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Poy Sang Long is actually a rite of passage used in Asia and Myanmar. It`s three days and it involves kids age 7 to 14 outfitted like Buddha’s son. The children ride on a great adults again for two times and on another day they go to a monastery where they have to live no less than a week or maybe more.

I think this really is a great custom made for all these children since they have fun participating in the festival for 2 days after that they assess if they want to stay in the monastery for more the a week therefore it is their decision if they want to become monks.

I also believe that the custom show expanded in these children because their particular knowledge raises and they return from the monastery as new comers who get more information on their own religion. I would absolutely do this rite of passage because it would give me a clear understating of how Buddhist live and I will gain details about martial arts along the way. If I really had a opportunity to do it We would be enthusiastic and enthusiastic about changing up my daily routine. The only thing that would give me difficulty would be the 6th hours of meditating daily.

I think the real purpose of this kind of rite is usually to show uniqueness in Yoga because I use never actually heard of any kind of right of passage close to that one. One of the main purposes is usually to esteem Buddha who also stated that will be a rite of passage for all the young children. The benefits of this kind of right of passage are that people is going to gather into a commune event, kids will have fun and they may learn about their very own religion and they will experience precisely what is like to live with monks.

We also think that the right of passage could be harmful because of the discrimination against women. In many ways it’s wonderful that children learn numerous new things yet it’s simply for boys therefore the girls are generally not allowed. Of course, if I was a female and I see my male friend and my brother let’s say by way of example I would ask myself so why. Why am i not different, so why can’t I have fun like them and why aren’t a turn into a monk. All this thoughts will remain in the young ladies mind and later on impact her simply by maybe lowering her self confidence and changing her philosophy about guys.

The three stage process about right of passage is usually to change from whatever you are to something totally new, to remove your self from the contemporary society temporarily also to be re-admitted as a new person inside the society. In Poy Sang Long the youngsters change from being goofs to being small goofs in way because they find out about Zen relaxation and they discover how to control their particular emotions better. They are taken from the society by likely to a monastery for a time frame and they are re-admitted back after the period is completed. I think that rite of passage comes after the threes stage procedure but it varies because a few of the children could become real monks.

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