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Relative Size in the Industry APPLE is part of the technology areas in the varied computer systems market (IBM: Brief summary for Intercontinental Business Machines- Yahoo! Finance). The market cap is 254 billion with IBM creating 218. 6th billion.

APPLE is the most significant company relative to the varied computer systems market. In a significantly less specific market of pcs IBM only trails Microsoft Corporation by 12 billion dollars dollars (“International Business Equipment Corp. “).

Because of IBM’s large size relative to its sector the relative size will not pose a huge business risk to APPLE because they can leverage their large market share, capabilities, and achieve financial systems of weighing scales. Acceptable review risk can be affected by the relative size of IBM on the market it runs. IBM is actually a large global corporation and thus there are a substantial number of monetary statement users. The large number of financial declaration users triggers the auditors to set suitable audit risk at a lesser number and therefore lowering organized detection risk and raising the amount of evidence that must be accumulated.

Major Competitors IBM’s significant competitors inside the diversified computers industry happen to be Hewlett Packard Company Prevalent, Teradata Corporation, Cray Incorporation., and Si Graphics Foreign (IBM: Summary for Worldwide Business Machines- Yahoo! Finance). These opponents do not cause a large risk to IBM because they may have much smaller market-shares than APPLE Hewlett Packard Company Common IBM’s nearest competitor just has a marketplace capitalization of 24. some billion as well as the next closes which is Teradata Corporation simply has a marketplace cap of 10. billion dollars (IBM: Synopsis for Foreign Business Machines- Yahoo! Finance). In the computer industry IBM’s major opponents are Microsoft company, Apple, Oracle, Cisco Devices, and Intel Corporation (“International Business Equipment Corp. “) IBM as a result of operating in over 170 distinct countries in multiple distinct industry sections and competition vary by segment via large international enterprises to smaller narrowly focused choices and thus IBM recognizes 100s of competitors (International Business Machines Corporation 2011).

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Intense competition in spite of IBM like a leader in almost all sectors however really does increase risks for APPLE such as selling price competition which lowers gross margin percentages, losing business, and obsolescence of current products. IBM’s major competitors by organization segment are discussed in the next section. Major Products & Competition simply by Product IBM’s major organization segments happen to be Global Technology Services, Global Business Providers, Software, Devices and Technology, and Global Financing.

Global Technology Solutions includes proper Information Technology outsourced workers services to remodel clients existing infrastructures, global process providers which includes method platforms and business process outsourcing, integrated technology services which are task management based portfolio of companies to improve IT which is built around key resources and trademarked software drive an automobile efficiency, flexibility, productivity, and reduce costs, as well as the GTS services delivery which can be responsibly or perhaps delivery of IBM technology worldwide. Foreign Business Devices Corporation 2011) Global Organization Services provides consulting and system incorporation which bring value to the consumer by enhancing strategy and transformation, app innovation companies, enterprise software, and business analytics and optimization. Global Business Solutions also includes software management services which give assistance in application advancement, management, maintenance and support for computer software and customized and heritage applications. International Business Devices Corporation 2011) IBM looks major competition in the global services portions global technology services and global organization services from the broad based competitors Accenture, Computer Savoir Corporation, Fujitsu and Hewlett-Packard Company. APPLE also competes with India-based service providers, open public accounting businesses providing talking to services, and companies that focus on neighborhood market and niche service areas. International Business Equipment Corporation 2011) IBMs application segment comes with the sale of middleware software which allows clients to integrate devices, processes, and applications across a standard application platform. Systems are the computer software engines that run computers. Two thirds of the revenue from applications are from annuity based recurring license expenses and ongoing subscription and support.

1 / 3 of the income comes from single time charge agreements where clients pay up front for a permit which is commonly from one 12 months of registration and support but they can purchase subscriptions and support following your first yr. Software offerings include data management software, trivoli software, that lotus software, logical software, burglar alarms software and operating systems. This segment is at a highly competitive market as well as the companies primary competitors happen to be CA. Incorporation., Microsoft Company and Oracle Corporation. International Business Devices Corporation 2011) The IBM systems Program Z, Electric power Systems, and System Times range from practical and integrated systems designed and maximized for particular business, public, and scientific computing needs and form the foundation for IBM’s included offerings. Storage area includes data storage parts to help consumers retain and manage complex volumes or rapidly growing digital information. They will address truly essential issues including security, compliance, storage search engine optimization, and retention and storage, availability, etc .

Retail store solutions include Point-of Sales and self-service systems and include components, software and services. Last but not least microelectronics contain semiconductor style and production primarily for use in IBM systems. In devices and technology IBM’s key competitors are Cisco, Dell, HP, Oracle, and EMC Corporation. (International Business Devices Corporation 2011) Global Financing facilitates customers acquisition of APPLE systems, computer software and providers and comes with client auto financing, commercial auto financing, and recreating and remarketing.

Client funding includes rent and loan financing to get rid of users and internal customers with conditions between you and a decade. Internal loans supports long term client services contracts in the Global Solutions department and Global auto financing also elements a portion from the company’s accounts receivable. Business financing involves short term inventory and accounts receivable auto financing to traders and remarketers of IT items. Remanufacturing and Remarketing involves equipment which can be returned by the end of a rental contract which is they distributed or rented to another consumer internally or perhaps externally.

The business competes with Cisco HEWLETT PACKARD and non-captive financing organizations of companies like Standard Electric and banks and financial institutions and remarketing the organization competes with local and regional brokerages and initial manufacturers. (International Business Equipment Corporation 2011) The nature of IBM’s products and the extreme competition in all its business sectors causes a large number of risks on the audit overall and the audit of specific accounts.

The complete audit dangers because there are a large number of inherent dangers associated with intensely competitive surroundings which can trigger products to become obsolete, damage in market share and cutting down gross perimeter, and the natural risks connected with financing. The account that is affected by this really is inventory which should be checked for realizable benefit and conceivable obsolescence. The application and services that are provided to customers are highly difficult and are bundled up together and so sales and accounts receivable should be examined for right classification and timing.

Global financing postures many risks to IBM because of its exposure to the risk of economic downturns and the tightening of credit spreads and also we have a risk the fact that clients they offer financing to get will not be able to meet contractual obligations and or default in payments. With global funding the auditors must make certain leasing plans are effectively accounted for and the appropriate business presentation and disclosures are contained in the notes for the financial assertions.

For rents the examine objectives of classification, reliability, and realizable value are of particular importance. Key Customers Zero clients stand for more than 10% of the business revenue so lack of significant customers decreases risk. (International Business Equipment Corporation 2011). Having key customers could be risky mainly because losing the main customer would have a large influence on sales, as well having key customers may allow those customers to have bargaining power above IBM.

IBM while it does not have any kind of major clients it is excessively dependent on the geographic region of the Americas for revenue. In 2011 the Americas had been the source of 43. 1% of the total geographic earnings. (“International Business Machines Corporation- Financial and Strategic Analysis Review. “) This more than dependence on the Americas might lead to substantial organization risk due to the economic downturn in the Americas and if conditions were to become unfavorable and or demand were to decrease this could injure the business. “International Business Equipment Corporation- Monetary and Proper Analysis Assessment. “) Places IBM operates in over 170 different countries and one of its major strategies is to expand into growing markets. IBM’s major market segments are Canada, France, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, the United States, the UK, the Bahamas, Belgium, the Caribbean, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Malta, holland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Laxa, sweden and Swiss (International Business Machines Organization 2011).

The emerging markets that APPLE is focusing on which have larger market development rates than the global typical are countries in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, the center East and Latin America (International Organization Machines Corporation 2011). This causes significant risk for the business because every single country is going to have different regulations to which APPLE must abide by or encounter possible regulation suits.

The fluctuations in various currencies can cause a lot of risk to IBM because the value of revenue in most countries can decrease considerably and they also must value the various currencies in US us dollars for the financial transactions. Other risks for companies that run internationally incorporate acquiring foreign trade licenses, laws and regulations and organization practices that favor neighborhood businesses, trade restrictions, obligations and tariffs, and the risk of not accounting for taxes correctly in the multiple jurisdictions that the company operates in.

APPLE operating in more than 170 companies and is seeking to expand in other emerging markets causes a substantial amount of exposure to possible the company and should be considered once conducting the audit. First it influences the review as a whole because the inherent risk and therefore risk of material misstatement is increased because of IBM’s international businesses. Specific accounts and or assertions that are afflicted with this risk would be revenue. Sales ought to be checked to be sure that the values are accurate and that the suitable currency conversion rates were used when changing money to ALL OF US dollars.

One other balance related audit aim would be accuracy and reliability and category related to taxes payable and tax expense because tax laws are really complex as well as the company will owe taxation to multiple local, condition, and government jurisdictions because of global procedures. Another audit objective that needs to be checked would be that all necessary disclosures concerning law suits and other eventualities related to international operations can be found in the records to the economical statements and therefore satisfy the completeness audit objective and the precision and value objectives inside the presentation and disclosure-related udit objectives. Influence of Technology on Business Operations APPLE is portion of the technology sector and thus the impact of technology on the business operations of IBM is usually huge. In IBM’s business of being a computer and application manufacturer and service provider the pace of technological change is extremely fast. IBM in order to be competitive to major businesses in the industry must be a leader in innovation and constantly become developing new products and functions to be competitive with other firms also aiming to provide similar services inside the same sector.

Due to the speedy change in technology IBM must invest seriously in research and development which it does with annual expenses of around 6. 258 billion dollars, 5. 99 billion was for technological research and application of medical advances for brand spanking new and superior products, their uses, and in addition services and the applications and the other 267 million was for merchandise engineering (International Business Equipment Corporation 2011).

This purchase in research and development is necessary however has inherent risks since if opponents are able to created similar items to IBM’s products before IBM they could lose a substantial amount of business also the research and creation process on its own is a very long and risky process since it may or may not cause a marketable merchandise with enough consumer demand. Rapid technical change has the inherent risks of causing IBM’s inventory to get out- dated and thus obsolete.

Rapid technical change as well affects the business enterprise operations of IBM mainly because IBM may have a lot of intellectual real estate as a part of estate assets on the “balance sheet”. In 2011 by itself IBM was awarded 6, 180 patents and in the final 19 years IBM have been awarded forty seven, 000 us patents and been the leader in receiving us patents (“International Business Machines Corporation- Financial and Strategic Evaluation Review. “) There is a risk that APPLE won’t benefit these intangible items correctly and thus trigger misstatements in the financial claims.

Rapid scientific change has the overall influence on the taxation of increasing the quantity of inherent risk in these kinds of accounts because intangible property, and also r and d expenses. Particularly the taxation of intangible assets will be affected for the reason that auditor must pay certain attention to the valuation and allocation assertion and make sure the intangible possessions are appreciated at the appropriate amounts and that any required adjustments for the value in the intangible property is made. An additional balance related objective they must make sure the client satisfies is rights and obligations.

The auditor should certainly make sure that the customer has the right to this perceptive property which can be satisfied by simply checking the related patents. The other bank account that must get special attention is usually research and development. The auditor must make sure that all research and development will be expensed which is not made a fortune and thus the classification of transactions relevant to research and development happen to be properly labeled as bills and that related product bills are only made a fortune once the merchandise has hit the industry. Special Accounting Practices

IBM is affected by special accounting principles intended for revenue recognition. Revenue recognition for software vendors can be hugely complex and one of the difficulties for computer software vendors is perfect for multiple-deliverable income arrangements. Application vendors have the ability to account for specific products and services that are bundled with each other as a package separately if perhaps they can produce a best estimation of each products fair worth selling price. Corporations must think of vendor particular objective proof (VSOE) from the fair worth in order to account for them independently.

If VSOE exists to get undelivered things but not to get delivered items the company uses the residual approach but if VSOE of good value will not exist for the undelivered items then revenue may not be recognized until VSOE of fair worth does can be found or every items have been delivered. Different issues that confuse revenue reputation for software companies such as IBM happen to be whether or not new releases are more than minimally unlike existing products or whether it is just an upgrade.

If an arrangement does range from the right to a great upgrade it must be determined whether or not the right is usually specified and whether VSOE of reasonable value can be determined or in case it is unspecified and included in PERSONAL COMPUTERS. Lastly in case the company makes price hommage those has to be analyzed to find out whether they are stand-alone concessions or whether or not they expect to produce similar value concessions to other customers because this could have a huge effect on the realizable benefit of accounts receivable and the appropriate quantities to record in revenue. (Triplett & Miller)

The complexity of multiple deliverable revenue agreements has a huge impact on the audit. First and foremost the complexity of these accounting rules causes a large increase in the natural risk. Certain audit goals which are afflicted with these hazards would be the realizable value of accounts receivable, the precision of revenue, and the timing of revenue recognition within the income cycle. In the event the company commonly makes price concessions then your realizable value of accounts receivable could be over-valued unless of course the company makes reasonable estimations of this and recognizes this with the unique sales.

Sales could be more than or below valued in case the VSOE of fair benefit is not accurate plus the auditors need to check that there is certainly substantial data to support the amount paid the suppliers come up with. Finally the time of sales could be significantly affected by these kinds of accounting guidelines because in the event VSOE of fair worth cannot be proven then earnings recognition must be delayed till all products in the arrangement are provided. Works Cited “Diversified Computer Systems Overview: Industry Center , Yahoo!

Fund. “Diversified Computer Systems Overview: Industry Center , Yahoo! Finance. Yahoo, 2012. Web. 31 Nov. 2012. &lt, http://biz. yahoo. com/ic/810. html&gt,. “FASB Accounting Requirements Update Amount 2011-02. “FASB. org. Economic Accounting Standards Board from the Financial Accounting Foundation, Apr. 2011. Internet. 30 November. 2012. &lt, FASB Accounting Standards Update Number 2011-02&gt,. “IBM: Summary for Intercontinental Business Machines- Yahoo! Finance. “Yahoo! Finance. Yahoo, 2012. Web. zero Nov. 2012. http://finance. bing. com/q? s=IBM “International Business Machines Corp. “International Organization Machines Corp.: NYSE: APPLE Quotes & News , Google Finance. Google, 2012. Web. 31 Nov. 2012. &lt, http://www. google. com/finance? q=IBM&gt,. Foreign Business Equipment Corporation (2011). 10-K Twelve-monthly Report 2011. Retrieved coming from SEC EDGAR websitehttp://www. sec. gov/edgar. shtml “International Business Machines Corporation- Financial and Strategic Examination Review. ” Global

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