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ALBUKHARY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL FOUNDATION RESEARCH PROGRAMME 2011-2012 ALBUKHARY FOREIGN UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION STUDIES PLAN 2011-2012 Analysis Task: Team Project (10%) Type of analysis: Four persons in a crew Starting Particular date: Week 5Ending Date: Week 10 Learning Outcome examined: 1 . LO1 – Clarify the difference between data and information, the economics and problems associated with information. 2 .

LO2 – Distinguish between several types of technologies pertaining to acquiring, processing, storing, disseminating and communication data or information a few.

LO3 – Discuss the many types info systems which have been in use simply by various agencies. Assignment Standards and Requirements: Currently, almost all of the organizations happen to be prefer using Information System (IS) to arrange and synchronize their data, Information and records. Details System is show support the organizational actions. IS providing organizations with advantages as comply with: * enable organization to increase market share/profit to better discuss with suppliers, to compete with competitors * help in managing/keeping records, organizing information, studying data 5. help in help to make a better decision Assume that you work as a Manager for IT Section in your organization and you want to implement fresh system intended for organization/department. The purposes of introducing a fresh system should be achieve organization needs and to improve efficiency of the organization. Requirements: As a Manager at IT Office, you need to make a report to the very best management.

The report is to propose/advice the most notable management regarding IS. The report should certainly consist of: 1) Cover webpage with project title, subject matter name and code, college student names and ID 2) Report ought to be in 10/15 pages 3) Includes desk of material and referrals 4) Computer-typed report The contents of your report needs to be as follow: 1 . zero Introduction 2 . 1 Information/Background of Firm 2 . two Business Technique 2 . 0 IT Structure 3. three or more Current approach used in firm 3. some Explain why you need Data System in Organization three or more. Describe the structure of IS several. 0 THAT infrastructure some. 6 Discover IT components used to make and build CAN BE 4. 7. 1 Hardware 4. six. 2 computer software 4. zero IT Staff 5. several Staff require in THAT Infrastructure (e. g. IT Officer, Coder, System Analyst, System Creator, IT Technician) 5. almost eight Explain Functions and responsibility of IT Personnel 5. 0 IT Providers (system used in organization) 6. 9 Depth Description regarding system 6. 10 Make clear the function and solutions provided by the program 6. 0 Estimated Price

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