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Understanding sentence structure helps in identifying and correcting run-on sentences and sentence fragmented phrases. A pc’s spell checker does not commonly catch these types of common mistakes, so do not rely on the spell checker to correct sentence structure for you. Be sure to carefully check all assignments for these issues.

This handout defines different sentence set ups, presents sample sentences, and provides strategies for fixing run-ons, comma splices, and fragments. Practice activities will be included to assist build abilities in word clarity and variety. 1st, consider the parts of an entire sentence:

Total Sentence (Independent Clause) Desk of Items Part We: Run-ons ¢ Strategies for staying away from run-ons (comma splices and fused sentences) (p. 2-3) ¢ Test sentences with explanations, practice activities (with answer key) (p. 4-7) Part II: Fragments ¢ Strategies for steering clear of sentence fragments (p. 8-11) ¢ Test sentences with explanations, practice activities (with answer key) (p. 12-13) Part I actually: Run-On Content Definition: A run-on sentence in your essay either provides too many impartial clauses or two independent clauses that are not linked correctly.

Two sorts of run-on sentences happen to be fused content and comma splices. Methods for Correcting Joined Sentences: 1 ) Create a chemical substance sentence. Inserting a matching conjunction (for, and, nor, but , or, yet, so) plus a intervalle correctly backlinks these 3rd party clauses. This kind of sentence structure is referred to as a compound sentence. Right compound sentence in your essay: She writes the music, and he plays the guitar. 3rd party clause & comma & coordinating association + self-employed clause installment payments on your Separate impartial clauses with periods and capitalization, creating simple paragraphs.

Correct paragraphs: She writes the music. This individual plays the guitar. 3. Place a semi-colon. Semi-colons ought to be used sparingly and to hook up independent classes whose meanings are tightly related. Accurate sentence: Your woman writes the music for Coldplay, he plays the guitar for that band. * Note: When ever more details will be added to the above mentioned independent classes, the symbolism become a lot more closely related. Thus, a semi-colon can easily separate these kinds of clauses. 5. Link concepts using a subordinate clause (dependent clause). Right Sentence: Whilst she publishes articles the music to get Coldplay, this individual plays the guitar for that group. ubordinate offer + comma + independent clause ‘While’ is a subordinating conjunction, that makes ‘while the lady writes music for Coldplay, ‘ a dependent clause. That is, the clause depends upon what rest of the sentence for the general meaning to be clear. A based mostly clause simply cannot stand alone. Make use of a comma to separate a dependent clause that appears ahead of an independent term. *Note: A sentence made of one impartial clause and one or more dependent (or subordinate) clauses is called a complex phrase. Strategies for Fixing Comma Splices:. Insert a coordinating conjunction to create a compound sentence. Appropriate Sentences: The girl writes the music for Coldplay, but this individual plays a guitar for that strap. She produces the music for Coldplay, and he performs the guitar for that band. Remember, the coordinating conjunction appears after the intervalle. *Note: Again, consider meaning before joining sentences. If the sentences are generally not closely linked, it may be far better to keep them individual. Think about these two independent condition: Today I had been late intended for class. I will have a burrito for dinner tonight.

Since these ideas are distinct, maintain your sentences separate. 2 . Put a semi-colon. Correct Sentence in your essay: She publishes articles the music pertaining to Coldplay, he plays the guitar for that band. Again, to participate two self-employed clauses using a semi-colon, make certain that their symbolism are tightly connected. The Tutoring Center has a separate handout in semi-colon utilization. * Find pages 4-7 for further reason of these approaches as well as sample sentences and practice actions. Run-On Sentences: Examples and Explanations Good examples: It was raining Naomi cannot find her umbrella. (Fused)

It was raining, Naomi cannot find her umbrella. (Comma Splice) How you can fix these run-ons: Step 1 : Identify the independent nature. It was pouring + Naomi could not get her umbrella. subject & verb expression subject & verb expression (direct object) Step 2: Work with one of the beneath strategies. 1 ) Period + Capital Page (Separate Sentences) It was pouring. Naomi could not find her umbrella. T + Versus. S +V 2 . Intervalle + Matching Conjunction (Compound Sentence) It was raining, and Naomi cannot find her umbrella. H + Sixth is v, and S + Versus. Semi-Colon It was raining, Naomi could not get her umbrella. S & V, S + Versus 4. Subordinating Conjunction & Comma (Complex Sentence) Although it was pouring, Naomi wasn’t able to find her umbrella. centered clause, S + V *Note: Make use of the Tutoring Center’s Transitions/Grammar Aid Handout to aid identify choosing and subordinating conjunctions. Ask a guitar tutor if you are not clear about the meanings of these conjunctions or in which situations to use all of them. Practice: Avoiding Run-Ons Correct the following run-on sentences by using the strategies previously discussed. 1 )

I relocated to the United States once i was youthful it was simple to learn English, my parents were already below, they knew English already. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ installment payments on your Juan and David recognized each other that were there been in the first quality together. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Her car would not start she was overdue for course. ____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. The parents ate the child slept in her child stroller. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ five. Eli wants to quit smoking this habit is too expensive. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Avoiding Run-Ons: Answer Important and Explanations 1 . I moved to the United States when I was young it was easy to study English, my parents were currently here, they knew English language. Strategy one particular: Period & Capital Page (Separate Sentences) I moved to the United States once i was youthful. S & V (prepositional phrase) (dependent clause) It absolutely was easy to learn English. T + V (adverb phrase) My parents had been already in this article. They understood English. H + V (adverb phrase). S + V (direct object)

Technique 2: Complementing Conjunction & Comma (Compound Sentence) I actually moved to the us when I was young, and it was simple to learn English language. S + V, and S & V Mother and father were already here, therefore they realized English. T + Versus, so T + V Strategy three or more: Semi-Colon I moved to the usa when I was young, it absolutely was easy to find out English. S i9000 + Versus, S + V My parents were currently here, they will knew English language.

S + V, T + V Strategy 4: Subordination (Complex Sentence) Mainly because I relocated to the United States while i was fresh, it was easy to learn British. (dependent clause) +, S i9000 + Sixth is v Because can be described as subordinating combination that makes the first offer dependent on the other clause. Tend not to use a complementing conjunction to link a dependent term and an independent clause, rather, use only a comma. For example: Since mother and father were currently here, they knew English. Note: This run-on phrase can also be remedied using a mix of the above strategies. I relocated to the United States after i was small, so it was easy to find out English. (compound sentence) Since my parents had been already below, they realized English. (complex sentence) Even more suggested answers: 2 . Juan and David recognized each other, they had experienced the first grade together. S & V, S i9000 + V (prepositional phrase) Juan and David recognized each other, for they had been inside the first quality together.

T + Sixth is v, for T + Versus Since they had been in the initial grade together, Juan and David recognized each other. Seeing that + dependent clause, H + Sixth is v Juan and David acknowledged each other. That they had been in the first quality together. T + Versus. S + V Now it’s needs to make sense: several. Her car would not start, so the lady was late for school. Her car would not start, and the girl was past due for category. Her car would not start. She was late for class. Mainly because her car would not commence, she was late pertaining to class.

Her car will not start, the lady was overdue for school. (correct, although not the best choice) 4. While the parents consumed, the baby rested in her stroller. The fogeys ate since the baby rested in her stroller. The parents ate. The newborn slept in her stroller. The parents consumed, and the baby slept in her stroller. The parents had, the baby rested in her stroller. 5. Eli wants to quit smoking. This habit is too expensive. Eli wants to stop smoking cigarettes, this habit is too pricey. Eli would like to quit smoking, with this habit is too expensive. Since this habit is too expensive, Eli wants to quit smoking.

A more reasonable, concise development using corrélation would read as follows: Since smoking is too expensive, Eli wants to leave. Part II: Sentence Fragmented phrases There are several types of pieces. See web pages 9-11 for detailed answers and processes for correcting fragmented phrases. Pages few include practice activities and an answer essential. Types of Fragments Each example beneath illustrates another type of type of word fragment. Any kind of fragment could be corrected simply by linking the fragment for an independent clause”one which comes before or after it and which makes perception within the section.

Examples of Subordinating Conjunctions and Relative Pronouns |after |how |unless |whichever | |although |if |until |while | |as |in order that/to |what |whether | |as if |once whatever |who | |as soon because |rather than |when |whoever | |as though |since |whenever |whom | |because |so that |where |whomever | |before |than |whereas |whose | |even in the event that |that |wherever |why | |even though |though |which | | Strategies for improving subordinating combination and relative pronoun pieces: 1 . Connect the explode to the word that comes before or after it. Correct Sentences: When i was awaiting my car to be mended, I go through a magazine. dependent term, S + V Spot the use of the comma following your dependent clause (because the dependent offer falls at the outset of the sentence).

I had to ride the bus while I was waiting for my car to be mended. S + V reliant phrase *Note: When a dependent (subordinate) term comes after the independent terms, it is usually needless to place a comma next independent terms. Whether or not a comma is needed depends on the that means of the sentence in your essay. 2 . Remove the subordinating conjunction/relative pronoun. Accurate sentence: I used to be waiting for my personal car to get repaired. T + Sixth is v Strategies for fixing “ing pieces: 1 . Hook up the explode to the word that comes before or after it. Appropriate sentences: Her expertise being in biochemistry and biology, she had not been hired since an English teacher. ependent “ing phrase, S i9000 + Sixth is v She designed the new research exhibit, her expertise being in hormone balance and biology. S + V, centered “ing term 2 . Right the action-word form. Correct sentences: Her expertise is at chemistry and biology. Her expertise was in chemistry and biology. *Note: Sometimes additionally, you will need to include a subject and correct the action-word form. Start to see the next page for the.. Strategies for fixing missing subject matter fragments: 1 ) Connect the fragment towards the sentence that comes before or after this. Correct Phrases: Security set off the alarm, evacuated home, and shut down ll the entrances. Inside the above sentence, it is crystal clear that the subject matter, the doer of the actions, is protection. 2 . Put the lacking subject. Right Sentence: Secureness set off the alarm and evacuated the building. Next, they closed every one of the entrances. *Note: In this sentence in your essay, the pronoun ‘they’ renames the subject, secureness. Transition Words and phrases Indicating a List or Examples |also |especially |except |for illustration |including | |in addition |furthermore |for example |such as |next |

Strategies for correcting “extra information fragmented phrases: 1 . Hook up the explode to the sentence that comes before or right after it. Right sentence: Metric scale system take standard amenities without any consideration, for example , clean water and electricity. T + Versus, dependent expression 2 . Add the absent subject and verb. Correct sentence: For instance , basic features include clean water and electricity. transitional phrase, T + Sixth is v Practice: Steering clear of Fragments Accurate these sentences using the strategies previously discussed. 1 . Your canine loved his new playthings. Especially the kinds that squeaked. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ installment payments on your Maggie remembered her child years. Her mom making hotcakes for dinner in the small flat. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ a few. She chose to meet her new friend in a public place. That they can had organized over e-mail. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Because she met him on Facebook or myspace. She believed it to be a good idea to be mindful. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. I cannot delay until President’s Time. Finally, a day off. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________ Avoiding Fragments: Answers and Explanations 1 ) The dog liked his new toys, particularly the ones that squeaked. S + Versus, dependent clause The dog adored his new toys. He especially adored the ones that squeaked. S & V. T + V 2 .

Maggie remembered her childhood, specifically her mom making pancakes for dinner inside the S & V, centered clause small apartment. Maggie remembered her childhood. Her mother built pancakes in the small flat. S & V. S + V (correct form) 3. The girl decided to meet her fresh friend in a public place that they got arranged above email. S i9000 + Versus dependent terms She chose to meet her new friend in a open public place. That were there arranged a spot over email. S + V. H + Versus 4. Because she attained him upon MySpace, the girl thought it was smart to be cautious. centered clause, S + V She thought it was a good idea to be cautious, she attained him about MySpace.

H + Versus, S+ Versus 5. I cannot wait until President’s Day, finally, a day off. T +V, based mostly phrase I cannot wait until President’s Day. Finally, we have a day off. S + V. H + Versus , , , , , , , , Avoiding Run-On Sentences, Comma Splices, and Fragments An entire sentence provides (minimally) two parts, a topic and a verb. A sentence should also express a total thought. This kind of a key phrase consisting of a subject matter and a verb (with complete meaning) is also known as an independent offer. Example: He writes music. This sentence in your essay has a subject and verb.

This sentence also expresses a complete believed, so their meaning is clear. he=subject (S) writes=verb (V) music=direct thing (DO) 1 . Fused Word Definition: A fused sentence consists of two independent nature, but both comma and coordinating association are lacking. Example of a Fused Sentence in your essay: She publishes articles the music he plays the guitar. ‘She writes the music’ and ‘he plays the guitar’ will be each 3rd party clauses, containing a subject and a action-word and articulating complete thoughts. ‘He plays the guitar’ is an independent clause that may stand alone as it expresses a complete thought and it is grammatically appropriate. he=subject (S)plays=verb (V)guitar=direct subject (DO)

Yet , in the over example, the independent clause, ‘She writes the music, ‘ incorrectly incurs a second 3rd party clause, ‘he plays your guitar. ‘ 2 . Comma Splice Definition: A comma splice consists of several independent condition that follow each other and are wrongly linked together only with a comma (or commas). The coordinating combination is missing. Example of a Comma Splice: She writes the music, he plays a guitar. In the above sentence, a comma sets apart the two 3rd party clauses, yet a complementing conjunction is additionally necessary. 1 . Subordinating Association and Relative Pronoun Fragmented phrases Example: When i was awaiting my car to be repaired. How to find this type of fragment:

The moment proofreading a paper, focus on subordinating conjunctions and comparable pronouns. These kinds of words (see box below) turn topics and verbs into dependent clauses. Figuring out proper usage of dependent condition can help in recognizing fragmented phrases. 2 . “-ing Fragments Case in point: Her experience being in chemistry and biology. How to find an “-ing fragment: If the only action-word in the phrase ends in ‘”ing’ and does not have a assisting verb, you could have a fragment. While the word ‘being’ is a action-word, in the over sentence, it is not necessarily properly shaped. In the under sentence, observe that the ‘-ing’ verb contains a helping verb: I was going for walks down the street because it started pouring. (This sentence in your essay is correct. ‘Was’ functions while the aiding verb. )

When put into a action-word, ‘-ing’ occasionally makes a action-word do the job of the noun: Jogging outdoors is my favorite form of physical exercise. (In this kind of sentence, ‘walking’ is a noun that features as the subject. ‘Is’ features as the primary verb. ) 3. Missing Subject Broken phrases Example: Security set off the alarm and evacuated the building. Next, shut down all the gates. How to find this type of fragment: The other phrase over (noted in bold) is known as a fragment as there is no subject matter. ‘Entrances’ can be described as noun, but it really is the thing of the action-word ‘closed. ‘ Who or what is final the gates is unknown. That is, the main topic of the sentence in your essay is lacking. 4. “Extra Information Pieces Example: For example, clean drinking water and electrical power. How to find and fix this sort of fragment:

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