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Relating to Rose, the court system is problematic, discuss Flower Kealy A jury is a body of folks that are sworn to give a verdict within a legal case on such basis as evidence submitted to all of them. This is proven and proven in the play, Twelve Upset men, written by Reginald Flower. However , inside the play, the jury system can be seen while flawed and imperfect.

The faults inside the play happen to be displayed by the twelve juries that were picked to represent the situation presented.

The lack of knowledge, bias and the persona clashes are typical examples of the flaws inside the jury program that are shown in the 14 Angry Guys. Rose could express that in the play During the perform Twelve Angry Men, Rose finds the flaws inside the personality chosen for the jury circumstance. Rose demonstrates to the audience the 12 juror members possess very different personalties which in some circumstances interact but more often than not they produce incidences and commotion. The personality dissension are mostly noticed between the 3 rd juror plus the 8th juror “God really it!

I’ll kill him! I’ll kill him and “Shut up, you boy of a girl!  displays the tension, uncertainty and displeasure between those two jurors. Both the jurors can be a huge component in the enjoy and it is their particular personalities that clash the most. The tension even so is not just displayed between these two jurors. “Do you know you’re a unwell man?  “who on earth is this individual to tell me personally that?  is cases from the 9th and tenth jurors. These remarks are simply throughout the enjoy and underline the importance of needing to interact.

Rose is able to point out the flaws inside the jury program by lacking each juror analysed before the case to find out their personalties and attributes. These occurrences however can easily relate and intertwine with all the prejudice and discrimination seen in the court rooms. In Twelve Irritated Men, Rose highlights the potential flaws that can be found in the court system, wherever prejudice interferes and the pursuit of justice. This is shown typically by the third Juror in the unwillingness to change his primary , guilty’ verdict as well as the manner in which this individual characterises, , kids, owadays. Angry! Aggressive! ,. This view is held since the 3rd Juror relates to his troubled and tense romantic relationship with his kid as it compares to the defendants relationship along with his father. It really is displayed the fact that 3rd juror wants to reprimand the fresh boy intended for the discomfort that the jurors on pain put on him. The 3rd juror isn’t search for the facts or perhaps details of the truth, he is just acting on his own emotions. This then leads to a fault in the jury program as the personality of just one jury impacts the ability for the jurors to make a logical verdict around the case.

The 10th juror also makes some assumptions in determining the kid’s guilt or innocence instead of looking at the actually specifics. “It’s people! I’m tellin’ you they will let the kids run untamed up generally there. Well, probably it provides em’ right,  In the play, Rose was able to explain that the flaws of the court system and that not knowing the twelve people chosen can result in prejudiced and discrimination rather than the truth that surrounds the case and defendant. In Twelve Furious Men, Rose highlights the importance of understanding and comprehending the jury program and what involves.

There is also a range of diverse jurors who have different know-how and anticipations of what is expected of the jury area and function. “I hardly ever knew they locked the door is a prime sort of the awareness and information of the jury system. While Juror 11, the immigrant watchmaker seemed to be more interested and fascinated by the juror system in that case those who are by America. “I don’t imagine I have to always be loyal to 1 side or the other,  demonstrates the 11th jurors judgement and appreciation intended for the system and the case.

Rose is able to make clear the importance of understanding plus the importance of the jury program and the circumstance that is offered in front of the doze jurors. In respect to Increased, the jury system is flawed and this can be shown through the enjoy of 12 Angry Males. The enjoy is based about the personality dissension of each in the jurors, the prejudiced and discrimination found by a few of the men plus the lack of expertise and affinity for the court system by all the jurors. All these lead to a jury system that may be seen as faulty and not perfect by Increased.

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