt for high-end products like Veneta Cucine, Company A, Sleek and Godrej India. Every manufacturer is eyeing a rewarding market in the wake of fixing lifestyles and higher throw away income among the list of Indians. The awareness degrees of modular kitchens in India are expected to grow 10 times in the next three to four years.

Commonly, modular the kitchen are more likely to end up being fitted in expensive apartments than bungalows. The models range from the classic to the trendy within a wide range of materials, shades, textures and finishes. Quality control has top priority simply by most of suppliers and all the wood, laminates, varnishes, lacquers, hinges and hardware employed in the models are non-toxic. In India, the most common designs are the straight-line and the classic, people continue to use sinks in India to wash items (dishwashers usually are too common), which is why they should be hardier.

The top-end kitchens available today offer a lots of classy features that charm to buyers. Such as the superior mechanics from the channels that ensure that drawers slide out-and-in smoothly? COST RANGE OF FLIP KITCHEN Do it yourself kitchen value may vary while using manufacturing brand as well as while using location. It really is for this reason that individuals find a big difference in the cost of a modular kitchen style available in the market of Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad or Bangalore.

Nations, such as Brisbane, Osborne Playground, New Lynn in Australia and NZ may well offer items that vary greatly in design and costs from what one can enter an Indian city. We now have covered each location singularly at each of our website to obtain a clear perception of the industry rates of modular kitchen products proposed by international designs of repute, just like Faber, Godrej, Prestige, Hitec, Taurus Gilma and Ornate, to name just a couple. Prices can vary anywhere between Rs 1-25 lakh depending on the design and look, and naturally the space you have.

For instance, Hacker Kitchen provides a basic 8ft x 10ft kitchen for Rs two hundred, 000. For further expensive kinds a 15ft x 20ft kitchen could cost between Rs 15-25 lakh. You can check the modular kitchen internet site links to obtain a more sense of the prices. The price also depends on the kind of accessories you’ll probably decide fitted, like kitchen chimney, or burner. Installation usually takes up to two weeks. Local brands will be less expensive, however you should certainly ensure that you usually do not compromise upon material or perhaps design. 18???????? BRANDS ACTIVE IN INDIA DYNASTY GODREJ ARAN CUCINE HAECKER ALNO SCAVOLINI

VENETA CUCINE LISPO PRESTIGE ICE CUBES SLEEK KITCHEN AREAS KITCHEN GLOBE POGGENPAUL KITCHEN GRACE DONNA ROSSI seventeen COMPARISON OF SEVERAL MODULAR HOME BRANDS 18 CHAPTER 6 ANALYSIS PREPARE OF THE PROJECT OBJECTIVE Category Perception of Respondents regarding company SOMETHING FULFILLING CONDITIONS Based on the experience of Company A The fact that was your overall degree of satisfaction? Will these customers in the future is going to recommend company A’s make of modular kitchen to someone else? How various have advised till present the brand of Company A to others? Just how many possess recommended until present the manufacturer f Company A in front of large audiences? What are the issues they consider Company A as superior brand? When ever asked whether or not the respondent feel anything missing in the services and the product of Current users 19 OUTPUT WHEN IT COMES TO % age format, quiche chart % age structure, pie graph and or chart % age group format, pie chart pub graph, %age format Subjective Subjective firm A’s? Customers Major influencer in buying of modular kitchen Are the respondents aware of Organization A? % age file format, pie graph and or chart Current users Who has one of the most influence inside the buying decision of home? Who has one of the most influence in the buying decision of itchen? bar chart, %age formatting From which source did offered to know coming from Company A? From which source did offered to know by Company A? %age formatting, Pie graph Potential Customer Source of Awareness of Firm A Current users Potential customer if perhaps they understand company A bar graph, %age formatting %age file format, Pie graph Source of Knowing of Other brands For the categories Coming from where did you come to know regarding other brands? Stack chart showing proportion of each and every medium of communicati upon for each manufacturer Purchasing Characteristic of Modular Kitchen For the categories What factors do you consider hile buying modular kitchen curry chart, %age format 20 Influence of Architect Have you consulted virtually any Architect to get interior of your house? Whether they advised any do it yourself furniture brand? Did you respondent the showroom of the trademark suggested by architect? What were the reasons for browsing their We rated 15 factors around the scale of just one to 5 Current users Curry chart, %age format Collection chart, Weighted Avg Formatting Top 3 factors from those 12-15 factors Manufacturer Attributes of Firm A For the categories Stack Chart, Weighted Avg. principle Pie data %age structure Pie chart %age structure Subjective

Perception of Are usually for Organization A Very subjective Mapping Competitors with Company A Measured the various factors and demonstrated in the form of bar graph and subjective as well 21 1) Perception of respondents and brands attributes (current buyers and potential customers) about Company A. We tried to find out this objective in Potential Customer and Current users of Organization A To map this kind of objective we all first asked the question towards the respondent CURRENT CUSTOMERS Based upon your experience of Company A What was your general level of fulfillment? We planned down this kind of question on the scale of 1 to 5

Exactly where, 1- Extremely good 2- Good 3- Neutral 4- Bad 5- Very Awful VERY VERY GOOD GOOD NUETRAL BAD VERY BAD Through this way we all prepared a pie graph for this issue and processed the results in terms of %age structure and try to find out the reasons to it. Then we asked the next question: Will these customers later on will recommend company A’s brand of flip kitchen to someone else? We all mapped down this query in terms of 22 Definitely Recommend Probably Recommend Can’t Claim Probably Won’t Suggest Definitely will not recommend DEFINITELYWILL RECOMMEND LIKELY RECOMMNEND CANNOT SAY NOT REALLY

RECOMMEND CERTAINLY RECEOMMEND All of us tried to identify the answer within a %age file format and through this goal we attempted to find out how very much the current users have goodwill and fulfillment level to get the company A because it is simply possible that when you have a goodwill for the company, one would certainly recommend to someone else. Through this query we tried to find out will the customers advise someone later on. Then we tried to understand the reasons for recommending to others in terms of very subjective format and gave numerous factors where they will suggest in the future.

After that we attempted to find out: Just how many have recommended till present the brand name of Firm A in front of large audiences? 23 YES NO We all tried to solution this query in terms of Yes or No and gave out a quiche chart inside the %age formatting. We attempted to find out that Are the current customer happy with the skills and the product of the Company A? Out of this we come to understand how many have recommended in front of large audiences and the effect of friends/ relatives on others. We all here attempted to track the term of mouth area publicity among the general people. We in that case track down: How many possess purchased within the recommendation of other? 18 16 14 12 zero Series1 almost eight 6 some 2 zero YES SIMPLY NO We then simply tried to uncover what was the effect of recommendation on the purchasing habit of others and try to track down has there any kind of been impact on them to buy modular home of Business A. We discover out in the format of Yes Simply no Don’t Know twenty four And gave out the bring about bar chart format with the aid of bar chart. We relocated onto required: When asked whether the respondent feel anything missing inside the service plus the product of company A’s? This was a subjective problem we asked to the participants about the missing of service or product of company.

We tried to identify the reasons lurking behind if there is anything missing inside the product or in term we attempted to know the grievances they have pertaining to the Company A. There were various factors came out and try to find out the pleasure level of the existing users. POSSIBLE CLIENT We initially tried to uncover what was the awareness level of customers for business A. The reason behind we asked this question is because if they are aware of the corporation, then they may have some notion or taking into consideration the company that can be easily tracked down but if they are really ot informed how can we all track down their particular suggestions and their thinking which in logical impression does not think right. We all asked problem: Are the respondents aware of Organization A? We tried to map this solution in the file format of pie chart with two replies i. at the. Yes or any. 2) Big part as an influencer in ordering Modular household furniture The main purpose behind this question was to know who has the most affect in the ordering decision of the modular home. We tried to track down each one of the question with regards to Current Buyer and potential customer.

Then we came up with a pie chart and on a %age terms we described who has the most influence in the buying decision of flip kitchen in Current users and kitchen in case of Potential Customer. The question all of us asked was: Who has one of the most influence in the buying decision of kitchen? 2 . five 2 1 . 5 Series1 1 0. 5 zero Husband Better half Friends Kids Family You We divided this factor into the those who generally the maximum involvement in the buying of do it yourself kitchen and track down all their decision making trends by separating those people. They can be as follows: Husband 5 Partner Friends Children Family Recorded 3) Supply of Awareness of Company A This question was mainly asked to the current buyers of organization A to know from which origin they come to learn about organization A and track down the visibility of Company via different resources. We can likewise come towards the conclusion that if Company A would like to communicate with the potential customers or current client from which supply. We asked them problem: From which source did offered to know coming from Company A? Architect Friends/Relatives Showroom Exhibition Sales Person Noticing others

We tried to track down through distinct channels all of us gave all of them as alternatives and developed a cake chart with data marked in %age format to learn from which route they are getting information about Organization A. We gave all of them many options just like: Architect Friends/Relatives Showroom Event Sales Person Watching others Others 4) Method to obtain Awareness of Other Brands This query was asked to generally track down from which source that they came to know about other brands of modular pieces of furniture and verify their consciousness level of other brands by asking this problem.

We well prepared this graph both intended for the potential customers and current customers. We all first asked the company they are aware of and then asked from where source they came to find out about this. We all prepared a Stack graph and or chart for this purpose wherever we showed the amount of method to obtain awareness for every brand. We track this down intended for various brands in terms of various mediums like: Showroom 26 Newspaper Shopping Area Do it yourself Visit Family Magazine or Print Advertising campaign Architect Advertising campaign 5) Getting Attributes of Flip Kitchen Durability Functionality After Sales Service Most recent Modern Design and style

Brand Name Selling price of the Product Suggestion From others The compny seeks to find out the purchasing habit of Consumers by providing them numerous reasons for that they purchase the modular kitchen. We divided various factors which a common man uses the intuition to get the flip kitchen. All of us asked the respondent to tick one and give out their reasons. We divided these elements in terms of percentage and try to build an overview which can be the biggest aspect that influences them to pick the modular home. We build a pie chart for that and gave the actual results in %age format.

We did exactly the same thing for both these styles the Potential Client and Current Users. The issues we deposit in umschlüsselung that tendencies are as follows: Durability Functionality After Sales Assistance Latest Contemporary Design Name brand Price in the Product Recommendation From other folks. 27 6) Influence of Architect around the Purchasing tendencies of Consumers Designers always have an exclusive role to learn in any development of building or the designing of interiors. All of us try to map out whether there is a possibility that architects include a special role to play inside the purchasing tendencies of buyer.

CURRENT BUYERS We initially asked problem to the buyers if there is any kind of role of interior artist or builder in buying of modular kitchen. We asked them problem: Have you consulted any Recorded for home of your house? We all tried to locate the question when it comes to involvement with the architect inside the interior design of the house. All of us asked all of them in terms of yes or no and built a pie data for the same in %age format. Now we asked required in connection with the above mentioned question that: Whether they suggested any flip furniture brand?

The main theme behind this question was to know the company preference that the architect follow and claim that brand towards the client. All of us tried to locate various brands and made all of the all those brands and attempted to track down have they preferred to suggest modular furniture initial or traditional furniture manufacturer. We monitored this response in terms of Certainly or No. Then simply we asked the question: Did you visit the showroom of the brand suggested by the architect? Right here we tried to track down just how many clients on the suggestion from the architect continued to a showroom visit around the saying of Architect.

Below we can locate the effect of Recorded on various areas. We also do try to find out the real reason for visiting those showrooms rather than purchasing after that. POTENTIAL CUSTOMER In the matter of Potential Customer, we did try to search for source that they are motivated in getting the kitchen for house. We tried to track down this behavior of architect in terms of asking various factors from which source did offered to know regarding the kitchen and who motivated the most. 7) Brand Qualities the customer Associate with Firm A eight 10 being unfaithful 8 several 6 a few Series1 5 3 two 1 zero A B C D E F G L I J Every dedicated customer affiliate itself psychologically with the firm and there are different facets for different clients associate by itself with the organization. We tried to find out the attributes of business A with which the customer affiliate itself with the company. All of us tried to find this issue in terms of 15 factors just like: High Quality of Product Power Functionality and comfort to work with Latest Contemporary Design Of india Cooking Behaviors Value for money Space optimization Safety Features

Timely completion of work Colours and Patterns Ethnicity Strength Range of Appliances After sales assistance 29 We all first find what are best most several attributes that they associate with Company A. We build a line chart for the same and did it by weighted average concept. Within the scale of 15 factors we took a median between 4 to 15 i. electronic. 9 and took the sum of all customers. The least mean rating will have the very best value plus the value having highest report will be least important. For each factor, we divided the result in terms of likert scale Just like:

Very great Good Nuetral Bad Extremely Bad And used the stacked chart to show the proportion of these five guidelines in every component. 8) Perception of Interior Architects The primary objective lurking behind the interview of Can be was that they know the achievement and failures of virtually any modular home furniture. They have every one of the knowledge exactly what the strengths and weaknesses of a particular firm. Through in this way we found know how Organization A is performing with regards to various competitors and what steps it will take to increase its market share.

I collected this data and presented within a subjective structure. 9) Mapping Competitors with Company A This was the most crucial of Organization A wherever we need to get the SWOT analysis of Company A as compared to their competitors. It was a subjective part and I tried to response this problem in terms of determining their Strengts, Weakness, Oppurtunities that they can get involved the future. 31 CHAPTER six WORKING IN DIFFERENT PROJECTS 1 ) A LEADING GASOLINE PUMP A) MYSTERY AUDITS: This analyze was executed to attract comparison among various gasoline pumps.

We went to each and every petrol pump of this leading company with out disclosing the identity and went as being a common people to observe different parameters depending on which several petrol sends was in comparison. The variables are the following:? Employees Patterns and Appearance: We all mapped down various factors in personnel behavior and look on the basis of all their preventability, cool and clean uniform, their very own habit of greeting initial, do they will wear a new uniform and gave the weightage on the scale of 0 to 2 in which 0 represents bad, you represents great and two represents very good Fuel filling Precision: We planned all the 12 petrol channels on the basis of various parameters just like their requesting of meter reading because zero or their amount of filling up the gas first and then fill their amount of spillage, their very own fuel accuracy and reliability as is the meter reading does not vary broadly from the amount of petrol you want.? Response Service: this kind of factor was measured in various other parameters such as speedy delivery of work and service of various gasoline pumps and what was the billing treatment being adopted at each from the petrol pumping systems. These were the key factors that were seen to become in synonym with the fast response services. Outlet Establishments and Feel: this aspect was measured on the basis of various parameters like the visibility of petrol pump board, mentioning of the gas pump costs, facilities offered by the various petrol pumps just like ATM service, presence of small retail outlet, puncture examine, air completing accuracy, and also the availability of the washroom as well as the drinking water. FUNCTIONAL EXECUTION: I was a group of 3 people who traveled to each and every petrol pump by different as well as audited every petrol pump on the same guidelines that we scored and then evaluate which petrol pump were the best plus the worst in a particular aspect.

Sometimes we have to make a team after which divide the effort to fulfill each of our objective. Just like someone must notice what were the facilities were available at the petrol sends. One discussed with the staff of the gas pump trying to know that in the event management is definitely taking some procedure for improve their lifestyle and precisely what is the behavior of dealers regarding their personnel. Someone would go and try to complete the petrol for its own car and other you might go and talk contacting companies and try to find out whether the presentablility of the gas pump is good or not really.

In this way we all mapped straight down 10 place to place of Ahmedabad and came up with our end result for which of the petrol pump was finest at which elements and announced the overall credit score of the petrol pump. 23 ANALYSIS: I actually also performed the examination part of the petrol pump and try to factor out various qualitative information when it comes to ranking and offer weightage around the scale of 0 to 2 Exactly where 0= Certainly not Present 1= Present but is not good 2= Present and good as well. We divided each of the aspect on the level of zero to two and depending on the total total of each element we came through the overall score for each gas pump and gave the result in terms of rating.

Areas Covered: Shahpur CTM Paldi Sanand Maninagar Sola road Shahibaug Naroda Sarkhej Highway Juhapura My Learning: Through this we found know what are the facilities offered by different gasoline pump, how management was dealing with all their employees, how employees take care of and addresses the concerns of clients and to examine whatever continues to be said by dealers in the petrol pump is trustworthy in practicality or not with what the staff say or not. How do they deal with customer was your most important point and the thing that was their had been they pleased with their current job.

And the most important of all is how as a buyer you see all the aspects of any petrol pump and truly feel from the stage of Client only. Secret audits require that you cover your identification and get the information with no disclosing the identity. I actually also do the evaluation part of the gas pump in which I utilized the methodology of ratings and rated each gas pump on one particular factor. B) GAS PUMP SUPPLIER INTERVIEW: Personally, i took the interview of 10 traders of the company B on various factors.

Most important of them was about the employee’s habit, how administration deals in small concerns does and what measures they take if an employee performs very well. The main reason behind this process task was going to know the 32 perception of dealers about the company and discover what the traders and the personnel think about one another. The elements on which we all needed qualitative information are as follows:? Frequecy of operation of the gas pump? Foundation Employee induction? Employee Schooling? Basis of Employee assessment? Bonuses provided towards the employees? Locational Advantage? Client satisfaction Facilities provided by the company M? Promotion through the company B? Personal Direction There were numerous findings installed out of this project. Gasoline pump used to operate every 365 days in a year and 24 hrs. Quite a few selected individuals through personal reference, their home should be near the petrol pump and should certainly be a young aged man. Workers are educated by the company itself where they are qualified 2 times in a given time. The areas wherever they are trained include tips on how to behave with all the customer, tips on how to tackle difficulties with the customers nicely, and health area in which they are educated how to dress effectively.

Giving quick services to the consumer and they are held under the control of a boss who educates the employee regarding the basic process that normally happens at each petrol pump. And after this teaching they are inducted either over a part time basis or full-time basis. Worker assessment is commonly seen if the sales of petrol pump increase, issue from the buyer is decreased, and allocated work is completed on time. There are several method used for the employee analysis like the sellers ask off their fellow workers about the performance with the colleague or personally supervise all the activities of their personnel.

Company N itself arrive for the audits of each employee 2 – 3 times in a given time. An examination report is additionally created which is given to the company B Company and instantly takes actions if anything goes wrong from the point of view of organization B. Bonuses are normally presented based on the performance of employees in the form of festival added bonus and 2- day leave. At some gasoline pump adjustable pay is additionally provided and gifts are offered by the company itself by the company by itself. Salary structure is also improved based on the performance. Many dealers believe the fact there is a locational benefit of their gasoline pump.

There were various causes of that mainly of which are due to high traffic and busy path along the placement of gasoline pump. Opportunity of development and excessive rise communities, density of folks around the situation of gas pump gives an added edge. Some petrol pumps had been situated over the highway due to which various heavy automobiles only acquired the option of filling fuel from that petrol pump. Many residential, 33 authorities and transfer vehicles get their business near the location. Home societies have been completely built up close to this position which allows the customers to come repeatedly with this petrol pump.

Most of the dealers measure the fulfillment level of staff personally. They say that in case the complaints are much less than amount of satisfaction of employees is usually high. This is especially true that dealers maintain personal relation with various customers. A few of them personally speak with the customers regularly. Increased sales also point towards increasing degree of satisfaction. Some petrol pushes maintain an internet database of shoppers that take fuel from and this can determine the level of consumers coming to the petrol pump daily, month to month or every year.

Some time customer only says from on its own that they locate this business B gas as a plus. Normally Business B would not take into account any kind of marketing activities towards the marketing promotions of their dealers petrol pump however they provide a lot of facilities such as training in the employees, retains the quality and quantity of gas, all the infrastructural requirement are offered, maintains the inventory share of gas and provide the necessary hardware and software which determines the availability of energy at gas pump.

It also provides the standard services such because credit accounts of virtually any bank and ATM center is maintained by the firm itself. All the specified recommendations to operate a petrol pump is given by the company itself. My Learning: I actually learned how to take out essential information without disclosing your identity, We came to find out about various understanding of these dealers towards the COMPANY A petrol pushes and how that they behave using their employees and what promoting tactics truly does COMPANY A employ, My spouse and i even had taken the list of varied fleet clients.

In suggestions to what all of us found at the mystery audits, we could quickly track down the perception of dealers toward its workers and the other way round. We could conveniently found in which was the distance in the thinking about the employees plus the dealers and their expectations, we’re able to easily found how the team culture was being going on in numerous petrol sends. Their way of inducting the employees and how all their training is carried out, and what was the foundation of staff assessment and what important measures ended uphad been carried out to keep them had been the most important thing that were instructed to be known in this tiny task.

Difficulties factor was going to know the essential success factors that Company A follows for its gas pump. installment payments on your MARKET MAPPING OF BUSINESS TRAINING COURSES IN KOZHIKODE. A customer wanted to create 7000 professional training courses in India exclusively. I was presented the task to to map the courses that were likely in the borders of Kozhikode. First of all we discover out the demographics of Kozhikode and the neighborhood culture with the Kozhikode and the general tendency towards the newly arriving and fun loving of people coming from Kozhikode.

On the basis of that we finded out numerous target sections for which business training courses could be setup. Those were:? Students of age 18 to 25, undergraduate originating from middle course and mostly from Kozhikode. People through this segment would be the ones who also are looking for jobs after completing their Undergraduate school. People with this segment are going to buy further thirty four studies to get better employment opportunities rather than in the interest of learning. Nothing else people are thinking about taking up lender exams and other government entry exams. Students of age 18 to 22, 12th move coming from decrease to midsection class and from not far from areas of Kozhikode. People through this segment had been more fervent in generating their own wage either by joining local agent or BPO. They also look for office government jobs. The interesting thing was many of them opined of shifting to Mangalore or perhaps Coimbatore pertaining to better task opportunities in BPO careers as income in this field in Kozhikode is comparably less than 2 cities, relating to these people.? Third portion belong to the individuals in the age bracket of 20 – 30.

People belonging to this portion generally move towards Central Eastern countries wherein they may need business training in short-term courses. In that case we managed to move on to describe study course categories and relevant competitors with details of their offerings. We assessed each and every professional training center from every single angle and tried to find out how much these types of existing professional training organisations fulfill the requirement of local people at present. We as well tried to identify whether virtually any future developments are taking place or will there be any motivation from the part of government.

We then attempted to find out profiling of manpower working in the neighborhood industries of Kozhikode trying to map throughout the degree of dependence on based on current supply as well as its quality. From then on a gap analysis is done to demonstrate that where have been the gaps founded in not skilled force and based on that suggested the kind of courses based on local circumstances and seeing the immigration patterns of Kozhikode. Individuals were:??? Soft skills with personality advancement classes Basic Computer classes Basic computer system course with office administration

Hotel Supervision courses Potential course with communication abilities Learning: The primary learning throughout this job was the supply-demand-gap analysis that was done in Kozhikode. All of us first uncover what is the supply in the local area and precisely what is the demand on the market keeping in mind the neighborhood culture in the city and after that we find your what is the present gap from your surroundings then based on that we suggested them the training course that are possible in the local surroundings. 35

We all made use of secondary search for planning this report to find out what are definitely the current industry and educational corporations are flourishing in the metropolis and based upon the programs being taught below we can design advance classes for the normal folk that they need about them. I arrived at know how normally case studies are prepared the moment writing that down through using the supplementary search we could add additional information which was not available in the statement, also all of us worked out for the gap analysis of manpower required and vocational courses that can be made its debut in these cities.

T a few. OPERATIONAL DELIVERY OF LEADING APPAREL RETAIL STORE The company desired to undertake a brandname perception research for by itself as a place to go for menswear garments in Ahmedabad, including customer perceptions to get competitors in the same category. The company as well wishes to evaluate the possibility of getting into the women swear and kids use segment, thus making the situation for beginning a “Family store.

With all the proliferation of malls in Ahmedabad town, they also need if the above mentioned “family store format or maybe the existing menswear format works in some in the big malls in the town and collect sufficient information so as to guideline further in in-depth researches for the same. This project remains going on. A) Operational Cover market research Before any job is began, we need to make an operational strategy how will this be completed in real time. We have to make all of the assumptions and discover the cost composition that will be received when the project will be

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