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DRAFT REPLICATE Reflective Article, Group Job , Dialogue Question Guidelines for Powerful Writing Peace Studies 1050, Introduction to Tranquility StudiesSpring, 2009 FOR ALL PROJECTS: Be sure to possess your name AND lab section (A, N, C, M, E, or F) towards the top of the job! One reflective essay (four to 6 pages), one particular Group Job, one last essay and fourteen debate questions (? to? site each”may end up being longer) will be assigned in various moments throughout the term (see the Syllabus, the Readings , Assignments Calendar and the Blackboard website for due dates).

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They are a chance for you, students, to cause your own sociological concerns about the assigned topic or browsing material. You should think of these kinds of essays/questions while conversations with me at night in which you can produce your own line of sociological reasoning and critical thinking about peace studies.

Keep in mind that crucial analysis = thoughtful, academically grounded asking rather than producing a negative assault. Write inside the first person and use energetic voice for all assignments. **Note: be sure to incorporate appropriate details! *** The essay and discussion query cluster must be based on the next outline: 1) Begin by framing a question about the designated reading” keep in mind that this query will form the basis of the classroom discussion. Some of the designs from which queries might be sketched include” a. Ethics, reviews among psychic readings (e. g., if Manley makes one particular claim about social justice, but Nibert makes one other claim you might ask so why they are different), b. Personal experience (e. g. if you have ever joined a student protest (or not) along with your observations about the experience are different from Johnson’s you might ask why he views things in a different way”first trying to see things coming from his perspective as a sociologist! ), c. Suggestions for how things could be different (e. g., concerns about how the general public can be made aware of issues that you think will be being kept under wraps”e. g. how economic advancement in The african continent relates to elevated poverty and war”see Tola Pearce article), d. How power and policies correspond with socially making norms and values (e. g. requesting why the media covers college student testimonies or pet abuse instances with a particular slant¦you could ask who regulates the media and how perform they do this? ). 2) Explain why you are asking problem (e. g., your knowledge might contradict what you will be reading or perhaps you think that the author may have missed a thing and you ponder why) and be sure to bring up the question to the readings and discussions. Will not simply repeat the question(s) that the author is asking!! Show me that you will be thinking sociologically and seriously about the reading. For the COMPOSITION ONLY you will likely complete products 3-10: ) Give your individual reflective response to a question you may have asked about the assigned reading(s). Either work with one of your currently completed Conversation Questions OR PERHAPS create a fresh Discussion Issue. Elaborate on how you will developed your response. Quite simply, what many influences the thinking (e. g., parents, peers, faith, other classes, or? )? Explain just how others will be (or are not) capable of influence your thinking. 4) Support the sociological idea with materials from class room discussions, study course texts, in least one particular (1) specialist journal content from the field of sociology, and your own empirical findings.

While there is no specific requirement about the number of citations required for each assignment, academic function of a top quality is noticeable by the way most knowledge statements are recognized with full citations. (remember that you must refer to readings along with discussion posts, lectures and first source paperwork such as letters) 5) If you are limited inside your ability to answer the question after that explain just how and how come you feel limited. Maybe you have by no means before considered as the issue and feel as if your worldview continues to be shaken. So what do you think might help you to better answer problem?

Perhaps you can think that having more job history in a particular organization would give you an improved insight into the matter. You might also need to speculate about interviewing people affected by conflict(s) or interviewing so-called authorities. What might you ask them? Would interviewing mcdougal help? 6) Keep in mind that I am not really asking you to see me the opinion with the reading (that it is great or bad”easy or hard). I am asking you to reflect on the way the material relates to the academic self-control of sociology as it relates to peace studies.

Be a sociologist and ask inquiries a sociologist would inquire. It is important for you to use sociological dialect and footnotes/bibliography where suitable. Here are a number of very simple examples of sociological questions (for more cases see the questions posted on each of our Blackboard website”I expect YOUR questions to be much longer than my own examples! ): a. If you have enough foodstuff to nourish the entire planet then how come there disputes over humanitarian education aid? How come people anywhere dying of hunger related illnesses? Just how is the multimedia involved in tranquility processes that may help supply the starving?

Through what social techniques other than the media do people affix meanings to peace? b. If peacefulness is valued in a contemporary society, then what makes Peace Research classes and academic applications considered questionable? Who advantages from questioning the significance of peace studies? Who manages to lose? Whose tone of voice is quietened? For the Essay AND the Small Group Poster/Essay/Abstract Exhibition total items 7-10″ 7) The Revision Process (applies simply to the Reflective Essay and Small Group Essay Exhibition”not the abstract)”you will probably be given seven days after the person graded refractive essay and small group article are came back to complete revisions.

BE AWARE: You will not be provided a grade on your initial draft. We wish you look at the comments of the grader and make suitable revisions. Revisions should concentrate on the following: 1) course content material, 2) the standard of critical examination, 3) regularity and meanness in your idea, 4) quality of sources cited, 5) grammar, 6) syntax, 7) spelling, 8) composition, and 9) some other suggestions manufactured by the person grading your essay. ) The Grading Rubric (posted about Blackboard Program Documents page) provides particular guidelines for your revisions, nevertheless , revisions should not involve the following: 1) the submission of your completely new composition, 2) simply making the essay longer without awareness of the comments with the grader, and 3) producing only beauty changes. 9) NOTE: You must submit the original copy of the individual essay AND Small Group Essay Together with the revised copy! Attach these a basic piece or a paper clip. Likewise, it is entirely possible that your revisions will not be enough to worth a superior grade.

You will not lose points inside the revision method, but you may well not gain details either. Top quality of effort matters! 10) About those citations”the graders will be checking to make sure that the sources you cite consist of (but are not limited to): course psychic readings, classroom discussions, Blackboard content, professional academic journals, and first source paperwork. You do NOT need to work with all of these sources in every assignment (although you will need to cite at least one record article in the reflective essay). Simply ensure that you fully support your line of reasoning.

NOTE: Wikipedia is No acceptable way to obtain information, and it will not rely as a citation”use of Wikipedia may even possess negative consequences. It is also important that you use a sociology dictionary rather than a standard book when trying to define crucial concepts including peace, flexibility and freedom. I want to state that there is NO SET Quantity of citations required for any assignment. It is top quality and not quantity that matters! SECOND REMINDER: FOR ANY ASSIGNMENTS: Make sure you have name AND laboratory section (A, B, C, D, At the, or F) at the top of the assignment!

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