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Langston Hughes’s composition entitled “mother to Son” is a composition of growing, love, and discussion of thoughts. The mom as the narrator from the poem stocks and shares her thoughts about life. She said that life is not an easy journey.

 She corelates her existence to a stair, which was not only a crystal or maybe a beautiful and genuine jewel. As what she is planning to tell her child, life is a never-ending voyage with full of mysteries, fear, struggle, soreness, success, and meaning. The mother observed her child giving up upon something thus she advised him to never think about the negativities for it was your challenge of living.

Right from the start of the poem, the narrator already came about as the authority and judge. Since she explained her circumstance, she already concluded lots of things around her journey and life. Nevertheless , every information that was imposed as personal justifications by using the terms “for me”. It means the fact that conclusion is an give out your opinion to someone else discussion. Anything is reasonable but deep. The narrator reaches her hand towards her boy as your woman wanted him to become a better person like the way your woman treated her life during her childhood until she became a grownup. Her transition from being a soft-spoken mom to an d�cider and heading back to a growing and supportive mother is a also a significant idea within the composition as the lady used the term “son” at the start, “boy” at the center and “honey” in the latter part of the poem.

The phrase “son” revealed her exacto relationship with her kid. As your woman used the phrase “boy” this shows that the narrator started to be an imposer, but as the girl went utilized the word “honey” she imposed a more romantic relationship with her child – her love, nurturance and popularity of her son’s weak point. Through this, the relationship of mother and child became an educator and student romantic relationship but shortly goes to a far more intimate romance that adjusts the mother and the boy to be in one piece.

In terms of the symbolisms, components, and images inside the poem, the author used the images that can be noticed within the residence such as carpet, stair, and floor. That shows the true essence of motherhood since literally or logically speaking, moms are made to nurture the home and the family. By looking or inspecting the images alone, it can be found that narrator is a female or a mother to be specific as it embossed the responsibilities of a woman within the home.

There are also ironies within the composition such as dark and light, climbin’ and landin’, and fall season and ascend. The author revealed a balance justification of strength and weak point towards the mother’s personality showing that she was not an ideal person, nevertheless trying to get a better a single for her kid. The author works his try to incorporate both negative and positive aspects of life, which is a sensitive concern especially if a kid is part of the situation. His attack was simple but complete. He stated anything a mother and child should know within a short poem that differentiates him to be an effective moralist poet.

The passage “Life for me isn’t been simply no crystal stair” was the primary thesis from the poem. By the end of the narrator’s discussion, she showed in what she is planning to say regarding life simply by restating the key argument from the poem. This kind of attack shows her responsibility to give her child a goof beliefs or belief how a lot more going to be as he went to his personal journey. The lady pushed her son to climb the stair without thinking of the adverse aspects of life but usually on the confident side of everything because negativities are component to life but it really was not the only reason for living.

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